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Jennifer's Kitchen - SOULE SOLSTICE FARM, LLC

Reduced memory footprint of some game assets. Gameplay changes: Increased available number of Points of Interest from 25 to Bugfixes: Fixed Fireworks showing the wrong name Fixed performance issues when harvesting event items. Fixed Pistachio tree not having a collision. YukiMa 24 Jun pm.

Summer Solstice Farm Discovery Style

Warhouse say it increased respice space by 50 per lvl. Thnaks for reading, sorry for my bad english. Erwin39 21 Jun am.

Very nice! Thank you very much. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the new land! And ty that it's flat!

Soule Solstice Farm, LLC

Now I can arrange my orchards on my default, mountain and water farms in 13x13 squares for my farm workers to manage and not lose any space to rocks and rivers, etc. Ty also for the added points of interest, although I'd have appreciated 1 per chunk as that's how I usually space them. Now the only fly in my ointment is lack of farm workers to help me out. It would free up more of my time for the things I really enjoy, like decorating houses and building villages and resort beaches.

Gevell 19 Jun pm. Thanks for more space. Did you also added new chunks to the pool? ChaosBreaker56 19 Jun pm. Farm Together Players: "We want more land, we need more land, the farms are too small, stop adding stuff to the game when there's nowhere to put it. Nice update!!!

6th Annual Summer Solstice Farm & Music Fest

THX for this great update and i don't understand why some guys cry about the fact that the new plots are flat!?? At first all wanted the possibility to remove the stones and lakes and now you get free empty and flat space and you cry? It is a good option for the player which uses the standard map or water map to make more profit. Total Acreage in Production:. Total Farm Acreage:. Geographic Area s [where products are sold]:.

Farm History:. As of late , the farm was named Soule Solstice. We are in process of activities to seek organic certification.

Farm Description:. Soule Solstice grows fruit trees, heirloom tomatoes, organic potaotes sourced by Wood Prairie Farm in Maine , Onions, Leeks, Microgreens, herbs, flowers and woody ornamentals. Soule Solstice focuses on perennial crops where possible and increasingly employs permaculture design. Construction of a 26 x 48 year round greenhouse to be complete by October Number of Employees Seasonal :. Number of Interns Year Round :. Number of Interns Seasonal :. Number of Volunteers Seasonal :.

Describe any available positions on your farm for the upcoming season:.

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We are seeking a hour a week employee. We could use an intern year round, or on the basis of availability. Visitor Information Are Visitors Welcome?

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