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It plays full along the ocean for both your drive and approach and the elevated green sits nestled against a marram-covered hillside with only a narrow lay-up option 50 yards in front. While the front side has back-to-back par fives, the second nine has back-to-back par threes. The fourteenth hole is a yard uphill tester with trouble on every side.

It's immediately followed by the fifteenth, a yard monster with a yard carry. Depending on your frame of mind, you'll either find the Cashen Course a tremendous challenge or simply impossible. It features tight blind fairways, forced carries off the tee and to the green sometimes on the same hole , and approaches with no safety zones for cautious players. The Cashen Course is par 72 and only 6, yards, but don't be fooled into thinking it an easy walk along the seashore. The place to stay in Ballybunion is Kilcooly's Country House , a congenial small hotel with character, a fine dining room, and an intimate, well-stocked bar.

The place is filled with antiques and tasteful bric-a-brac, but unlike so many old-world hotels, the rooms are spacious and uncluttered. It's worth requesting that your golf packager include Kilcooly's in your itinerary. Labels: Ballybunion , Ireland , Travel. Monday, October 15, Pelz Plays Games. Labels: Dave Pelz , Golf books , putting , short game. There are those who talk about growing the game of golf, then there are those who do something about it. He's led the seven-course facility in a major effort to make golf a family affair, the single best way to introduce new players into the game and increase the fun factor so they stay with it.

Photo courtesy of the resort. It all began when they addedd the Minerals Hotel with its par-three nine-hole course to the portfolio a few years ago. The course was specified as a "Family Golf Club" and several features were added to make it more than a slogan. They cut oversize cups into the greens, provided four-seater golf carts, and put peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the snack cart.

Similar steps were taken when the full-length nine-hole Cascades Course was opened a couple of years later. When Cascades was built, a special set of tees was built far forward on each hole and second, larger cups are cut into each green. Cascades, a Roger Rulewich design, can challenge golfers at all levels. The Minerals course, a Robert Trent Jones design, is getting renovations to make it even more family-friendly. The par four fifth hole is a dog-leg right with a fairway bunker at the turn.

We took out that bunker and created a run-up area for the green. People play for a lot of different reasons. Some play for business, others to meet people. It makes you feel good when you try something like family golf and it works. Labels: Crystal Springs , family golf , kids golf. Sixth hole at Lahinch. Hard, fast greens. Narrow, rumpled fairways. Blind shots. A Family Ticket is a bundle of tickets. The online price for a family ticket includes an online booking fee of 75p per person in the bundle. Please read our Upgrades and Premiums section found below for information on any extra costs in addition to the regular ticket price.

Off Peak Monday to Thursday, all day excluding bank holidays. Peak Friday to Sunday, all day including bank holidays. Child 12 years and under. Teen Ages Student Valid student card required. Family 1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children. Other local cinemas. London Tottenham Court Road. Special Screenings. Quick bite, cheeky treat? Make your cinema experience complete Treat yourself to a wide selection of snacks from one of our retail counters, from traditional favourites such as popcorn, nachos and pop to a varied selection of sweets and ice cream!

Got Popcorn? Salt or Sweet? Indulge in the classic cinema snack. Guide to your cinema. Disabled facilities An inspiring experience for all We passionately believe the inspiring cinema experience should be open to all. Turn your everyday presentation or conference into something spectacular. Your job is to link that fife to the individual and the time frame. Documentation is vital.

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Musical instruments have intrinsic value some more than others , but provenance pays off. For book values, search individual titles at BookFinder. Remember, in paper goods, condition is everything. It's a padded, imitation leather, gilt- stamped collection of luxurious recipes from the world's past pleasure palaces, most of them long gone -- like chicken in Champagne sauce from Le Pavillon in Manhattan, which closed in Flexible Filterfunktionen erleichtern die Suche: Optional kann sowohl nach neuen wie gebrauchten bzw.

Buying gifts with a mouse click and having them conveniently shipped for you are now an ingrained part of our holiday rituals Take advantage of price-comparison sites. Some of the better-known are Froogle. If you're hunting for books, there's BookFinder. Seit wird jedes Jahr der BookFinder.

Jeremy Clarkson: War Stories: THE GREATEST RAID OF ALL

Die Literatur wird wahlweise mit Preisen inklusive der Versandkosten angezeigt. Ergebnis: immerhin acht Titel, die sowohl gebraucht als auch neu angeboten wurden. There's a novel idea 11 October The genteel, slow-paced atmosphere of most second-hand bookshops seems to belong more to the 19th century than the 21st; few things are further from today's high-tech, high-speed connected world. The advent of the internet and the widespread take-up of broadband in recent years has intruded brutally on this cloistered world, changing the face of the second-hand book business forever.

A forest of sites has sprung up selling second-hand books in vast quantities. These include the ubiquitous Amazon. Trotz der Buchpreisbindung in Deutschland lohnt sich die Metasuche. The JustBooks. Prices are computed in local currencies, and the cost of shipping is built into the prices displayed. After comparing prices, readers can buy the books they like directly from the original booksellers of their choice.

Majority owned by German magazine publisher Burda, Abebooks has steadily opened new sites on its own and continued to buy smaller firms such as price comparison site BookFinder. Der Name wurde inzwischen von Bookfinder. Of course you can judge a book by its cover. In fact, publishers, publicists, authors and bookstores want you to do just that Some books mentioned here are still in print and can be obtained at libraries and bookstores. Others have gone out of print but may be found in used bookshops or online at Web sites like Amazon.

Zeitgleich startete das Portal JustBooks. They know precisely which books people are looking to find. Actually, BookFinder. They are broken down by subject.

Love Narratively? So do we.

Heading up the top ten biographies is a biography that was recently a movie. That, along with the great admiration the man has earned, makes the Man in Black, a biography of Johnny Cash, number one. I don't know the book, but it's a surprising subject for such success. Other subjects of top ten biographies include Charlie Russell western artist , Marilyn last name not necessary , and a Mafia hit man. Number 8 is My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer, the chess genius and repulsive human who talks like Mel Gibson drunk when he's sober.

Most of the most sought after books change from year to year, bur riding atop the Arts and Music category for the fifth straight year is Sex by Madonna. I doubt that this has much to do with either art or music, and probably not a lot to do with sex either, but Madonna is Madonna, which is better than having the top art book be something by Paris Hilton. The Guardian London United Kingdom , From the Blogs 30 September 'Over the past few days, I found myself repeatedly going through my bookshelves, and realizing how many banned and challenged books I've enjoyed reading,' says Anirvan Chatterjee at BookFinder.

As we celebrate Banned Books Week and the struggles that won us our right to read relatively freely, we should keep in mind that we can win real freedom to read by not only working to challenge censorship As a community of bibliophiles, we have work to do. JustBooks will help customers track down any book.

Two new websites are initially being launched by BookFinder. According to the company, the new websites will help readers in Germany and the UK to locate new books and textbooks as well as rare, out-of-print and international titles. An inventory of over million books for sale from over , booksellers enables consumers to compare prices, which are computed in local currencies and include shipping costs.

Readers are then able to purchase books directly from the original booksellers of their choice. The JustBooks websites are free of charge to use, the company said. Unter www. The e-commerce search engine for books, founded in by Anirvan Chatterjee, is expected to open in several more European markets by The development of JustBooks builds on that commitment, as we customize our innovative book search technologies to better serve the specific needs of book lovers.

JustBooks users can use the site to find new, used and out-of-print books by searching through more than million books from more than , booksellers. Prices will be in local currencies, and will include the cost of shipping in the display price.

Chatterjee said the company is 'looking forward to offering our European users the easiest way to find and buy books from local and international booksellers. Zeitgleich mit der Beta-Version von " JustBooks. Der Name wurde inzwischen von " BookFinder. The sites allow users to comparison shop from an inventory of over million books for sale from over , booksellers. The comparison shopping sites, in Britain and in Germany, will show prices in local currency with the cost of shipping included.

Librarians and programmers in BookFinder 's Berkeley headquarters and in Dusseldorf, Germany, will support the sites. Der Preisvergleich wird durch die zweispaltige Struktur der Suchergebnisse wesentlich erleichtert. Wells and Sex by Madonna. The Report includes lists of the top most searched for titles in ten different categories But a new set of rankings has just come out for another segment of the market: books that are out of print.

Last week, BookFinder. Though these books weren't necessarily the top sellers, the report offers a look at what titles are generating interest. Below, three of the most searched-for out-of-print titles in the past year, according to the site's rankings. The Bed Book, Sylvia Plath One of the top out-of-print children's books has an unexpected author -- the poet Sylvia Plath, who wrote this book-length poem for youngsters. The work describes a series of magical beds, including one that grows when it's watered and another that can be used as a submarine. Sisters, Lynne Cheney The single most sought-after work of fiction on BookFinder.

This extremely rare work chronicles the journey of Mr. Page's ancestors from Mississippi to Pope County, Ark. Unless, that is, you and your scholar use these tricks to lighten the load. Comparison Shop: BookFinder. PW Daily United States , Out of Print But Still In Demand 31 August Just because a title has been entrusted to the publishing dust bin, or in industry terms 'fallen out of print,' doesn't mean readers don't still want to get their hands on it. In its annual survey tracking the most highly sought after out-of-print titles in the last year--the survey relied on data compiled from searches made on BookFinder.

Buying used is an obvious choice, and Internet sites such as Half. But you can cut costs by knowing where and how to get what you need There's no reason not to. Some aggregate Web sites like Berkeley-based BookFinder. You've prepared him with all the basics. Armed her with all the stuff she needs. Shower caddy? Alarm clock? But how about basic financial strategies?

Buying used is an obvious choice, and Internet sites like Half. NBC 10 consumer reporter Tracy Davidson has some ways to save on textbooks. But there are ways to save Davidson does have a couple of reminders. Used books can always save you, unless a new edition is required in your class, so check if you are not sure. If you are buying used, don't procrastinate because they go fast.

If you are ordering online, check the shipping costs when comparing prices.

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Whether you are searching online or in-person, use the book's ISBN number, which you can get from your professor or the bookstore, so you know you're getting the right book. Buying Textbooks The Capital-Gazette Annapolis, MD United States , Book Beat: The ultimate argument-settlers 13 August My wife and I seldom argue about important issues, but for some reason we enjoy getting into spats about remarkably trivial things.

Most of them have to do either with popular culture - movies, TV programs, old songs - or obscure historical facts. Accordingly, we have both stockpiled shelves full of slightly offbeat reference books that will help us settle our ridiculous tiffs The books mentioned here are still in print and can be obtained at libraries and bookstores.

They also may be found in used bookshops or online at Web sites like Consumers 'are looking for more bargains,' said Michael P. Niemira, chief economist for the International Council of Shopping Centers.

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A council survey found that 54 percent of consumers were focusing on price for back-to-school expenditures this year. Retailers have been busy keeping up with demand, as evidenced by the industry's healthy increase in July sales. Its founder and chief executive officer, Anirvan Chatterjee, said the costliness of textbooks these days has made BookFinder.

In the first week of August, BookFinder. Rather than listing only the price of products, the site now lists the total price of products with shipping and handling charges figured in. The change has led to a general if slight increase in conversion rates, Chatterjee tells Internet Retailer The early data indicates varied impacts across different retailers on BookFinder. And increased transparency definitely favors retailers with shipping costs in line with industry averages. In June, for example, eBay announced it would start cracking down on sellers who charge excessive shipping prices.

It claims to provide the world's largest searchable book inventory. It's nice to know there's more than just Amazon.