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Chapters 2 and 3 explain in detail how this came about.

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This is important to know, and Genesis is a book of origins, providing us with knowledge we would not otherwise gain. It teaches that the human race is not a cosmic accident. As we saw last time, God created the first humans unique among living things. Chapter 2 zooms in on the sixth day, retelling in greater detail the creation of man and woman. When God created humans, they were defined in terms of relationships. It was not good that man should be alone. Once again their close and dependent relationship is emphasized. We are male and female and also physical and spiritual in composition.

The Hebrew words used here signify bringing under control kabash and ruling over radah. These Hebrew words have been used to justify all kinds of environmental abuse, yet teaching elsewhere in the Bible does not allow for despoliation of the Creation.

As is well known, eating the fruit of this tree led to many difficulties for the human race. Probably not an apple as commonly pictured, this unidentified fruit is a symbol of the human pursuit of knowledge without involving God. He had been present on the earth as its good guardian Heylel Day Star before his rebellion against God and the resulting reduction to chaos.

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His method was to deceive by presenting the forbidden tree as good for eating, appealing to look at and a source of godlike wisdom Genesis She then gave some of the fruit to her husband, and he took it knowing full well that he was disobeying God. This wrong way of acquiring knowledge of good and evil was the problem they set in motion for the human race.

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This has led humanity on the wrong path ever since. Abel had a right relationship with God and this spurred Cain to violence. It was not that he did not know the right way. And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. It may be that because these aspects of civilization come from the line of Cain they were corrupted rather than well intended. And if they did, aspects of them have most likely come down to us today. After all, there are many examples of their use by people of God in the service of God.

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