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An identical gospel was also revealed to the other apostles and prophets. They all preached the same gospel. The Holy Spirit revealed to them all the significance of Jesus' death and resurrection. In our day and age there remains only one gospel. It is one we share with Paul and the other apostles. Men and women must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and new life. This is what Peter said to the members of the Sanhedrin who questioned him about the crippled beggar healed at the temple gate: "Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

Paul shared the sacred secret of the gospel. He wrote In reading this, then, you will be able to understand my insight into the mystery of Christ. Some people love secrets - and they love to keep secrets to themselves. This gives them a sense of power or privilege. They know - they have a right to know - but others don't. Paul shared God's secret. He didn't hug it to himself. He didn't glory in the fact that he knew and others didn't. No he made his knowledge freely available. I greatly admire the inventor of the World Wide Webb.

He didn't patent his discovery but made it freely available for all the world to use. It has brought immense benefits. But even the benefits of the World Wide Web pale into insignificance compared to the unsearchable riches of Christ. B The special servant. Paul was a servant: 1 Of the gospel.

When Paul calls himself an administrator of God's grace he means the same as by the term a servant of this gospel. Paul served the gospel when he: a Proclaimed it. He preached Christ and him crucified. See Col1v19to Paul was no hypocrite.

He followed the advice he gave to the Philippians: Whatever happens, conduct yourselves worthy of the gospel of Christ. It is a gospel of liberty, a gospel of life and a gospel of love. See exposition on PHil1v I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God's grace. Paul didn't consider his service a chore or a burden.

It was an honour and a privilege to make Jesus known. He wrote: Although I am less than the least of God's people this grace was given to me: to preach William Barclay uses an anecdote about Toscanini the great conductor to illustrate how Paul felt. As Toscanini prepared to rehearse his orchestra to play one of Beethoven's symphonies he said, "Gentlemen, Iam nothing; you are nothing; Beethoven is everything. Toscanini wanted to make Beethoven known. The same could be said of a guide to a magnificent cathedral or exhibiter of an outstanding artist's work or producer of one of Shakespeare's plays.

Yet the privilege of making Jesus known excels that of anything else. I became a servant of the gospel by the gift of God's grace given me through the working of his power. Paul did not serve in his own strength. His success was not dependent upon the backing of an organisation, a committee or a wealthy sponsor.

The apostle relied upon God's power - the conviction, purpose, enthusiasm and clarity imparted by the Holy Spirit. Paul would have echoed the words spoken by the Lord to Zerub-babel many centuries before: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit," saith the LORD of hosts. Although I am the least of all God's people, this grace was given me: to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ. Paul was not much in himself - unprepossessing, unimpressive, impoverished and frequently ill - but he had an inexhaustible supply of riches in Christ.

Paul could proclaim Jesus as: a Teacher. What a wonderful teacher he was and what a wealthy legacy he left. The Beatitudes illustrate how it is possible to teach both extremely concisely and very profoundly. The simple, moving story of the Prodigal Son has inspired tens of thousands of sermons - all of which are different.

It is a masterly, moving and amazing account of the almost incredible love God has for sinners. See exposition on Luke15v11to What an inspiring example Jesus left us. He was accessible, approachable, resilient, self-controlled, courageous and loving. One of Jesus' most endearing characteristics was the way he treated women - refusing to condemn the woman taken in adultery, accepting the tearful caresses of the prostitute in Simon the Pharisees' house and making provision for his mother even as he hung on the cross. What a friend we have in Jesus!

The old Sankey hymn puts it like this: I've found a friend in Jesus, - He's everything to me; He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul! This is no idle sentiment! I received an email last week that read: I'm a single mom of an 18 year old autistic individual. I believe he will be healed because of what Jesus did for the demoniac. That's the only hope I have. We sorrow not, even as others who have no hope [1 Thessalonians ]. But the glory of the Lord breaks upon us in our tears and in our sorrows. In my neighborhood is a little cleaning and pressing shop.

And for these years, I have gone there at least once a week taking things to be cleaned and to be pressed. A great Christian couple run that little shop — a devout Christian man and his wife — and this Christmas, that man went away to be with Jesus. And after the Christmas holiday, I went in the little shop, and there stood his wife. She greeted me as I came into the door and then in her conversation said, "I have experienced saving grace. I have experienced living grace.

I now have experienced dying grace. The Christmas present God gave to my husband was heaven itself. God introduced him to the saints in glory. That is just one of the unsearchable riches of God in Christ Jesus. He gives us two heavens: a heaven above and a heaven below, one that you can carry with you into death and into the world that is beyond. I think of Santa Claus. To a little fellow, Santa Claus with his bag bulging with gifts, and he goes to bed at night and he can hardly sleep, turn and twist, for Santa Claus is to come down the chimney. Here — here are eyes for the blind.

Tell me, if you were blind, if you were blind and I had in this hand all of the gold and silver of the world and I had in this hand eyes that could see, and you were blind and I stood and said, "Tell me, which hand shall you take? That I might see; that I might see"? The unsearchable riches when He comes again and the blind can see. Which should it be? The cripple can walk again [1 Corinthians ]. The dead shall live again [1 Thessalonians ]. The poor shall be rich [James ].


Oh, what things when our Lord comes once again! Oh, my friend and my brother, all of this is yours and more! God holds open house all the time. Come any day; come any night, come now; welcome. He has more and enough and to spare. Come; come.

He is rich enough for us both. He has beautiful white garments to give you [Revelation , 18]. He has more and enough to spare — manna from heaven. He can wash us clean and white as the driven snow [Isaiah ].

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Come, there is riches enough for us all. O Lord, that unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, should this grace be given to me, that I should stand in this pulpit and speak among you, even feeble and stammering tongue, the unsearchable riches of Christ. On this radio, in this service, if God speaks to your heart, would you come? I cannot say the word.

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

It has to come from the Spirit of Jesus. If He does, if He calls, would you come? To hope in Jesus now, in death, in the eternity that is to come, I take Him as my Savior. A family of you to come into the church, or one somebody you, while we sing this song, make appeal prayerfully, into that aisle, down here to the front, would you come and stand by me while all of us sing this hymn together? Stand and sing. Felt it a great privilege to be allowed to preach gospel Ephesians , His ministry anything but attractive.

Yet it was not a drudgery to him Luke , Acts He was filled with a sense of unworthiness Romans Paul preached the doctrine, but not apart from the person of Christ Hebrews , Colossians , There, interceding for us Acts , 1 Corinthians , Hebrews Expand Full Outline. Remember Me. Confirm Password. Username or Email. The Unsearchable Riches Of Christ. Ephesians Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ;. Print Sermon. Many had been converted under his ministry.

He had planted strong growing congregations. His letters were read and loved everywhere. Paul had very little self-consciousness. Think of a baby girl carried into a room by her father. She gazes about at the people gathered there; she looks about for her mother; she notices a dog, another child, and a toy. Her eyes go here and there with curiosity. She takes a deep breath before she goes in.

She is making an entrance. Her manner has lost all its unconsciousness. What we call being bashful and shy is really rotten to the core. It is self-consciousness and it corrupts everything; it perverts the imagination and defiles our morals. It is that whole attitude that Paul had mortified so successfully. That is the conviction which Paul fed and strengthened day by day as he looked to Jesus Christ.

There can be no real ministry, no God-exalting ministry, where such humility is lacking. A young preacher spoke to me about the baptism of the Spirit, and he talked about it everlastingly. He wanted to tell his own experiences and feelings. He simply told us that we ought to be restlessly itching for the experience just like him. He spoke about Christian hedonism, and I told him that he must forget himself, not think of whether he was enjoying God or not.

A man talking about his enjoyment of God has no enjoyment of the Lord. The man talking all the time about his faith has no faith. The two things cannot go together. When you love, what are you thinking about? When you believe, what are you thinking about? Why, the glorious truths themselves that you believe in. No human being believes except when he thinks about Christ. Am I loving? Of course I am not loving when I am thinking about loving.

The Unsearchable Riches of Christ - The Met

No Christian loves except when he is thinking about Christ as the object of his love. O Lord forgive. The riches of Christ are similar, too vast to explore, and too deep to fathom. Men have suggested other words to translate this word. Now why does Paul choose this word? One millionaire giving another millionaire a 28 carat diamond receives little attention. Love between equals is not surprising. One of the European royal princes, an heir to that throne, falls in love with one of the European royal princesses, and no one is surprised.

But should that same royal prince rather fall in love with a Welsh librarian and there is extraordinary interest. That kind of romance is the exception, for generally speaking the high despise the low in all walks of life. The learned despise the ignorant. The cultured despise the uncultured. The left-wing residents of Hampstead pity a president who comes from Texas. The wealthy despise the poor, but suppose a London man of wealth should care for a poor handicapped child from China all for no other reason than sheer goodness and compassion, then that would be noticed.

Moses, a slave-child, taken by the daughter of Pharaoh and raised as a prince in the royal palace, is an example of this. Contrast the distance between the prince and the librarian on the one hand, and then the distance between Christ and sinful men on the other. A librarian is a sinner, so is a prince; a librarian is born of a woman, so is a prince. A librarian is subject to the activities of superbugs and viruses and cancer, and so is a prince. A librarian will one day die, so will a prince. A librarian will one day stand in judgment, so will a prince.

A librarian can be saved by grace, so can a prince. In the essentials a prince and a librarian are exactly the same. The difference between them is only a difference of human esteem and human relationship.

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So if a European royal prince marries a Welsh librarian he has not stooped very low at all. Consider the riches of Christ, that he is infinitely, in every way, far above us. He made the sun, he designed the moon, he made the galaxies also. He made heaven and all the host that inhabit heaven — the innumerable company of angels. By him was everything made, and without him was not anything made that was made.

By him all things cohere, the comet in its path, the atom and the molecule in their every movement. He was in the beginning and he made the angels. He will be the glorious Son of God to all eternity. He governs the ages, the rise and fall of civilisations and the rulers of the world. He is the King of such kings and he turns their hearts as he sees fit. This is he of whom we speak, the one of vast riches, who has been moved with measureless love for Welsh librarians, and Chinese rice-farmers, and prostitutes from Corinth, and a much married woman of Samaria, and lepers, and millions of sinners like them, all this world over.

From heaven he came and sought them to become his holy bride. With his own blood he bought each one whom he loved, and for their life he died. What did Jesus stand to gain from all his generosity? He himself was beyond all need. He lacked nothing; he had deity. What more could he have had than that? Absolutely nothing. The newspapers have their lonely hearts pages where both men and women describe themselves and say who and what they are looking for. It is certainly not good for man to be alone, but our Lord had the happiness of heaven and the glory of a perfect relationship with his Father and the Spirit.

His own blessedness was already perfect and entire and complete and had been eternally so. What did he stand to gain from his liberality to rebel sinners? And yet he loved us. What did we have to give him in return for all his riches? Nothing, and yet he gave himself for us. He stood to gain nothing but our guilt and shame, yet he gave us his life, his love, his home in glory for ever. He gave as he did not because of any need whatsoever. He had the fulness of love to overflowing, and in that loving he gave himself. Never were such riches bestowed on those who were so utterly powerless and incapable of benefiting the lover as in the redeeming love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is utterly unsearchable because of the great stoop involved. There was never such a coming down, never such condescension, of sheer, matchless affection. He would have her as his bride. He would take her to himself to live with him for ever. What love he would show to her. Why, O Lord, why such love for me? Why do we give money to people? Because there is something about them that is attractive and good. They are not muggers; they are not going to shoot off round the corner to the drug dealer and the prostitute and spend it on wickedness.

They are not going to buy a crate of whisky and call all the most disreputable people in town to come and get drunk with them. We are not going to give our hard-earned money to cheats and liars and prodigals.

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So we write a cheque; we withdraw money from the bank and we make them a gift.