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Try Team Trivia! The next frontier for sneakerheads is trying on shoes virtually — TechCrunch June 26, Bolin and the other Autarchs later fought in the Dusk War.

Autarch Bolin

During the war, his avatar was captured by Sithe Temple Formations and destroyed. Bolin was later trapped in the strongest Sithe weapon, The Grassland World, and ambushed by Sithe who were stronger than Exalts, later revealed to be Sourcewalker Autarchs. Bolin's true body and Truesoul was destroyed and he was thought to have perished.

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However, at his end, Bolin awakened to the powers of Life and Death and was able to comprehend the Samsara Daobirth Essence, allowing him to retrieve his fragmented Truesoul to revive himself. His newfound comprehension also allowed Bolin to hide effectively as it repelled Karma and made it seem that Bolin was truly dead.

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Bolin was thus able to conceal himself within the Grassland World and give its position to the other Autarchs. This enabled the other Autarchs to predict its movements and set up a trap to ambush it.

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The ambush was initially successful and the Grassland World's Quintessence core, its power supply, was ignited. However, when Iyerre arrived, the tides were turned and the Autarchs were forced to flee. A last stand was made by the Autarchs against Iyerre as he proceeded to the Annihilation Hive which Ji Ning's Avatar was keeping dormant.