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Make sure to fit all of your key points inside two or three sentences. There are no strict guidelines when it comes to length of your conclusion for essay, but you should aim to make it between five and seven sentences in most cases. This should give you plenty of room to restate your main points, and to explain the importance of the topic you have just written about. If your conclusion is shorter than five sentences, you might want to go back and elaborate on it some more. If it's longer than 7 sentences, you will need to trim down your conclusion and make it more impactful.

Another important Ninja Writers tip would be to work your essay's thesis statement into the conclusion paragraph. After all, thesis statement is the foundation of your essay, and it should by all means find itself at the end of your essay. As is the case with your key points, you should restate your thesis using different phrasing, instead of merely repeating it. If you do, you will not share any new information with the viewer, and you will appear lazy. Take your time and write a proper conclusion. The majority of students, when they don't know how to write an essay conclusion, would proceed to include a quote at the end of their essay.

First of all, it's lazy, and it's a cliche. Second of all, the conclusion of your essay is not the place where you introduce new information to your reader. That's what the intro and body paragraphs are meant for. The conclusion is where you summarize your essay and tie up everything together into one meaningful whole.

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Our writing Ninjas always make sure that our conclusions are top-notch. Sounds generic, but you should write using a voice that inspires authority and confidence in what you're trying to prove. While the entire paper should be written that way, it is especially important to approach your conclusion in the same manner, because it's where you drive your point home and summarize everything. Also, you should back up this sort of tone with evidence, which gives weight to your authority, and use the right words. While you should never justify yourself or apologize for your conclusion, try not to come off as arrogant either or insult those that think differently than you.

Whenever you are stumped about how to write a conclusion to an essay, use this little trick: imagine your essay as conversation with the reader. More specifically, imagine that you've presented all of your arguments, and that the reader asks "Why does that matter?

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Make the reader realize the importance of what you've just presented to them. These questions can also come in handy to make yourself think harder about your ideas and concepts.

Your conclusion essay should be the icing on the cake. It should wrap everything up in a neat little package. How do you exactly do this? There are several ways you can pull it off. Irony is one of the best tools for the job. State your point and illustrate its strength by listing an ironic example of what happens when an approach opposite to yours is adopted.

Even though you are using logic and cold hard evidence to prove your point, your essay should not be devoid of any emotions. If done right, involving the reader emotionally can make your essay much more compelling. But much like a traditional office, a home office has to be set up properly. The design of a home office has […]. As a naval architect, you can become a professional engineer, tasked with the role of designing, construction and repairing some of the finest seafaring vessels known to man.

Although it is often viewed as an incredibly […]. Almost 2 years after the first prototype, the DIY Ring kit goes global. Our website also contains […].

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Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration. The trick is to take action immediately, never leave an email read and not taking any action on it. Two others tips: Auto filter as much as possible. Gmail is great for this. I get very few promo emails, because I filter them all out. I have one label called Travels which holds travel itinerary for flights, and for airport pickups of friends.

Like Like. Great tips overall. I agree with being liberal with the delete key. Filters are wonderful for staying organized, especially if you own your own domains. For example using contact domain. Regarding 4, why tell people who refuse to stop sending junk mail that their mail must have gone into your spam folder? From then on, we can try it again. I became an email ninja tonight — after reading this post. The other was at messages and is now at Amazing how much junk I held onto for no good reason.

This post goes great with the one about the guy who spoke to Google. Do you still have the hyperlink that goes to that video? Furthermore, this is like any other skill. Look forward to what the other bloggers have to say. I have been on here for about 4 months and it has really added value to my daily activities.

One thing to point out that he notes that I think is very valuable:. It takes too much time and adds the burden of recall later when you are trying to find something. Create one archive folder and use a mail client with a good search function. Great post, Leo.

I read the book a few months ago and have since started my low-info diet too. I recall you mentioning that you only watch DVDs. Selective ignorance is the way to go! What about two hours a week? After coming across this question in the book, I knew the answer was simple. It may be hard to let go of all the data, but do you honestly need to check your email and other messages several times a day? Why not spend some time discovering the likes of Tolstoy and Twain, something I recently decided to do?

Great article! And I love reading Zenhabits. After a quick glance over your inbox you can just proceed to trash them all in one go. I also recommend using the hotkeys which you have to activate in your preferences. Leo, how do you manage to keep your inbox clean with gmail while putting specific messages into folders? Here is a handy solution for 4 that get to the point, but also explains the problem.

This is guest post written by Leo Babauta.

7 Steps to Become A Ninja

He and I have similar complementary techniques but different frequencies. Great summary of some common sense ideas. A great idea for a blog article. Great list. For me 6 was the thing that eluded me for ages. Then I found rememberthemilk. I am a Database Support professional and receive s of email notifications and stuff every day.

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It is indeed very overwhelming. Ofcourse I have other rules too, which sort and send mails to various folders. So the net effect is that out of the s of emails, the action items folder contains only mails, which call for immediate attention. The rest, anyway I process a leisure. Great post by leo as usual! Timely article as many of us are trying to get more organized as part of the new year, new you routine. An empty in-box makes for more peace of mind.

7 Steps to Becoming an American Ninja Warrior

My favorite process-to-done shortcut is the DMZ. This works especially well in Gmail. Boom: Inbox zero. Notifications — you can filter some of them, but auto-filtering notifications can be a little dangerous. Someone might do something to an account of yours which lets them hurt you see davidairey. Nice tips.

I agree with the five-word reply. One note about processing email: My habit is to work in chronological order, oldest to newest. Also, these suggestions may need to be tweaked for business folks. For instance, if you are part of an organization that must maintain records for legal reasons, make sure you create archive folders and move email to them instead of liberally deleting them. Not to trash these excellent hints, but I think GTD and 43folders. It was numero uno on my list. All great information. I wonder what would happen if I did…. Write a greeting or closing sentence a lot?

Turn it into a shortcut. Type a particular web address or phone number a lot? Shortcut it.