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I know there are more out there and so hopefully some latin djs can throw down. I kinda pride myself being the few that can really play the latin genre without being a latino What most dont realize are that the Latin genre has so many sub genres that you have to know.

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I love playing latin music over any other genre next to house Im down with the whole fist pump movement. Shameless plus Promise its the last time Check me every friday from pm eastern time. I do latin mix show gaining popularity on www. BigDookie PM - 13 April, that's why it also says "latin. It ain't working. Shakira ain't a banner anymore. I'm surprised you guys have not brought up Selina up because it's all old shit you guys seem to be bringing up. People from Mexico. Thas what's hot, DJ cheeko beat, erick rincon, dj motto. I have a daughter with a girl from Peru who loves to salsa and listen to latin music.

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with those sounds, its addictive! You can't NOT dance when hearing latin music. Maybe I play for a hour for them and thats it. Im finding new music is good but peeps still want the older stuff. Now with bachata I find its a little different, hardcore bachata folks ask me for the latest and greatest but playing an open format set, I stick to the classics there too.

Keeps everyone happy. NOT The reason why? Those are also regional if those genres are played. Get that Lucenzo album its really good music Im the only DJ playing his album cuts. I've heard this song at everything from indie-rock nights to biker bars to top40 clubs. It depends on the location, but it seems like most "latin" songs that have similar mass appeal come off as ultra-silly to "non-latin" crowds.

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What is it that isn't working for most crowds? More importantly, what are some other comparable songs that our experienced latin DJs can recommend i. I happen to now the guy personally he does all my drops and cover songs as well. I just dont speak fluent spanish so I cant recall them unless Im sitting at my computer.

Ozuna - Una Flor (Video Oficial) - Odisea

If you think latin music is going through a slump thats prolly just in your area or at your paties. We have plenty of good new music to choose from. Cuban Reggaeton is extremely dancable but at the end depends on your crowd. O El Mas completo you need the intro get at me Teke teke - Israel el kapo Lucenzo - Dame un beso Robert Serraty y Karamana - Tu eres mi mami Tono Rosario - Kulikitaka Your gonna need a remix version of this Amarfis - Ella te lo da I could go on please dont believe the black one I typically dont share what latin tracks Im playing because its regional on whats hot.

Megaman AM - 2 May, Quote:. Play a new reggeaton record in L.

You Need to be up on point with the spanish in your region since it constantly changes and something else takes its place on a constant basis I do cause some of them shit go off and people be dancing. Regular reggeaton is dope but it is kinda hit or miss depending on the crowd. They wanna hear dominican dembow a lot if the time.

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That shit is like reggeaton on perico. Sensato - Beat it up sensato does his thing on this remix. Stuff that you normally dont here. Megaman AM - 5 May, Quote:. Funny stuff. My family is from Zacatecas and love that Narco-Traficante crap. My younger brothers especially. I can't that horrible music. Anybody playing Manuel y Maicol they got some new tunes this is all underground reggeaton tho. Especially you Remy. From a gringo who has been thrown into the latin mobile dj scene, these picks are lifesavors. Any other genre you guys get stuck with, don't hesitate to message me.

Keep em coming! Joee PM - 24 May, Quote:. What about some Cuban Latin music? Those are hot in my area Yup, almost of age. While it will be nice to get out of school, I am not in a hurry for the factory. With school, I can easily escape, and enjoy a day of semi-freedom. Well, a couple hours between third bell and fourth bell. Maybe not freedom, but at least an hour or two without expectations. I have a feeling you will be very productive. What do you think about life in the camp? I try not to think about it. Favorite drink: Water? I think that is what brought you here in the first place.

This camp is here to protect me. This is all for my own good. Good Simone. Thanks for joining me today. The number that dictates her life at the protection camp. Regulated by a system of ringing bells, fortified cars, and rations, the survivors are protected from residual contaminates on the other side of the wall. Breaking the monotony of the highly structured camp, Simone and her friend skip school to enjoy one of the last nice days of fall. An afternoon game leads them to a new part of the forest, uncovering more than they expected. All thoughts of protection and rules are shattered by the appearance of the ivory tower.

A tower riddled with a history of danger and death. When her friend shows up with a bruised face and thinly veiled threats, Simone has to decide how much she is willing to risk to find out the truth of the tower. A ver si os gustan tanto como los de terror! Have you given up on love? Are you a hardened cynical who believes romance only happens in movies and books?

Do you have to be romantic to fall in love at first click? Lilith is a librarian who despises romantic novels and thinks chick-lit is overrated. And then, she is cajoled into using social networking sites and things change drastically. Click Me Happy! Will it be cruel disappointment or happy ever after?

With three endings to choose from and a light but warm heart, Click Me Happy! Be the author! You know you want to! My romantic novella, Click Me Happy! Thank you for reading and sharing! And if you do, let me know which ending you choose! En estos momentos estoy acumulando ideas y explorando.

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Ya veremos. Comparto algunas de las fotos que hice con vosotros. As you will remember I have been thinking about bookshops recently and I wrote a post asking people what their ideal bookshop would be like. And I can tell you, they were right. And yes, getting hands on experience would be good in her opinion. At the moment collecting ideas, we shall see. Today, as most Fridays, I bring you a guest author. It is time for another classic, a female Victorian writer who became quite popular during her life time and recently, thanks to TV adaptations, has regained many followers.

Elizabeth Gaskell. There is plenty of information about her and I leave you some links to both her life and works, to free versions of her novels and stories, and also some links to adaptations of her work to TV. And let me know what you think. Elizabeth Stevenson was born in London on 29 September , the daughter of a Unitarian minister. Her mother died when she was only 13 months old and her father sent her to live with her aunt, Hannah, who lived in Knutsford in Cheshire.

Her father remarried but she spent little time with him and his new family.


Her brother, who joined the Merchant Navy, died when she was 18 and her father died shortly after. She spent some time in Newcastle but would usually go back to Knutsford that was her inspiration for Cranford. In , she married William Gaskell, also a Unitarian minister, and they settled in the industrial city of Manchester.

She helped her husband with his welfare work and took special interest in helping the poor and destitute in the rapidly developing industrial city. William Gaskell, her husband. Her first child, a girl, was a still born, and following the birth of her second child, marked by her loss, she started keeping a diary of the development of her children. She had a son William, but he died of scarlet fever.

She was very affected by it, and her husband suggested that she could take up writing a full-length novel to try and distract herself. It was an immediate success, winning the praise of Charles Dickens and Thomas Carlyle. It discussed the life of the poor in Manchester and it showed a good eye for detail and local customs and dialogue. Home to Elizabeth Gaskell, novelist and biographer, this dilapidated building has fortunately been bought by the Manchester Historic Buildings Trust.

Photo credit: Wikipedia. Her house in Manchester is now a Museum, the street in Knutsford where she lived has been renamed in her honour, and Manchester University has an Elizabeth Gaskell library. En diciembre , La otra vida de T. Adriel B. Loure es una joven que se encuentra en una encrucijada decisiva en su vida… y tiene que elegir. Gracias por leer. Just Olga. Archives for the month of: October, Like this: Like Loading