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Things go wrong when a Russian soul-smuggling mule lends Paul's soul to a talentless soap opera actress.

Sundance by Robert Silverberg

Like many classic science-fiction films, Cold Souls uses a high-concept gimmick to ask simple questions about, as Douglas Adams put it, Life, the Universe, and Everything. Although the film has some major stars, it doesn't seem to have been picked up for distribution just yet. Still, don't be surprised if it ends up in the art houses later this year. It turns out solar, wind and hydro enthusiasts had it wrong. The best clean renewable energy, at least according to this film, is hidden in moon-harvested hydrogen, which can be used to create fusion energy.

Sundance 12222: The Rock, Zac Efron, Demi Moore among stars on fest screen

In this space drama, Sam Rockwell plays a lonely lunar miner who is nearing the end of a multiyear contract. With communication satellites down, he's cut off from the outside world, with little to keep him company other than a Kevin Spacey-voiced computer named Gerty and his own demons, naturally. While the space dramas of the 70s and 80s were dominated by acid-spewing aliens, this movie's monster is scarier yet: a negligent corporate bureaucracy.

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Instead, he suggested that the final movie in the trilogy will instead be another standalone story set in the same universe. Or perhaps it won't be a film at all, Jones dangled, explaining that he's considered presenting the story as a computer game instead. Either way, he said, the third part of the trilogy is ready to go.

Kenya’s first Sci-Fi film hits Sundance

The film also includes the original 5. It's available to pre-order on Amazon here and will be released on July Follow Scott Snowden on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter Spacedotcom and on Facebook. Have a news tip, correction or comment?

Sci Fi Radio Sundance By Robert Silverberg

Let us know at community space. All Topics About Us More. Sam Rockwell played Sam Bell in the film "Moon. March 5, Jones may not be done with "Moon" yet, either. Some may surprise you. Sorry for the nightmares. The film does avoid the less-stellar entries in the Alien universe and mainly concerns itself with the Ridley Scott directed films: Prometheus, and Alien: Covenant. Thankfully, the film makes use of older Ridley Scott interviews to fill in those gaps. Another unfortunate omission is Sigourney Weaver — who is nowhere to be seen in the cast interviews outside of her blood and sweat soaked clips from the original film.

There are actors who played secondary and tertiary characters, but breaking down the heroine without the woman who brought her to life is a bummer. What movie would you choose?

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