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McMillan wears the same nerdy clothes and drives the same awful car and even holds the same humiliating job he did in high school: working in a bank inside a supermarket. Old ladies ask him where they can find kitty litter. After explaining, again, that the bank is independent from the market, he sighs, reduced to his fate: aisle two.

McMillan is stuck in a rut.

‘The Do-Over’ Review: Adam Sandler’s Awful New Netflix Comedy Will Make You Wish He’d Stop Trying

His faithless wife is still shacking up with her ex, but McMillan is raising their bratty twin sons. Why not? This is, depending on your point of view, even-handed good-natured ribbing or gross male hostility. Kessler has a plan, you see.

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He blows up the boat, enabling the two to fake their own death. Kessler and McMillan can assume their identities and start a new life. Kessler maxed out his credit cards and has enough dough for them to float for a while, but there was also a safety deposit box in the rectum of one of the two men, you see. This leads to an enormous cache of cash and the keys to a mansion in Puerto Rico.

The frivolity comes to an end, though when an acrobatic German hitman comes calling.

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I mean, they are living in luxury in the Caribbean, clearly the men whose lives our heroes stole are involved in either drugs or weapons, so the second half of the movie becomes a would-be Statham -like actioner. Oh, but they are! Absolute wish fulfillment. Pretty sexist too. Slides from Sandler and Spade's island vacation.

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There is a night club scene where they couldn't even be bothered to show up, so they're awkwardly green screened in front of "people dancing. I'm not even mad. I want to see how long Sandler can run this game on Netflix. I bet by the last one, he'll be just recording a Skype conversation with Spade and Nick Swardson for 90 minutes. Wo Adam Sandler draufsteht ist auch immer Adam Sandler drin, dies sollte man sich immer von vorn herein klar machen, wenn man einen Film mit Adam Sandler anschaut.

Denn in jedem seiner Filme gibt es immer Passagen die mir richtig gut gefallen.

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The most basic level, however, is not nearly knowledgable enough to realize just how stupid it is. Review by Vincent Collateral. The story I personally found to be one of the worst aspects of the film, from the forced message to the stupid plot lines.

THE DO-OVER Red Band TRAILER (Adam Sandler - 2016)

The acting I also felt was very weak and lifeless, especially Adam Sandler and David Spade, I felt that they were just giving the same performances that they always give. The characters may not be as bad as most of the other characters in Adam Sandler comedies, but sadly they were still very bland and uninteresting.

I don't mind a Sandler movie every once in awhile, and this one started out fine.

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  • Like, I think the premise could have been a good framework to hang some jokes off. But they barely tried, and most of this one was built around the basest, most unenjoyable aspects of Sandler movies and unfolds in nonsensical ways.

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    Did you know that Netflix is the biggest Film-Distributor of ? Of course there are a lot of duds in…. The Do-Over. Director Steven Brill.

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