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Jeudi 15 Mars Open Space Limited Edition est un rdv mensuel de La Colonie questionnant la publication en tant que pratique artistique et curatoriale et interrogeant le livre comme espace discursif.

Les Productions des pieds des mains | The Artists

Rencontre Edition Politique. Mercredi 14 Mars Que lit-on en prison? Dans quelles conditions? Mardi 13 Mars Les revues, espaces de soutien aux artistes contemporaines et de transmission des pratiques. Du Vendredi 9 au Samedi 10 Mars Samedi 10 Mars Rencontre atelier Afriques. Jeudi 8 Mars Mercredi 7 Mars Rencontre Art contemporain projection Performance. Mardi 6 Mars Samedi 3 Mars Rencontre projection Performance Art contemporain. Rencontre Politique Discussion.

Guillaume Couillard

Rencontre Militantisme. Questions sensibles". Rencontre Revue Maghreb. Rencontre Revue. Revue Party Rencontre.

Les plus lus

Rencontre Maghreb Politique. Mercredi 31 Janvier Rencontre histoire Colonisation. Jeudi 25 Janvier Rencontre Edition Performance. Mercredi 24 Janvier Rencontre Colonisation histoire de l'art. Vendredi 19 Janvier Rencontre histoire de l'art.

  1. Les Productions des pieds des mains.
  2. Lexique du parler canadien-français du père Potier.
  3. Carte générale de l'Amérique séptentrionale - Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center.
  4. La France réclame les vestiges d'une épave découverte au large de la Floride.

Jeudi 18 Janvier Qu'est-ce que le "Kurdistan"? Rencontre Kurdistan. Mercredi 17 Janvier Du Jeudi 11 au Vendredi 12 Janvier Party musique haiti. Mercredi 10 Janvier Mardi 9 Janvier Samedi 6 Janvier Rencontre Afrodescendants. Vendredi 5 Janvier Rencontre Politique. Mercredi 3 Janvier Rencontre Revue haiti.

Du Jeudi 23 au Vendredi 24 Novembre Mercredi 22 Novembre Mardi 21 Novembre Samedi 18 Novembre Rencontre photographie. Mercredi 15 Novembre Rencontre Philosophie orientalisme. Samedi 11 Novembre Rencontre Performance dj set Liban.

Vendredi 10 Novembre Mercredi 8 Novembre Mardi 7 Novembre Du Lundi 6 au Mardi 7 Novembre Lundi 30 Octobre Dimanche 29 Octobre Le dimanche 29 octobre, c'est parti! Paroles d'honneur Pdh reprend! Jeudi 26 Octobre Mardi 24 Octobre The video explores ideas about physical feedback and communication between two bodies. Du Samedi 21 au Dimanche 22 Octobre Du Mercredi 18 au Dimanche 22 Octobre Lundi 16 Octobre Ghassan Hage Politique Ecologie Racisme.

Dimanche 15 Octobre Lecture Frank Smith. Samedi 14 Octobre Lancement officiel de la revue something we Africans got. Mercredi 11 Octobre Du Samedi 7 au Dimanche 8 Octobre Samedi 7 Octobre Mercredi 4 Octobre Mardi 3 Octobre Colombie Rencontre festival. Dimanche 1 Octobre De nombreuses surprises vous attendent…. Samedi 30 Septembre Ecologie Climates Rencontre Discussion. Between and late , the committee faced a new series of difficulties.

Europe was on its knees, divided and demolished, and appearing at the Festival de Cannes was low on the list of national priorities. Hundreds of invitations were sent out, but the responses were slow in coming and the Festival initially planned for , then March , finally took place in September In the meantime, a great deal had to be done, despite the restrictions. The Casino, where the event was to be held, still bore the scars of the fighting.

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The hotels were occupied by the Americans. Despite State help, the funds were insufficient to rebuild Cannes, which had been damaged by bombing. On 23 June , Dr Picaud, the town mayor, launched an appeal to all the local citizens to 'rebuild our gardens, our esplanades and the beaches along Boulevard Jean Hibert. Teams of volunteers set to work. A public fund was opened and garnered over a million francs thanks to the participation of unions of builders and bakers, estate agents and taxi drivers, amongst others.

November 2016

Agreements between the municipality and the management of the Municipal Casino were reached, in order to convert the Hall into the main projection room and ceremony room. Appealing to Goethe would indicate a strong — if unarticulated — desire to heal the politically fragmented francophone world through the salve of the French language. Writing about other places and other peoples has proved problematic for ethnographers, anthropologists, journalists, and travel writers not to mention fiction writers alike; it is a problem which different disciplines have solved for themselves in different and evolving ways.

At most of the panels I attended, it was rare to find a writer who spoke only one language, and frequently they wrote in more than one language. This may not be the fault of the organisers, but may have to do with the way the French experience and consume culture. Their zeal for the hybrid and the international is laudable in theory, though in execution it sometimes verges on the absurd. Je est un autre! But a festival is not only about the political statements its founders and participants may want to make.

It is also about what the audience has come to hear.

Maryse Condé

If they can even get in to hear it. People started queuing up for panels half an hour ahead of time to go and sit through ninety minutes of book talk in the swelteringly hot seminar rooms. There were a tonne of people milling around, almost none of them under This confirms my burgeoning theory about the performative role culture plays in France — the French will-to-culture that heavily subsidises booksellers even as the actual reading rate decreases.

The will is not always on the side of the masses, but is often imposed on them by the Ministry of Culture, bless its heart. To the average Frenchman, it is not only important to consume culture but to be seen consuming it. We write to say that Africa has a history. It is not all giraffes. What is a Japanese writer? Is it someone who lives and writes in Japan? Or someone born in Japan who writes in spite of it?

But as the novel points out, the relationship between a writer and his nationality can be utterly arbitrary. In the post-colonial French context, where a writer is born may or may not form the basis of his classification. We say it is American literature. The day has to come when France recognises this kind of writing not as African literature but as French literature. French republican values, grounded in secularism and universalism, call for the immigrant, or the child of immigrants, to be assimilated into French culture.

Difference sticks out, and undoes the whole picture. A black writer in America may or may not think of himself as African-American, but the category is there. In France, the idea of a hyphenated identity is unfamiliar, which is why the francophone category is at once so useful and so useless.