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This Ugly Beauty Business. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! VIP March 1, Business February 19, Tina Alberino - September 17, 1. A Latter-day Saint should never be a trial to another Latter-day Saint.

The Perfect Leader

A Latter-day Saint is one who makes goodness look attractive, makes love an integral part of every thought, word, and action. But, behold, my Beloved Son, which was my Beloved and Chosen from the beginning, said unto me—Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever. Unlike Satan, he wanted to do the will of his Father. It is easy to be led by a righteous father or mother or by a bishop who is doing everything he can do to help build the kingdom. There is an example from the life of one of our latter-day prophets that I would like to share with you today, an example of following the will of our Heavenly Father.

How many times do we have the opportunity to make that kind of decision, to determine whether we will follow God or mammon? It is cardinal to our progression. It is cardinal to having the Spirit with us. It is cardinal to personal righteousness. It is cardinal to becoming of one mind and one heart in this kingdom. The day of departure came; Tuesday, June 13, Thompson, who thus describes it:. I would have retired, thinking that I was intruding, but I felt riveted to the spot.

While thus engaged his voice was almost lost in the sobs of those around, who tried in vain to suppress them.

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The idea of being separated from their protector and father for so long a time was indeed painful. He proceeded, but his heart was too much affected to do so regularly. His emotions were great, and he was obliged to stop at intervals, while the big tears rolled down his cheeks, an index to the feelings which reigned in his bosom. My heart was not stout enough to refrain; in spite of myself I wept, and mingled my tears with theirs. At the same time I felt thankful that I had the privilege of contemplating such a scene. I realized that nothing could induce that man to tear himself from so affectionate a family group, from his partner and children who were so dear to him—nothing but a sense of duty and love to God and attachment to His cause.

Mark tells us:. Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God,. And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. And they went into Capernaum; and straightway on the sabbath day he entered into the synagogue, and taught.

And he taught through stories and examples. He matched the illustrations to the needs of the people and built his lessons upon things they knew and understood. Think of Luke It is a short chapter, but in it Luke records three wonderful parables used by the Savior—the prodigal son, the lost sheep, and the lost coin—to describe how important it is to bring someone back into the arms of God.

No matter how attractive the personality may be, that leader or teacher fails in the work assigned if the leader or teacher directs the love of the member only to the personality of the leader or teacher. When the people came to Jesus and asked for bread, or the truth, he never turned them away with a stone. He always had truth to give. He understood it. It radiated from his being. He understood how to use illustrations, the natural things around him, to impress that truth upon his hearers.

In other words, he was filled with his subject and then was enabled to give that subject to his hearers. Now look at our current prophet, President Ezra Taft Benson, and how he has taught us to know, use, and give the blessings of the Book of Mormon to the world. May I ask you to know it and use it more, to testify of it to the world, and to have it go into every corner of the world.

Jesus Christ

We walked back from that temple meeting sobered. I remember who I was walking with, and I remember what I was thinking. I remember that, as director over audiovisuals in the Church, I needed to do something about putting the Book of Mormon on tape into the lives of people. They needed to understand the blessings of the Book of Mormon. Thus began a two-year experience that ended in a great video that we have in our libraries today.

Today, ten times as many copies of the Book of Mormon are sent to the world every year than ever before. And today, instead of having the Book of Mormon and other scriptures translated into thirty-five languages, President Benson has set an objective to have them translated into all the major languages by the year So there are translators around the country doing the work of translation in about eighty languages.

He is a prophet of God, not afraid to tell the truth, not afraid to challenge the people, not afraid to teach what he has been called to teach in his gentle, loving, supportive way. Yes, Jesus taught his followers personally. But he also used leadership skills.

The Perfect Leader: All You Need to Get It Right First Time (The Perfect Series)

Remember the story of the adulterous woman? This they said, tempting him, that they might have to accuse him. But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. Jesus knew who he was and why he was here on this planet. That meant he could lead from strength rather than from uncertainty or weakness.

The Perfect Leaders in the Life of a Corporation

Jesus operated from a base of fixed principles or truths rather than making up the rules as he went along. Thus, his leadership style was not only correct but constant. He walked and worked with those he was to serve. His was not a long-distance leadership. He was not afraid of close friendships; he was not afraid that proximity to him would disappoint his followers. The leaven of true leadership cannot lift others unless we are with and serve those to be led. Jesus was a listening leader. Because he loved others with a perfect love, he listened without being condescending.

Because Jesus loved his followers, he was able to level with them, to be candid and forthright with them. Jesus saw sin as wrong but also was able to see sin as springing from deep and unmet needs on the part of the sinner. This permitted him to condemn the sin without condemning the individual. We can show forth our love for others even when we are called upon to correct them.

We need to be able to look deeply enough into the lives of others to see the basic causes for their failures and shortcomings.

Leadership—Jesus was the Perfect Leader

Jesus trusts his followers enough to share his work with them so that they can grow. Jesus was not afraid to make demands of those he led. His leadership was not condescending or soft. I remember an experience President Kimball had with the navy chief of chaplains a few years ago. We invite military chiefs of chaplains to visit Church headquarters so we can continue our wonderful relationship with them and maintain our chaplaincies throughout the services.

He came, and Elder Hanks was with him. They saw what we were doing with the chaplaincy, and finally they were to meet with the prophet, Spencer W. At that time we were trying desperately to get more navy chaplains. President Kimball had been trying for years, and so had the other Brethren, without success.

The Myth of “The Perfect Leader” | This Ugly Beauty Business

The two of them had a wonderful talk; it went on for about an hour. Developing, nurturing, and empowering—this is you at your personal best as a coach, consultant, facilitator, or human resource professional. Explore this website to find the tools you need to train and coach aspiring leaders to achieve the extraordinary. Anyone can learn to be a great leader—young people in high school and youth groups, undergraduates and graduate students, and executives advancing along their personal leadership journey. If you're in the business of educating emerging leaders, we're here with the evidence-based resources to help you build the foundation for transformative leadership education.

A: First, I am always careful to distinguish between management and leadership. Although we always strive for a balance of strong management and strong leadership to achieve success, they are different. While management focuses on tactical processes such as budgeting, reporting, and managing projects, leaders focus on business results through, or with, people.

Given this distinction, I will focus my comments on leadership.

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  4. Even when using these practices, however, leaders' styles can be very different and yet still be equally as effective. So while there are commonalities among those who lead well, there is no single leadership style that is more effective than another. Leadership is definitely situational.

    In order to have outstanding business results, a leader must be able to respond to the needs of constituents.