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Dr. Palfrey (Z5) series

Only the girl could tell him. And she lay in a coma so deep that nothing could wake her Brief Sample Kate could hardly wait for the evening, when Ruben would be home. Ruben, Ruben, Ruben! Such an old-fashioned name, but it suited him.

John Creasey

Ruben, Ruben! She could picture him swinging into the drive on his motor-scooter. Whoever heard of a London barrister going to and from Lincoln's Inn Fields on a little machine painted as blue as her eyes?

He would have his bowler hat low over his ears and his umbrella slung across his back, like a rifle. Those who knew him would take no notice or laugh good humour-edly.

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People liked Ruben and tolerated him although they would have been annoyed by anyone else behaving in the same way. Riding through the Strand and the Embankment looking like that.

I am first home every night. Tonight, it was important; as important as a third wedding anniversary could be. It was five to six, so he should be here in five minutes; at most, in ten. Yet for all the prevalence of stereoscopic cinematic entertainment, its place within contemporary visual culture is only vaguely understood. My forthcoming three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship, generously financed by the British Academy, will seek to redress this.

A magic system with consistency and depth

Stereoscopic 3-D works by presenting slightly different images to the left and right eyes; these marginally offset views then produce a seemingly three-dimensional object when viewed in the correct fashion i. Because of this, 3-D images cannot accurately be called images at all. As a discipline designed to further our understanding of imagistic, planar cinema, Film Studies therefore needs new tools in order to describe, evaluate and critique 3-D.

Avatar , the first major digital 3-D film and the highest grossing film of all time, not adjusted for inflation , is instructive in this regard. It uses digital special effects to generate Pandora, an immensely detailed, explicitly wondrous and quasi-mystical environment.

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Exactly how 3-D does this needs to be better and more critically understood than simple appeals to verisimilitude or visual wonder. That is, perspective is a far-from neutral tool of representation in which we can discern the broader ideologies of its era. In the case of the rise of perspective during the Renaissance, these ideologies include rationalisation, commodification, and the mathematical calculation of spaces and objects.

Such concepts have hardly gone away, and digital 3-D in the twenty-first century relies upon a similar translation of real, lived space into a mathematically ordered double of itself.

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But digital 3-D also speaks to the more general digitisation of lived space in recent years, the tendency for life to be lived through screens and in online environments. It also points to the increasing prevalence of spatialised digital representations in everything from gaming and manufacturing to surveillance and mapping. Digital 3-D is undeniably a marketing tool, prodding us to spend a little more on our cinema tickets so that we can make the most of our Friday night at the movies.

But it is also an expression of a broader cultural shift away from images, and their distanced contemplation, and towards spaces, and our sensuous envelopment within them.