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Especially strong in the social sciences. Each title can be searched separately or as a group. Encyclopaedia of Islam from Brill Online versions of the first, second and third editions of this encyclopedia, a standard in its field. Searches are possible in both English and Arabic transcription. Ranges from quick fact and summary information to in depth explanations. Title list. Oxford Bibliographies Online - Biblical Studies from Oxford Press Developed cooperatively with scholars worldwide Oxford Bibliographies Online - Biblical Studies includes new discoveries, methodologies, and perspectives continually being brought to bear on the interpretation of the Bible.

Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity. Oxford dictionary of the Christian Church. Oxford Handbooks Online contains the complete text of the Oxford Handbooks series, including titles in business, history, literature, music, philosophy, and more. Oxford Handbooks Online also contains pre-print articles. Oxford Reference Online Provides full-text access to dictionaries, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press.

Reference Universe Paratext Search across a number of reference works to find entries on a topic. Searches across million articles in 40, reference books from publishers. It includes an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content, including scholarly monographs, reference works, business case studies, handbooks, series, videos, professional development titles, and more. Online Map Resources Anthropology research requires the need for maps of all kinds.

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It provides authoritative information about every country and territory in the world. One of its primary features is thecolor-coded world and regional map section. Maps cover nearly all regions of the world, are available in both jpeg and pdf format and are updated annually. All CIA maps are in the public domain and free to download. Categories of maps include: historical, thematic and topographic. Also included are extensive links to other online map sites.

Studying Theology and Religion at Oxford by Dr Mary Marshall

World Mapper Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest. It is an essential reference for both scholars and non-specialists with an interest in the classical era. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Oxford English Dictionary. Traces the usage of words through 2. Oxford Handbooks Online: Economics and Finance. Economics, as a field of study, is diverse in the topics it encompasses and the methods or techniques it uses. It explores decisions and choices under constraints of individuals, groups, firms, governments, or societies. Economics is theoretical and empirical, whether statistical, experimental, or historical. Economics examines and explains trends and patterns of individual and aggregate human behavior and their implications.

Articles published online are arranged for easier discovery of content. Oxford Handbooks Online: History. The potential range of Oxford Handbooks in History is endless: history is concerned with everything that human beings have done.

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Thus volumes already published range chronologically from medieval times to the Cold War; regionally from the Americas to China; topically through race, religions, and gender to food; methodologically from oral history to environmental. Newly commissioned essays will appear online as soon as they are ready, often in advance of the volumes of which they will form part. Existing essays will be regularly updated. Oxford Handbooks Online: Philosophy. You can focus your search using the filters on the left such as topic , or you can use the main search box at the top of the page to search all available handbooks.

For example, a search for "genetic discrimination" retrieves articles from four Oxford Handbooks: those for Business Ethics, Philosophy of Biology, Bioethics, and Reproductive Ethics. Oxford Handbooks Online: Political Science. The academic study of political phenomena centers on political science efforts empirically to document how politics occurs and to develop theories about its regular patterns , political theory the study of ideas and the history of those ideas in political discourse and international relations the study of all aspects of global society including organizations and relations between states.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online. Encompassing over 5, A-Z reference entries, chapters from scholarly and introductory works, Qur'anic materials, primary sources, images, maps, and timelines, Oxford Islamic Studies Online offers a multi-layered reference experience designed to provide a first stop for anyone needing information and context on Islam.

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Oxford Journals. Oxford Music Online. Oxford Music Online provides access to and cross-search of Oxford's music references in one location. The cornerstone of Oxford Music Online, Grove Music Online, has been completely redesigned with a number of functional enhancements and new content. Note that Oxford Music Online is available to only 8 users at a time. Please be sure to logout or close your browser when you're done. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford Reference Online consists of a wealth of facts, figures, definitions, and translations found in dictionary, language reference, and subject reference works published by Oxford University Press.

Oxford Reference Online Bilingual Dictionaries. A list of bilingual dictionaries available through Oxford Reference Online. OSEO provides full-text access to hundreds of editions, showcasing their authoritative editorial notes directly alongside the text and enabling advanced search within and between editions. Oxford Scholarship Online. Oxford Scholarship Online is a vast and rapidly expanding cross-searchable library which offers quick and easy access to the full text of over 2, Oxford books.

Specially-commissioned abstracts and keywords are available at book and chapter level free to non-subscribed users , and up to new and recently-published books are added each year. Oxford Scholarship Online: Business and Management. The Oxford University Press Business and Management list brings the best academic work on business and management, broadly defined, to an international audience of scholars, researchers and advanced students.

Drawing on the foundation disciplines of business and management, the list includes work by economists, sociologists, psychologists, political scientists and historians, as well as business academics, published. Oxford Scholarship Online: Classical Studies.

Key Bibliographic Databases

The Oxford Scholarship Online collection provides, for the first time, direct and easy access to many of Oxford's distinguished key and new titles in the discipline, including essential scholarly works by leading classical scholars on Greek and Latin literature and culture, and Ancient History. Oxford Scholarship Online: Economics and Finance.

Oxford University Press has an extensive list of publications in Economics and Finance. Our authors range from classic thinkers to modern masters, including twentieth-century Nobel Prize winners, and come from across the globe.

Oxford Bibliographies Online

Our Clarendon series contains work by many of those those whose thinking is currently driving the subject forward. Oxford Scholarship Online: History. Reflects the unparalleled breadth and depth of the Oxford list, encompassing work at the cusp of late antiquity and the early middle ages right through to the latter decades of the twentieth century, and ranging from the most focused regional histories to the broadest transnational studies.

Oxford Scholarship Online: Linguistics. Limit to full text to see the books JHU has purchased full text. Oxford Scholarship Online: Literature.

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The titles largely address the literary from the perspective of history, and in that contextual sense they are significantly interdisciplinary. Oxford Scholarship Online: Neuroscience. Oxford Scholarship Online: Philosophy. Oxford University Press is the world's leading philosophy publisher, publishing outstanding original work across all areas of contemporary philosophy and the history of philosophy.

Our list of famous philosophy books stretches back through the twentieth century and beyond and includes work by eminent philosophers and leading scholars. Oxford Scholarship Online: Political Science.

Oxford University Press is one of the world's leading publishers in political science. We publish outstanding original work across many of the key areas of the discipline, from Comparative Politics to Political Theory, International Relations to European Union Studies. Oxford Scholarship Online: Psychology.

OSO Public Health and Epidemiology contains select titles which critically discuss the development and assessment of public health issues that affect a diverse range of populations worldwide. Oxford Scholarship Online: Religion. Oxford University Press publishes original scholarship in all areas of religion and theology.

The books included in Oxford Scholarship Online represent the diversity of the list, and the subjects covered are of interest to both scholars and students alike. In addition to major recent titles, the list also includes classic works of enduring influence. Oxford Scholarship Online: Social Work.