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If it is someone you know fairly well, I think it's perfectly acceptable to say "Say hi to Bob for me! Or another possibility: Tell him I said "hi". More formal: Give him my reagrds. Thank you, everyone. I'd also like you to tell me how my option sounds were I at least close in my supposition? Mr Bones Senior Member Madrid. Hello, for me and from me are both right? Mr Bones. Yes, both right. Thanks, emma. I'd also like you to tell me how my option sounds were was I at least close in my supposition?

Mr Bones said:. Both of those options are definitely idiomatic in my part of the world. Apart from the "greet", which is far too formal and literary. It's definitely BE. First of all, "greet him from me" is grammatically incorrect. It would be "greet him for me," which would be understood but is not idiomatic.

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At the very least one would say "give him my greetings," but even that isn't very common. Hi Thomas, I meant that the word "greet" is literary and formal. It's just not used in everyday language like this. It's used in formal contexts or set phrases: Part of the receptionist's job is to greet guests as they arrive at the hotel Before the conference, there will be a "meet and greet" so that delegates have an opportunity to discuss issues informally.

At the wedding, the chief usher's job was to greet the guests and show them to their seats. BUT Is that John? Give him my love. Is that John? Say hello to him from me. Say hi to him for me. That's a super clever idea for looking cool while communicating, Clayton! Thanks for sharing it with everyone in Wonderopolis today!

We're not sure, but we think phrases like "Top of the morning to you! Hi, Maryn! We're sure glad you did, Mary and Ann! Hello to you guys, too! That was very interesting! Since I say "Hello" all the time, even if there's no reason to ha ha! Wilbanks thinks that, too! We thought so, too, John! Then, when they brought the third guy in on the phone call, it got even funnier! Thanks for letting us know you liked the video for today's Wonder!

Hi, Tristin! Thanks for sharing what you think tomorrow's Wonder will be about! Happy Friday, Lima Bean Machine! We like your guess about tomorrow's Wonder We can't wait to visit Wonderopolis tomorrow to see which of our Wonder Friends' guesses is correct! Helloooooo, to you too, Shay! We like that fun way to say, "hello! What a super nice thing to say, Caelah!

We liked learning how to say hello and goodbye in other languages. We thought it was fun to learn those greetings in other languages, too! We can't wait to see if your guess is correct!

How do You Like to Say “Hello” in French?

Bonjour, wonderopolis! When I call on the phone or when someone calls me, I always say hello to them but I don't say it in French, I say it only in English, but I only say it in French when my other family members call us in Canada. I think calling is kind of like doing skype, but it's a little bit different because you talk to them and you can see them. Oh and can you do a wonder about why does ice melt?

Bonjour to you, also, Audrey! Thank you for sharing a little bit about how you say, "hello" to different members of your family! Thanks also for suggesting a Wonder about why ice melts! Thanks for letting us know you thought today's Wonder was cool, Caelah! We loved learning the origin of the phone greeting.

We especially enjoyed the activity on PBS looking at technology from There sure are a lot of ways to say 'hello. Ahoy would be a fun way to answer the phone. We're all pretty sure we're sticking with hello. We think tomorrow might be about why monkeys LOVE bananas. Hi there, Mr. We're pretty sure the chaps in the video are British. We thought it was funny how they kept saying "hello" so much! We might try to answer our phone one time with a hearty, "ahoy! That was a very good wonder of the day.

Sorry I have not been with you guys for a while. I always forgot to do this in the morning. Woo, hoo!

“Tell Freedom I said Hello”

Thanks for telling us that you thought today's Wonder was awesome and educational! We appreciate you saying that! Thomas Edison is often credited with suggesting everyone use the word, "hello," as a way to start a telephone conversation! We WONDER what it would be like if everyone around the world came up with their own word to say when they answered the phone instead of saying, "hello? Thanks for exploring today's Wonder and for letting us know you thought it was FUN!

We think learning in Wonderopolis is always FUN, don't you? We really appreciate hearing that, Hannah!

Have We Always Said Hello? | Wonderopolis

Thanks for letting us know Here are a few of our favorite greetings: Welcome to Wonderopolis! This was a awesome wonder for wonderopolis because I have wondered why do we say hello and how long. This was a awesome wonder. This is why I like to go to wonderopolis. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for visiting Wonderopolis! I come on here every day at school! I would have never found this website if my teacher didn't tell me about it!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for letting us know you visit Wonderopolis every day at school! It makes our day that you enjoy learning in Wonderopolis so much, Kamryn!

When I pick up the phone I don't say hello, I know hello is the usual greeting but I say What an interesting greeting for when you answer the phone, Wonderboy! We're super glad you stopped by Wonderopolis today and shared it with us! Thank you for hanging out in Wonderopolis with us today!

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Have we always said hello? Who encouraged the use of hello as a telephone greeting? What greeting did Alexander Graham Bell use when he answered the telephone?

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Wonder What's Next? Try It Out Ready to travel the world? Did you get it? Test your knowledge. Wonder Words encouraged hearty salutations greeting attention origins competitor ahoy credit proper Take the Wonder Word Challenge. Join the Discussion. Jael Sep 18, We say hello over a 1, times.

Outrageouz - Never Should've Said Hello [HQ Preview]

Sound 2 impobblie no it don't. Wonderopolis Sep 20, Alysia Newton Mar 26, Wonderopolis Apr 4, Thanks for taking the time to find out how many times you say "hello", Alysia! Sydney Sep 16, I've always wondered why we said Hello! Wonderopolis Sep 16, We're glad you learned something with us, Sydney! Wonderopolis May 30, May 16, Wonderopolis May 17, Lisa May 1, Wonderopolis May 1, Reilly cox Apr 26, Wonderopolis Apr 26, Morgan Apr 26, Jared Apr 26, Clayton Apr 24,

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