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This is wonderful! Thank you for compiling this list! See also John And in addition, she had to watch her husband suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually. She witnessed his sudden, dramatic fall from being an esteemed elder sitting at the gates to the city, ruling and ensuring justice, to where he was broken on the dung heap, now rejected, minimized and isolated by their community. A long time ago I did a search on how many women were praised for being wives and bearing children, in the OT and the NT. I was surprised at the difference between the OT and the NT.

After Jesus was born there was little to no emphasis on women striving to bear children, or praised for bearing children. Go figure!!! Kate : How could I have left her out? I love Martha and Mary and see a little bit of myself in both of them. TL : For sure. In the New Testament, ministry seems more important than motherhood. I am blessed to bring my kids to work with me. More importantly than anything else I consider myself a follower of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Reading 1 Timothy and 1 Peter 3 starting in verse 1 is a good idea. There is no doubt as Christ like women we should maintain a different view than the world in many areas, this one included.

I hope these Scriptures bless you! God has blessed us all with various gifts and talents, that we are to use. The Bible shows that women were involved in all kinds of activities without any hint of censure. Having children is just one of many things most, but not all women can do with the life God has given us. Following Jesus and obeying God and his word cannot compromise who we are as women, wherever that path may lead. Another one to add: Rizpah!

Yes, thanks for this! Rizpah was a remarkable woman. I started writing an article about her and other women who helped David directly and indirectly, but must have got side-tracked. This is a fantastic list. What I loved and you mentioned this in your comments is that they all had a profound, positive influence on society and the Church without necessarily fit into our western, Conservative expectations.

I think this is very interesting and worth thinking about. Anne has written about Rebekah here. Take care of Elijah and have your flour and oil never run out, and then have your only son be brought back to life by the prophet: The widow of Zarephath 1 Kings cf Luke She smuggled him out of the palace and hid him in the Temple of the Lord for six years when Althalia ruled the land. In doing this, she saved the royal line of the Messiah! But Jehosheba , the daughter of King Jehoram and sister of Ahaziah, took Joash son of Ahaziah and stole him away from among the royal princes, who were about to be murdered.

She put him and his nurse in a bedroom to hide him from Athaliah; so he was not killed. He remained hidden with his nurse at the temple of the Lord for six years while Athaliah ruled the land. In the seventh year of Jehu, Joash became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem forty years.


This is such a wonderfully eye-opening list. What led you to include Judith in the list when her book is not in the Bible? I would like to know your thoughts on this. Hi Adrienne, Judith is not mentioned in any of the modern Protestant Bibles, but the book that bears her name is in the Septuagint the Greek Old Testament. Greek Orthodox Christians regard the Septuagint as inspired, and the first English translations of the Bible, including the first few editions of the King James Bible , contained the apocryphal books of the Septuagint.

I personally do not consider that the Septuagint, or the book of Judith, are especially inspired, but they still have some value for modern Christians. They have a place in our history. Thank you for your article Marg and the great conversations! Thankyou for your articles Marg — thoroughly blessed by them. A small point re Priscilla in 21 — the reference should read Acts not Luke. She was the protagonist while her husband seems passive in the passages you cite. Thank you for blessing us all with this article, as it has helped me in working through what my role is as a godly woman. May God bless you as a result.

Also, she was a missionary with Paul and her husband.

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The fact her name is listed first defied first century convention and indicates that she played a key role. She was also a businesswoman, as she and her husband ran a tentmaking business together. Acts 18, esp. When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they invited him to their home and explained to him the way of God more adequately. Thanks for your comment. There were many women in this list of 25 biblical roles, and I only write a few words about them to keep the post short. The idea is DAT a woman is both a home maker and an Influence to her society career wise. Thank you for the article well done.

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A little deeper insight on the Jesus, Mary and Martha narrative. Many scholars recognize Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus with the other students or disciples was a dramatic paradigm shift. Martha then is probably surprised and not a little embarrassed and appeals to Jesus to have Mary put in her culturally confined space, the kitchen. Liam 12 years old shares: Here is another one! John Seeing all of these various, wonderful biblical roles of women other than marriage and motherhood is nothing less than life affirming for me.

I pray that these other roles will be taught and valued more by the church so that woman can purposefully decide whether motherhood and marriage are the right, and not the only or preferred, biblical roles for them to fulfill.

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Thank you Marg! Have you read my article Beauty, Marriage, Motherhood and Ministry? It seems to me that too many churches have an Old Testament view of women rather than a New Covenant view of women. I feel like Elizabeth should be in 10 as well. There is current research that points to Pricilla as the writer of Hebrews. Also supported by a professor at Wheaton. How great is that! Yes, Adolf von Harnack and Ruth Hoppin and others each suggest that Priscilla may have been the author of the book of Hebrews.

An interesting article about this subject is here. I wanted to add that because I know that there is a common misconception about that particular chapter many people I know — including myself — have been taught that proverbs 31 is teaching how to be a wife of God, however this is wrong and means it then holds women up to very high standards — she is up all night, she has servants, she travels far to help people — this is not a realistic or biblical view on how women as wives should act or behave.

Many believe Proverbs ff is the advice of a mother telling her son, possibly king Lemuel, what to look for in a wife. I am so thankful to find this thread and plan to really sit down and look at this. My heart is burdened today because I reached out to my almost 21 year old daughter about a photo she posted on social media. I in no way judged her or ridiculed her, I wanted her to consider the appropriateness of it being viewed by the world where was what she wanted to project. I was met with an assault on how marginalized she felt, and she is from a generation who own their own bodies.

She could do with it whatever she chose. I am divorced from her father and we are east and west…she has gravitated that direction for the freedom she has found to live void of any direction. My heart is so heavy for this generation. I am ex fully combat soldier, a pilot, and empowered woman but I firmly believe you can own this without sacrificing your class, dignity, or Christian walk.

I found you thru searching for answers. Who would come to this faith with that? The hall of entrance and the hall of exit are each occupied by a picture of Woman. The pictures are different in execution and unlike in their expression; but in each the idea is the same—the enfranchisement of the feminine soul The entrance portrait is that of Eve, a hymn of female conquest expressed in colours Woman is recognized as the prospective possessor of the Garden of Life—the future mistress of the home At the other end of the Gallery—the completing end One of the effects of Christianity has been the enfranchisement of Woman Yet not simply one of the effects of Christianity: it is the effect of which all other changes are results.

Further, our expositions of Bible women who stand out in their race and time as no women of later generations stand out, will be allied to present-day application—a feature W. We shall see how the best among female characters in Scripture who were trail blazers for larger freedom of thought and action have contributed to the present high status of womanhood; and how the worst Bible women remain as signals marking the dangerous shoals, quicksands and rocks of life.

Circumstances wrecking their lives still exist as death traps. As human nature has not changed much through past millenniums, the whole of womanhood, which is presented to us as the women of the Bible, unchanging, unvarying from age to age, is a feminine portrait gallery drawn with a marvelous stark economy and unsurpassed in its variety in the whole of literature.

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Eve is the mother of all those mothers who have seen their favorite first-born branded with shame. For the sake of convenience we have chosen to list the named women of the Bible alphabetically rather than chronologically. In this way it is easier for those who use the material to identify each character. As truth is the common property of us all, the writer sincerely hopes that the sketches he has drawn will prove to be useful in the ministry of those who have opportunities of winning girls and women for the Master. Eternity alone will reveal the extent of the influence of women whose spirit came to rejoice in God their Saviour, and who, having discovered the Well of Life, left their waterpots.

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