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Case in point: I am writing this on a transcontinental plane flight and the man sitting next to me appears intent on spending the entire six hours watching a Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon on E! And two, while we might prefer our greatest president to have been shot attending Macbeth or Hamlet or even Titus Andronicus , the Civil War had just ended five days earlier and he was surely in need of some cheap, easy laughs.

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He might have also identified with a play about a rustic who shows up all the people who condescended to him. She has set another of her single daughters after Asa, not realizing he has selflessly given up the inheritance that set the play in motion. When Mrs. Trenchard, you are not used to the manners of good society, and that, alone, will excuse the impertinence of which you have been guilty.

Well, I guess I know enough to turn you inside out, old gal—you sockdologizing old man-trap. This came halfway through the third act, so the audience never got to see how things turned out for Asa and Florence and Lord Dundreary. History does not record whether refunds were offered. Amazingly, we do know what Mrs. On that night the play was going so well.

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Lincoln enjoyed it much. She was laughing at my speech when the shot was fired.

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In fact, it was one laugh from the time the curtain went up until it fell—and to think of such a sorrowful ending. Mountchessington: She is a great sufferer, my dear. Dundreary: Yeth, but a lonely one.

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Florence: What sort of night had she? Florence: What! Has Lord Dundreary been prescribing for Georgina? What a number of draughts. You almost have a game of draughts.

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Dundreary: Ha! Its answer is simple: John Wilkes Booth was the first American star—the actor who kidnapped reality to transform it into theatre. Cast of 3 men. Larry Tremblay is a writer, director, actor and specialist in Kathakali, an elaborate dance theatre form which he has studied on numerous trips to India. Read more about Larry Tremblay. Chantal Bilodeau is a New York—based playwright and translator originally from Montreal. Read more about Chantal Bilodeau.

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