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Jul 23, Rose marked it as to-read-arc-or-galley. All I can think of in my head when thinking of this book title is the Cher song of the same name, but nonetheless, looking forward to the read. Are we all living the life that we are supposed to?

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Where would our romantic lives be if we hadn't broken up with a certain boyfriend? What if we picked a different major? Would we still have wound up at our current job with our current friends Or better yet, what if we became a completely different person? Our experiences help shape our personalities. So what we never experienced those events If Are we all living the life that we are supposed to? If you could go back and change something from your past, would you and what would it be? Raimey Phillips is about to fins out the answer to all those questions.

Drinking heavily on a yacht with friends. Raimey realizes that she isn't so happy in her life. She's 38 and somewhat wealthy from her job, but is over worked, overstressed, has no pets, no boyfriend, no baby, and frankly no really good relationships with people except a few friends. So when she takes a misstep off the the boat and wakes up 18 again and 3 days before high school graduation after the WTF moment she realizes she has the chance to change her life.

Maybe she shouldn't have dumped her high school boyfriend who was in love with her or maybe finance really wasn't the best career choice. And more importantly, is there a way to save her dad? But the bottom line is Would you go back knowing what you know now I have to say I thought this was beyond well written and told from the maturity of a 38 year old woman who is pretending to be She has all this insight and wisdom for living an extra 20 years, and yet, in many instances her maturity is evident and others comment on it, and other times, hell..

I'm 18 again!!!!! But the point is, that there was an air of maturity to Raimey and the fact that it was told from her POV her inner thoughts were extremely poignant and made this read, at times, examine the wisdom that one has achieves over time. As much as she struggled with her decisions, she never faltered View 2 comments. May 30, Shelley M. Women in their thirties in books always seem so OLD. And I felt like she went back farther than 20 years. Because 20 years ago is the mids and it felt to me like she went back to the 80s or early 90s.

It was a lot of internal debating. And then it was just over. None, with that title?? Thank you to St. I have to say this song has been in my head the entire time I have read this novel. Synopsis: Ramie Phillips is celebrating her thirty-eighth birthday when she gets news about her friend Lisa who is pregnant. All of the sudden she wonders if she missed out on something in life. Would having had a family been a be Thank you to St. Would having had a family been a better plan? When Ramie decides to leave the party and take a dip, she gets more than she bargained for.

Ramie wakes up and she is eighteen years old again and it is the last few days of high school. What will she do? Will she be able to turn back time and change the past? I wondered why it was so important that her friend was having a baby and why that meant Ramie missed out on life. The author is very descriptive in describing the time periods. I did find the chapter about the death of her father out of context in the story.

I would have preferred it to be more linear. The story left me wondering what would she choose? I did find the conclusion satisfying. I thought what saved this novel is asking the question what would you do if you could turn back time? If I could turn back time I would…Be more independently minded.

I would have a productive career. I would continue to grow to love and help others.

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I look forward to her next novel! Jun 14, Lauri Rottmayer rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I loved this book! When Ramie is almost 38 years old, she has an accident where she hits her head really hard. When she wakes up again, she's in her 18 year old life. She knows it's weird, can't figure out why she's there.

She wonders if she should be trying to save her dad from his early, at age 52, death. Or if she shouldn't have broken up with her high school boyfriend, Brendan. She does things a little differently than she did the first time around but isn't sure that's what she's supposed to I loved this book! She does things a little differently than she did the first time around but isn't sure that's what she's supposed to be doing.

Then she wakes up as a pregnant 26 year old, married to Brendan, and she's miserable. This life really does't feel right to her and she really has no idea what to do in it. When she finally wakes up in the hospital, it's been 3 weeks since she hit her head and she's experienced a lot of things in her dreams. Or were they dreams? She tries to explain it all to her best friend, Sammy. She wonders if she will ever find her true love. I loved this book so much, I just couldn't put it down. Aug 17, Bamboozlepig rated it it was ok Shelves: metaphysical-angst , self-absorbed. Lots of metaphysical twangst with the MC constantly asking annoying questions that never really got answered within the book.

Her 38 year old self in her 18 year old body seemed more into banging her boyfriend earlier than she did the first time around. That made up most of the plot, along with her trying to convince her dad to quit smoking.

'I wish I could turn back the clock... I feel very guilty' - Student apologises

Ramie was pretty self-absorbed and did a lot of navel-gazing without seeming to gain much insight into herself, save for the cliched ones about how hin Meh. The inner editor in me cringed at the goof not too far into the opening where Ramie is describing her neighborhood as having "bridal paths". I think she meant "bridle paths" like you'd ride a horse on, but it was a bit amusing to imagine a path full of brides flouncing about.

Picked this one up because the premise was interesting and wanted to see the author's spin on it. Who doesn't want to go back and see what would have happened if things turned out differently? So we get a lot of chapter time on when she goes back to being Then we get pulled into going back at 25? Typical, nothing new, nothing special. It would have been far more interesting to find out that the father had warped back when she was in the 18 time period and was talking to him and trying to get him to change his ways and was stuck in the same situation.

The ending was very abrupt and all of suddenly very "but everything will be okay now". Dec 01, Delilah rated it liked it. A very sweet book. An easy read, somewhat of a "beach read" but instead I chose to read this cuddled up next to a fire and it was perfect. This book is about second chances, following your heart, Rekindling your relationships with your parents, and learning to alway make time to check in with yourself to ask "am I happy". It's important to be happy in your life, that's really all that matters.

This book is about realizing it and figuring out how to get there. Jan 28, Alpana Chand rated it it was ok. If I could turn back time and undo grabbing it from the library's bookshelf! I could rewrite it in pages, wonder why it was so excruciatingly long! Mar 20, Susan rated it it was ok. It took me a month to read it. That says it all. Boring, slow. Very similar to a made for TV movie I watched a few years ago. Mar 26, Rebecca Jo rated it liked it. What is that movie with Jennifer Garner - 13 going on 30?

I guess this story has been done a few times. Hello Mr. Destiny - forgot that movie! A fun easy read - not life changing - but a good one to pass the time. The last 13 months of my life have been pretty tough, but the to say the loss of my father was tough is a total understatement. The main character in this book loses her father much younger than I did, but I could relate to her, and relate to her feelings with regards to her father during her time travel.

A sweet concept for a novel.

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With a 15 year old in the house, you just want to say, really do enjoy this, no we're not kidding, because one day you will want this carefree stuff back. With a 3 The last 13 months of my life have been pretty tough, but the to say the loss of my father was tough is a total understatement.

If we could turn back the hands of time...

With a 3 year old in the house too, we can try to enjoy her sweet innocence and love of her parents as much as we can. Jul 03, Dana rated it it was amazing. Beth Harbison's "If I Could Tun Back Time" isn't great literature, but it doesn't need to be to leave me feeling that my time was well spent inside its pages. What happens when you are 38 but suddenly wake up in your childhood bed only to realize you are eighteen years old again, and about to graduate from high school?

Would you do things differently with the wisdom and maturity of having lived another 20 years? Or, could it be, that things turned out exactly as they were meant to be, and that Beth Harbison's "If I Could Tun Back Time" isn't great literature, but it doesn't need to be to leave me feeling that my time was well spent inside its pages.

Or, could it be, that things turned out exactly as they were meant to be, and that regret is a wasted emotion? This was a fun and quick read, but not a piece of fluff as it definitely gives the reader a lot to ponder about the here and now, our pasts, and how our lives unfold. Nov 17, Suzanne rated it liked it Shelves: time-travel. Jul 11, Nita Kohli rated it really liked it. The concept sounded very intriguing as it touches the notion of time travel but it did not read like sci-fi book.

Instead it has a setting of contemporary and chick-lit kind of a book. So, the mix caught my attention when I saw it. Book Cover Simple and pretty! Though, I would have liked it if it showed an image that reflected the protagonist's life or her or any other eventful thing. I mean yaa it has time travel and all, but showing three different color fancy wrist watches on the book cover doesn't really look that creative.

The cover lacks imagination - 'time' mentioned in the book title so three watches on cover So, the cover does look pretty but something with more depth and imagination could have been better! Am I the only one who takes book covers so seriously? She goes out and parties with elite and very rich group of people.

She has all the luxuries that she never dreamed of as a middle-class kid growing up in Potomac, Maryland. But, despite everything available to her she is unhappy and feels a void in her life. At the end of the day when her friends return to their lives, she is alone and has no one to go back to. She has success, she has money but she does not have love.

Through her prime she was so busy working that she did not think about having a companion or having a family. Remie just ran through her life to be independent and successful and in the process ignored love. But now, she ponders if she has made a mistake by missing out on love and family that she could have had. She is celebrating her birthday on a boat with friends off the Florida coast with the same emptiness in side her heart that keeps nagging her.

She tries to drown her sorrows with alcohol and later she gets up and goes to the diving board and dives off The next thing she knows that she is being woken up by her mother and finds herself in the body of her eighteen year old self! Is it a dream or has she really traveled back in time? But how is that even possible and why? Has she been giving a second chance to make amends and correct her mistakes so that she can lead a contented life that she now dreams of?

Will she be able to go back to her present life? Or is she stuck here and has to relive all the years again? Characters I liked Ramie Philips quite a lot as I could really identify with her. I would never go back in time and change a single thing. Even though that process was a very long one, I came to some realizations about my self and the things that I was doing that were resulting in failure.

The biggest thing that I discovered was that you never actually fail unless you give up. I looked at some of the most famous people in life that have failed , realized how many times they had to fail before they achieved wild success and it really moved me and changed me at the core. You never really see the stories of failure on television; you just see the success.

All you see is the success. When I was home, I wanted to be on the road traveling. Then, when I was traveling for months on end, I missed being home. This extended into every area of my life. I always wanted something, then when I attained it or did it, I wanted something different. Sound familiar? The truth is that many of us are like this. However, this drew me to a very powerful realization about life. I realized that I needed to focus on the happiness within me. No amount of money, things, travel, relationships or anything else was going to do it.

However, with each passing failure, I discovered that those failures were born from my own personal limitations.

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I was trying to escape when things got bad. I was deflecting by using my bad habits. How did it happen? I started to succeed and I stopped paying attention to the details. I started having fun and ignoring my responsibilities. In the process, I developed some very bad habit that debilitated me. Our egos preclude us from doing that. We argue things away to chance, bad luck, misfortune, lack of money, lack of opportunities and so on, when, in fact, the problem has to do entirely with us. When you realize that, and you work to change it, anything is possible.

I would never have discovered that my failures and mistakes were a product of my own doing. I created the problems. I helped to fester them in my own mind.

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I realized that I was giving up too soon. I was creating the problems in my mind, then limiting my own behavior because of the mentality that I was living in. Everything the mind conceives, it gets. Focus truly is power here. And instead of blaming things away, I knew I had to do something about it and start taking some action.

I wish it made me feel good, but it doesn't. Rob Zombie. Funny Good Me People. Climbing Mount Everest was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life. I wish I'd never gone. I suffered for years of PTSD and still suffer from what happened. I'm glad I wrote a book about it. But, you know, if I could go back and relive my life, I would never have climbed Everest. Jon Krakauer. Life You My Life Mistake. I wish for a world where people understand that life is short. So today's the time to do big things. Robin S. Life Time Today People.

My dad was a very quiet person, and unbelievably tough. But my grandmother gave me my first look at negative thinking to bring about positive results. When I was just a little guy, anytime I came to my grandmother and said I wish for this or that, Grandma would say, 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Positive Ride Me Dad. I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat. Wish Mysterious Cat Write Could. I'm sure there were times when I wish I had thought, 'Gosh, that might really embarrass mom and dad,' but our parents didn't raise us to think about them.

They're very selfless and they wanted us to have as normal of a college life as possible. So really, we didn't think of any repercussions. Jenna Bush. Life Parents Dad Mom. I wish I was a little less I'm a very passionate person. Lil Peep.

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    And I'm still learning Even now, I wish things would go quicker. Benjamin Clementine. Life Learning Wish Things.