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In MiU, quitting is never an option. We bring people together to support one another, to train as ONE. Are you ready to make some changes in your life?


Walk out of your comfort zone now and explore the world with us! RACERS We are here to inspire and support you to become physically and mentally stronger, part of your journey of becoming a better self.

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We do not only train for the perfect body, we focus on challenging ourselves and discovering our highest potentials through integrated indoor and outdoor trainings. MERV, 40 Ironman Customized training programs from our head coach are provided accordingly to your profile: your fitness level, racing history and your goals. We work with specialized coaches to maximize your athletic potential.

The best team, programs, facilities would assist you to excel in your race. Personal Training. Some of our models required the use of caps while dressing, which are commonly used in the hairdressing process.

MIUMIU GREENISH QUEEN - เหงาเหงาเหงา OFFICIAL MV (vobylusesuje.tk NINO)

At no point were models in these caps on the runway or during the show. Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention, as we continually strive to be more aware of the incredible nuances that exist across cultures. This story was originally published on April 4, But the videos created as part of an installation for the set of the spring show for the collection features an item that some consider culturally insensitive.

In a video accompanying the handbags and jewelry , two models are shown, side by side, wearing what appear to be either wave or wig caps — an item typically worn by Black people to protect their hair and one that many have been shamed for wearing in public.

It didn't take long before people began discussing it on social media. The thinking goes: Now that non-black models are wearing this cap in a high fashion campaign, is it suddenly considered socially acceptable? Related Stories.

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  • Miu Miu’s Spring Show Featured A Wig Cap — & People Aren’t Happy About It.

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