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Want to learn more? Criticism Critics of the vampire genre struggle with the misogyny of vampires, the sexualizing of women and men, and the romancing of death. Lesson Summary In the beginning of vampire literature we had books like Dracula that told the story of an enigmatic man with unnatural power and immortality. Register to view this lesson Are you a student or a teacher?

Anne Rice, Famed 'Vampire Chronicles' Author, Talks SF Roots, Newest Novel & More

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Anne Rice Reveals Why She Brought the Vampire Lestat to the Realms of Atlantis

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    Eight Week Quiz C. Eight Week Quiz D. Eight Week Quiz E. Just as some homosexual men deny their lust for the same sex, so does Louis deny his yearning for the blood and death of his human victims. Louis avoids drinking from humans but instead feeds off of animals in the same way that a homosexual man might engage in heterosexual intercourse rather than homosexual intercourse. Neither act can produce full satisfaction while their true desires remain consciously buried.

    Their desire lies in the blood of any living human. Blood is the core to their lust and eagerness that leads them to eroticize their victims.

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    Her writing is so sensual and so erotic that readers lose themselves in her descriptions, focusing and visualizing only on the sexuality of the act rather than the many well subverted overtones of pedophilia and incest. Pedophilia is a very identifiable theme in the relationship of the newly turned vampire and their maker, Louis to the vampire Lestat in this case. After turning Louis into a vampire Lestat cares for him as though he were a child and teaches him how to be a creature of the night which is an intensely sensual process.

    Rice further pushes the boundaries of what is socially acceptable when she introduces a child into the story. Louis finds a young girl named Claudia and in a fit of uncontrollable desire for her blood, nearly kills her. In guilt and anguish Louis flees, leaving her to die. When Lestat finds the dying child the following night he brings her home to Louis. Louis admits his longing for her, yet knows how wrong it is to yearn for a child. He understands the perverse act of taking her life will haunt him for the rest of his immortal life.

    Similarly, Louis tries to fight his heinous inclinations but ultimately gives in to his forbidden need, focusing only on the attraction he has for her. While Louis loses himself to his instincts, waiting for her heart to slow and her death to come, Lestat snatches Claudia away from him.

    Drunk on her blood it takes a while before Louis realizes what Lestat was doing. The entire scene is filled with carnal passion as Louis takes her life and Lestat gives her a new one. For most pedophiles, their foul hunger for children mostly stems from a need to dominant something small and innocent. Louis and Lestat demonstrate this perfectly with Claudia when Louis pulls the dying child close to him so he may take her blood and Lestat violently steals her away from him telling her she must drink his blood in order to feel better.

    Louis takes advantage of her weakened state, while Lestat mentally coercers her into doing what he tells her. From that point on they became a vampiric family. Both Lestat and Louis refer to Claudia as their daughter and often reference themselves as either her fathers or her mother. As Benefiel suggests, Louis is the more maternal figure, constantly praising her and teaching her how to blend into human society while Lestat is more of the paternal figure by teaching her how to hunt and kill their victims.