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Inclement weather, however, may place various restrictions on the capabilities of air assets available to a commander.

Basic Military Mountaineer Course

The unit must then possess the necessary mountaineering skills to overcome adverse terrain to reach an objective. The U. Army Guide to Military Mountaineering details techniques soldiers and leaders must know to cope with mountainous terrain. These techniques are the foundation upon which the mountaineer must build. They must be applied to the various situations encountered to include river crossings, glaciers, snow-covered mountains, ice climbing, rock climbing, and urban vertical environments.

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The degree to which this training is applied must be varied to conform to known enemy doctrine, tactics, and actions. This guide also discusses basic and advanced techniques to include acclimatization, illness and injury, equipment, anchors, evacuation, movement on glaciers, and training.

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Cold weather risk-management procedures are stressed throughout the course. Emphasis is placed on developing the Level 1 mountaineering tasks described in FM Emphasis is placed on developing the Level 2 mountaineering tasks described in Chapter 2, FM The course is intended for units or individuals that will conduct operations in mountainous terrain and must operate independently of major units or organizations or will lead larger organizations over technically hazardous terrain. Course Purpose. To train all Soldiers, regardless of job function, in the skills required to successfully train and operate in a cold, snow-covered environment.

U.S. Army Guide to Military Mountaineering

Attendees will gain confidence in their cold weather clothing and equipment and their ability to care for themselves in the cold weather environment. Course Scope. Emphasis is placed on the effects of cold on personnel and material, recognition, treatment and prevention of cold weather injuries, use of basic cold weather clothing and equipment, winter field-craft, use of cold weather shelters, use of Army approved heaters, and over snow movement techniques.

Mountain Warfare. The purpose of the SQI "E" Course, Military Mountaineer, is to train soldiers in the specialized skills required for operating in mountainous terrain, under all climatic conditions, day and night.

These courses teach soldiers how to use adverse terrain and weather conditions to their advantage as a combat multiplier. This aids in preserving the unit strength and combat power to achieve mission success.