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And if she is and does, will it really be enough to save it? She must uncover her identity and get her out if both are to live…but elder assassin Genevieve is already upending things on her own. The Cerulean , by Amy Ewing February 5 Tear your eyes away from this astonishing cover and explore the highly original fantasy within. Her city is magically tied to a planet, and a sacrifice is needed to break that bond before they can move on.

Sera is chosen as that sacrifice—but somehow she survives, endangering her people and leaving her marooned in the country below, encountering the mythical humans she has long been taught to fear. Reluctantly Camille turns toward the magical ability her mother taught her to hone: magie ordinaire, which can temporarily turn objects into money, and the more dangerous magie bibelot, which allows her to alter her appearance and infiltrate the decadent, dangerous court at Versailles.

Fellow court magic users and a dashing aeronaut love interest round out this glittering jewel box of a historical fantasy. The daughter of a dead king, whose mother and brother are fighting to hold onto their sovereignty as the general advances on their land, resists a political marriage and nurtures scholarly dreams.

Newly empowered, she set out to reclaim her kingdom. In Lady Smoke , she has both her royal title and a hostage: Prinz Soren. Far from her oppressed people and her throne, Theodosia petitions her pirate aunt to help raise the army she needs at her back. But the cost may be too great: Theodosia must marry to gain it, unheard of for a woman of her royal line. The Antidote , by Shelley Sackier February 5 In a kingdom where the costs of magic are too great to consider it, Fee must push her abilities down.

But the crown prince, her best friend, is sick, and it would only take a little of her gift to cure him. Raiders are converging on a monastery that must be protected, and the three are its best chance at surviving the coming horde. But in order to complete their task, Aeduan must face the ghosts of his past…including his own father.

Warrior of the Wild , by Tricia Levenseller February 26 Levenseller leaves the world of Daughter of the Pirate King behind in this fascinating Viking-inspired standalone. Rasmira is the daughter of a chieftain for whom honor is everything—and who loses hers, as well as her chance to become a warrior and leader, following the sabotage of her coming of age ceremony. After all four are murdered, two very different Quadaran citizens find themselves embroiled in the chaos surrounding the assassinations and resulting power vacuum.

Keralie is a skilled thief working on behalf of a dangerous man. Varin is her latest mark, who faces dark consequences after she steals from him a package worth more than his life. The two band together to solve the mystery of the four dead queens, as well as their own skins. His new gifts usher him into the magical upper crust and into the confidence of the minister of defense, who promises to teach him how to use his magic—which Noam secretly plans to use against the government, which has worked ruthlessly to deport immigrants, like his own family, who seek refuge from magical threats.

But her consuming desire is to acquire a shadowglass, which will allow her to make the one she loves most immortal…but achieving it may be at the cost of her own heart. Rich worldbuilding and high stakes make this one a must-read. The Everlasting Rose , by Dhonielle Clayton March 5 Fallen Belle Camellia, on the run from a sadistic queen and the price on her head, searches for the true heir to the throne in this sequel to bestseller The Belles. The Waking Forest , by Alyssa Wees March 12 Rhea has a pack of uncanny sisters, a feral animal companion, and a nightmare that plagues her: of someone, or something, waiting for her in the attic above her bedroom.

Meanwhile, a witch waits in the forest, granting wishes to children who dare visit her in their dreams. Their stories will collide in dangerous ways in this atmospheric fantasy debut. And then the bodies start turning up, setting the five teens on a twisting journey into the woods. Wicked Saints , by Emily A. Duncan April 2 April 2 is going to be a reeeally good day for Gothic darkness. Early rave reviews have warned us: here there be villainous love interests, dark enchantments, perilous plot twists, and some seriously untrustworthy saints. Descendant of the Crane , by Joan He April 2 In this Chinese-inspired fantasy debut, a reluctant princess takes the throne under dark circumstances.

She turns first to a soothsayer to guide her in finding his killer—though magic was long ago outlawed—then to a prickly investigator with his own criminal past. We Rule the Night , by Claire Eliza Bartlett April 2 A factory worker and the daughter of a general, each facing punishment for defiant acts, team up in order to escape punishment.

Pooling their magic, the two instant enemies set off on dangerous after-dark flights across enemy lines, learning to rely on each other in time of war. Except the prince becomes an unexpected ally, sharing his own power—to summon fire—and teaching her how to control and celebrate hers.

But enemies are approaching the walls of Kiev, and the pair will soon learn whether fire and ice combined will be enough to turn them away. Just kidding: things start to go south—like, straight to hell south—in Paris, where they learn about the Crimson Hand, an anarchy-sowing demon-worshipping cult…that appears to have grown out of a years-old joke made by Magnus. Her Poe is seventeen years old, intellectually hungry, and counting down the days until he can trade in his wealthy foster family for university and married life. But his life falls apart with the arrival of a Muse named Lenore.

Muses are fearsome harbingers of disgrace, that lead artists to misery and ruin. But once Lenore starts making demands of Poe, he has little choice but to heed her…. The Tiger at Midnight , by Swati Teerdhala April 23 In this trilogy starter inspired by Hindu mythology and Indian history, the fates of a soldier and a rebel collide, changing the course of their world.

Esha is the infamous Viper, committing acts of revenge on the wicked and the powerful—and her next target is the general. Levi tries his hand at empire-building, while Enne balances her twin identities as fine lady and lord of the streets. Even with the humor, this author always gives another meaning. In this case, she seems to want to give the lesson the importance of being true to one's self and not to the dictates of those around you. In the long run, material things and appearances do not matter if you aren't truly happy.

I cannot want to see what the next utterly wicked and out of world idea, this author has up her sleeve for her audience next. Regardless of what it is, I will be waiting with baited breath! Jul 03, Pam rated it it was amazing Shelves: silverwood-cari. Dark Monster Fantasy, Book 2.

Geek girl meets half-breed Orc and metal man Where in the fracking universe do you find a princess? After years of searching, Baz Rutland is about to give up when his ship gets a message: "Princess in need of dire extraction. Emergency message for any CESS ships within the system.

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Please respond. But still Soon it's destination Oom. But Ember's far more than she appears. She's not just a data extractor. She's the best of the best. And Oom isn't just any planet. It's the home of the cybermonks. This is a data extractor's wettest dream come true. Oh, did I mention Ember's fondness for big She's already had a taste of Hoss, as forbidden as that may be, and she's hungry for more. She has no way of knowing what Baz's payoff is for delivering her to the cybermonks. When the Xatar appear above Oom, raining fire and destruction on the planet and kidnapping Ember.

Hoss and Baz soon realize there's far more to Oom and the cybermonks than anyone could have imagined. Not all is as it seems. In fact, absolutely nothing is as it seems. Events spin out of control. Hidden agendas and unknown agents appear out of thin air. Can anyone be trusted? Is any of this even real? When the dust settles, just who and what will rise as victors? Cari Silverwood's done it again! In this case, I'm pretty sure the phrase, "go big or go home," applies.

A data extractor princess with a fondness for The Xatar? This book is an incredible cross between Star Wars and Barbarella. It's hilarious, sexy as hell, and devilishly, devastatingly clever with a dash of delicious darkness thrown in. It's absolutely irresistible! For me, the very best thing about Steel is Cari Silverwood's over-the-top, dark sense of humor that grabbed me from the first page.

Silverwood is the queen of erotic comedy and I mean that as the highest of compliments! I've never read anything as perfectly delightful as Steel and its predecessor, Prey. I laughed out loud just as much as I shuddered at times.

I loved Ember's foibles and idiosyncrasies. She's terrified of the moral outrage that might befall her as the result of her actions, yet she outright flaunts the rules despite her fear. She's a skilled perfectionist who's so very imperfect. Hoss is simultaneously lovable, sympathetic, and terrifying. He reminds me of the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, only it's not his heart that concerns him!

The cybermonks truly defy description. Then there's Ig! He's amazing, and I loved him! Cari Silverwood knows exactly how to strike that perfect balance between sexy steaminess, outrageous over-the-top hilarity, and deep, dark deliciousness. Congratulations, Ms. I adored this book! I'd give it ten stars if I could! A final note. It contains explicit language, a small bit of darkness, and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and Amazon.

Use these resources. It's not fair to the author. She works hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to a book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice.

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Thanks for reading my review and happy reading! Jul 08, April McCauley rated it it was amazing. OMG a menage with a Cyborg, beautiful human female and an Orc! Sooo freaking amazingly HOT! Ember is a beautiful woman with locks of red, and very intelligent. She works for CESS which is a governmental agency that reaches through many galaxies.

They want very important information and send Ember and Hoss her half Orc guardian or protector. She is adept with technology and finding data that is very difficult for just about anyone to find. So her title is princess, which a very high honor in this OMG a menage with a Cyborg, beautiful human female and an Orc! So her title is princess, which a very high honor in this agency.

They are in danger from the Xatar who have realized that she has gotten the data they want. Ember sends out a distress signal for help and that's when Baz Cyborg appears in the nick of time flying The Leaf a very old ramshackle spaceship, Baz finds out that Ember is a CESS Princess and is not very happy as she works for the agency that almost killed him.

A Darkness of Dragons

They are the reason he is a cyborg and not a complete human anymore. He considers him practically fortunate that the Cybermonks found him when they did. The Cybermonks promised him one when he brought them a princess. So even though he is angry about where Ember works he knows that he will finally get what he so desperately wants. When they get to the Cybermonks they praise Baz and send him to get his prized possession that he has been waiting for for such a long time. Hoss and Ember start feeling extreme lust for each other, which is the machinations of the Cybermonks.

While they are on the planet with the Cybermonks they find that these three AI monks are really very deceptive in what they really want a princess for. They also want the data that Ember is carrying. The Xatar pursue them to this distant planet for the same reason. What is in this data that Ember has in her possession? Will keep you guessing throughout this story. I really enjoyed this book and loved the sex scenes especially the menage ones.

One great story from a author who has one amazingly naughty mind, Read this book and all of her others!! Jun 25, Kristina rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi. Cyborg man. It is a very good day for rescuing princesses.

14 Dark Fantasy Books to Read After You Devour The Wicked King

This unlikely trio find themselves fighting for their lives against religious zealots on crusade, and later on, others they never expected. A one-time indiscretion is one thing, but what happens when one time becomes several, and several become a never ending want she tries to deny? You invited me in. If you complain I will tie you down and come all over you until you stop. Until fate or three crazy, maybe evil monks place two strangers who need rescuing in his path.

I love that dude so much. Steel is a book with an exciting plot and truly inspirational sexcapades. I was super fortunate to receive an ARC and wrote this review because I loved it so. Jul 20, SBee Reviews rated it it was amazing. Review Rating: 5. However, it seems that they are not the only ones who want what she has in her possession - the mysterious AI monks also want this very data.

Hence, their machinations to have Baz rescue Ember and Hoss from their pursuers. Fearing the meeting of their ends at the hands of the Xatar before their rescue, Hoss and Ember give in to base comfort, a line they cannot go back from, and one Hoss is not willing to back down from, even when later confronted with Baz and his new and improved tech endowment. If anything, they just make things with Ember all the much hotter, in his opinion…and both these males have exactly what she wants. The chase is SO on! A creatively kinky, whimsical, and entertaining addition to this series!

So many halfsies serve up an absolutely delicious and wicked whole, indeed. Jul 01, Pat Orendorff rated it it was amazing. Cari Silverwood has once again done some unorthodox world building giving us a quirky nerdy geeky one with cybermonks who have the power to make cyborgs out of men who can be healed from accidents or in this case torture. Meet Baz, one such cyborg but he wants just one more thing - well the reality is he wants one bigger thing. Told: Bring us a princess and we'll give you what you desire. While in the spaceship provided to find one, he receives a call for help from a planet under seige and it hap Cari Silverwood has once again done some unorthodox world building giving us a quirky nerdy geeky one with cybermonks who have the power to make cyborgs out of men who can be healed from accidents or in this case torture.

Enter Ember, a human and her bodyguard Hoss, half Shag half Orc, a very large male crossbreed who at this moment is looking for a mate and has a king-sized asset to offer. While praying to be saved but thinking they were about to die, size queen Ember and Hoss decide to give in to their lust and wow!

A dark spin on a terrifying folktale

Then just to make things more interesting while still in the afterglow, help in the name of Baz arrives. Timing is everything. True to their word the monks reward Steel with a member the size of his dreams and it comes with accessories and embellishments - ooh la la! While not one of her usual dark stories, Cari has made it a playful and mischievously erotic one that made me laugh and giggle and "fanning myself" hot! How can you not love a wild ride with a sexy female falling in love with two huge guys with extremely large parts.

Can't wait for the next one in the series. Recieved an ARC for an impartial review. Jul 02, Michelle Austin rated it it was amazing Shelves: author-arcs. Steel was a great 5 star read and is the second book in the Dark Monster Fantasy series and can be read as a stand alone. Cari has once again pulled me in with her writing. The things she comes up with in her books amaze me, who comes up with this stuff? Baz is a Cyborg without a certain appendage. In order to get a nice sized one he has to rescue a princess. While on a mission that turns deadly she ends up turning to her guard Hoss for one last pleasure.

Hoss has always looked out for Ember and protected her so of course he was more than happy to give her what she wanted. When Ember finds herself falling for both of these unusual men will she be able to choose? Or can she have both? Hoss also grew on me. All of the secondary characters were great.

There are some twists and the connection between these three was great. You get a great mix of fantasy, action, sci-fi and some hot crazy sex. If your looking for something from a different universe and mind, 1-click and get started today on this great read. Thank you once again for a great out of this universe read.

I voluntarily read an Advanced Readers Copy of this book. Jun 23, Janine rated it it was amazing Shelves: fav-authors-read , menage-read , absloutely-freaking-loved. Loved, loved, loved this story. Once again I have been transported to another fascinating world that only Cari Silverwood can create. She is a master at world building. There are some fantastic characters in this book.

Baz, a cranky, sexually frustrated cyborg who is in need of an upgrade to his most private body part. Ember, a feisty, data extraction expert who is searching for answers to her past and Loved, loved, loved this story. Ember, a feisty, data extraction expert who is searching for answers to her past and has a very particular fetish.

I had so much fun with this story. At times I felt I had been dropped into a Doctor Who episode. A very erotic Doctor Who, this is Cari Silverwood after all and the sex scenes are smoking hot. Be warned, there are two very well equipped large males and one tiny human female who is the object of their urges. This is a thrilling, funny, sexy, touching love story. Highly recommend.

I survived another trip into Monster Fantasyland as done by the warped mind of Cari Silverwood. Just where the hell does she think some of this stuff up! Firstly I got to say I didn't realise this was a menage book, I got confused at the start of who was 'top dog' ie going to be her Monster hero. And there was me rooting for Hoss - damn he's my monster fanstasy if I was going to have one! I loved the take on the see, hear, speak Cybermonks, well that's what they felt like an adaption of Woohoo I loved the take on the see, hear, speak Cybermonks, well that's what they felt like an adaption of to me, very clever.

I loved Ember too, she was strong yet showed heart and a very likeable heroine. Though how she managed some of those sex scenes Steel was a great book, although Prey still remains my favourite so far in this series. I'm left wondering what an earth Cari can come up with next! Jul 07, Amy rated it liked it. This is definitely not the usual sci-fi romance. Ember, Baz and Hoss find themselves thrown together and and their forced cooperation with similar goals but different reasons. Their relationship may have started out as just scratching an enormous itch, but soon it gives way to intimacy and real affection.

Baz and Hoss develop a bond as well not MM. The technobabble and jargon got in my way. It has excellent writing and a great story; it just came down to my personal taste. Jun 23, Tequila rated it it was amazing. Once again, Cari Silverwood has created a fantastic world with sexy and snarky characters that have you rooting for them from the very beginning.

If you loved Prey, then you don't want to miss out on Steel. It wouldn't be a Silverwood book if there wasn't a lot of amazing sex. And lots of snark. We can't forget the Once again, Cari Silverwood has created a fantastic world with sexy and snarky characters that have you rooting for them from the very beginning.

We can't forget the snark. Jun 23, Mary S. I don't know if this story was supposed to be a fun read or what? The only thing I can say it made me laugh all the way with this guys I don't know who was more entertaining of the three but I just what to say I love them all. I can't wait to see what other amazing, fun and dark stories Mrs. Silverwood will bring us. Aug 05, Debbie Chittenden rated it really liked it Shelves: series. Excellent second book in this series!

Honestly, I was expecting more of "typical Cari fashion", but wasn't disappointed in the least. I found this alien, cyborg, humanoid, orc book exciting and refreshing. A great story with a fantastic deserving ending. Jul 08, nan ziegler rated it it was amazing. Another Cari Silverwood world!! This is just plain, an awesome book. It is so evident that Cari loves to create whole worlds, with such attention to the fine details, that I almost feel like I'm there.

Baz, Hoss and Ember. What a unique trio. You'll love them! Thanks Cari!! Jul 28, E. Frost rated it it was amazing. So much to adore about this book: the tech-savvy heroine, the orc hero with a big heart, and the cyborg who wants a big, no I won't spoil it. There's great humor and lots of heat here, along with a ton of heart. Thoroughly enjoyable: a fun, fast read. Jun 30, Diane rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book! The three main characters are Ember, Hoss and Baz. All three different. Each with their own story. Can they find what they really want? Beginning to end I loved it.

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Jun 26, Christine rated it really liked it. This book was interesting. Different than the first book. I found that there was more plot in this story than the first book. I enjoyed reading about Ember, Baz and Hoss. They were an unlikely trio. Baz starts out as a jerk but turns into a really nice guy. Hoss was a little The cybermonks were freaky. The whole book was a fun read. Jul 30, Jocelyn rated it it was amazing.

This is the read that will have you smiling to yourself. I really enjoyed this book and found it intriguing and hot at the same time : I especially loved Hoss and was cheering for him the whole time. Cari has a way of making you fall in love with her characters and have you wishing they existed. Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. About Cari Silverwood.