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You jump, they drink, loser finishes all remaining […] Beer Chess : Beer Chess is chess played with beer as the pieces, and has the interesting effects of stimulating the brain cells […] Beer College : Drinking board game where players pick a Student ID and compete to graduate.

Whoever is left standing is the winner. The game works particularly well with two players, each player taking two sets of […] Beergammon : A game for two, based on the board game backgammon. Fairly easy to play but the drunk factor can increase […] Beeropoly : An adaptation to the classic game of Monopoly, with a slight twist and a high buzz factor. All you need is a set of […] Drinking Draughts : A classic game based on the board game of drafts or draughts.

Players participate simultaneously and usually drink in response to an external cue e. Chance games e. King's Cup : These games do not involve any or only involve minimal skill or strategy, and each player drinks in turn. The roll of a die or a random card drawing determines who will drink and how much will be consumed. Extreme consumption games e. These games consist of isolated episodes of fast-paced, usually high-volume alcohol consumption.

Even competition games e. Beer Pong : These games involve one-on-one or team versus team competition. The losing player or team must drink; the winning side player or team does not have to drink. Prior to the past 10 years, Douglas 21 , Green and Grider 22 , and Newman et al.

The heterogeneity of drinking games has prompted researchers to examine how drinking behaviors might differ across certain types of games. For instance, Zamboanga et al. LaBrie et al. Although the mean peak number of drinks consumed by players while playing even competition games and chance games were similar, they were lower compared to the average peak number of drinks consumed while playing extreme consumption games and targeted games.

Finally, results from Polizzotto et al. In short, compared to other types of drinking games, extreme consumption games appear to pose the greatest risk for elevated alcohol consumption. It is debatable whether an extreme consumption game such as chugging satisfies all four criteria of our proposed definition of drinking games. Criterion i is likely satisfied because even the simple act of chugging is subject to a simple rule i.

Additional rules such as time limits, blindfolds, etc. Criterion ii is also likely satisfied because chugging is clearly designed to promote rapid alcohol consumption and to quickly elevate blood alcohol concentrations, thus resulting in intoxication. Criterion iii is satisfied when chugging is undertaken as part of a social occasion. This is not to say that it is impossible to perform the act of chugging alone and, indeed, many of the drinking games described in this paper are capable of being performed alone.

However, the social component of drinking games is a central element of their nature and chugging alcohol can occur as part of a social event. Arguably, Criterion iv , when coupled with an individual's notions about the skills involved in drinking games, is a potential source of definitional ambiguity. For instance, Polizotto et al.

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Consistent with this suggestion, Borsari 12 noted that consumption games require minimal strategy. These observations suggest that some might question whether chugging can satisfy criterion iv , and therefore, meet our proposed definition of a drinking game, if the only physical or cognitive task involved is the consumption of alcohol at a rapid pace. Some students might also view a person's ability to drink heavily and rapidly without showing any appreciable effects behavioral tolerance; a.

On balance, it seems that a strong argument can be made that extreme consumption games do satisfy criterion iv , and therefore, these behaviors should be considered drinking games. Given the points above, there is a potential disconnect between researchers' or clinicians' and students' views about whether extreme consumption games qualify as drinking games.

First, students' notions of whether extreme consumption games are drinking games and the extent to which such games require a certain amount of skill can be subjective. Prior research 2 , 14 , 15 also suggests that there are college students who, for instance, consider chugging to be a drinking game even though it is often an aspect of many drinking games that have rules and require skill.

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Thus, when it comes to defining drinking games, researchers as well as clinicians might consider specifying whether their definition includes or excludes extreme consumption games, and also provide a list of examples of such games. Categorizing extreme consumption games may be challenging given the possibility that some students might perceive chugging as something that requires a fair amount of skill and strategy.

Researchers might therefore consider asking students a how much skill if any they think is involved when it comes to extreme consumption games, and b whether or not they consider extreme consumption games to be drinking games. Considering extreme consumption games in the context of other types of drinking games will also be valuable for both researchers and health professionals. For instance, a clinician would likely identify a high-risk drinker who denies participation in drinking games as a non-gamer; however, this same person may not report participating in drinking games despite participation in extreme consumption games because he or she does not view such activities as drinking games.

Such discrepancies could affect the veracity of participants' self-reports of their drinking game behaviors and in turn influence the ways in which health professionals might identify and intervene with high-risk drinkers engaging in extreme drinking games. This approach to assessing extreme consumption gaming has implications for both prevention and intervention efforts. For instance, students who only drink once a week but partake in extreme consumption games every time they drink could be at greater risk for negative drinking consequences than those who drink multiple times a week but play extreme consumption games only once per month.

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Finally, psychoeducational information about the negative drinking consequences associated with extreme consumption gaming e. Extreme consumption games can also have important implications for pregaming. Research suggests that college students who participate in drinking games as a form of pregaming are at great risk for experiencing negative drinking outcomes 17 , 18 , Participation in extreme consumption games as a form of pregaming is a relevant consideration as students who pregame might be in a rush to get intoxicated before moving on to their next drinking destination.

The dual health threat of extreme consumption games and pregaming which involves movement from location to location, by automobile or other means highlights the need for clinicians and researchers to assess and address students' involvement in extreme consumption games when pregaming. Drinking games are not only widespread on college campuses, but they can also pose health risks for college students who participate in them.

Considerable progress has been made in the college drinking games research over the past 20 years, which has provided researchers and clinicians a better understanding of this high risk drinking activity. However, there is still much work to be done, particularly with respect to establishing a standard definition of extreme drinking games as well as a coherent system to categorize the various types of other drinking games. The works of Borsari 12 , Polizzoto et al.


For a review on the different motives for playing drinking games, please see Johnson and Sheets Declaration of interest : We report no conflicts of interest and we alone are responsible for the content and writing of this manuscript. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. Author manuscript; available in PMC Jan 8. Byron L. Zamboanga , PhD, 1 Marc W. Kenney , PhD, 3 Lindsay S. Ham , PhD, 4 Olivia E.

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Woods , 1 and Brian Borsari , PhD 5. Marc W.

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Shannon R. Lindsay S. Olivia E. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Address correspondence to: Byron L. Copyright notice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Drinking games are widespread on college campuses and pose health risks to their players. Keywords: College students, drinking games, pregaming, problem drinking. Introduction Drinking games are prevalent on college campuses. What are drinking games? Drinking games are heterogeneous Given that there are hundreds of different types of drinking games, researchers have attempted to classify them in a systematic and coherent way see Table 1.

Table 1 Published reports on the categorization of drinking games in peer-reviewed journals in the last 10 years. Described different drinking games according to their unique game playing features. Drinking games tend to fall into six categories: Motor skills e. Polizzotto et al. Empirical Article 13 Conducted semi-structured interviews with 27 college students from Western Australia. Students were asked questions about their drinking games behaviors and specifics about the games played.

The researchers categorized drinking games according to: How competitive the game is i. The extent to which chance factors determine the outcome of the game. The table below presents examples of game categorization based on Polizotto et al.

Drinking games: Legendary tales of glory – and crushing defeat

Type of game Examples Does the game involve competition against another player or team? Does the game require skills? Is the outcome of the game determined by chance? Coins, Board Games e. Empirical Article 2 students from two colleges on the West coast region of the United States were asked to report the drinking games they had played in the last 30 days. The researchers conducted internet searchesfor rules and descriptions of the reported drinking games.

A total of distinct drinking games were identified. The researchers derived five distinct and mutually exclusive categories of drinking games: Targeted and skill games e. Researchers then conducted two focus groups with eight and nine undergraduate students, respectively to verify the rules and descriptions of the drinking games obtained from the internet.

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Open in a separate window. Points for consideration It is debatable whether an extreme consumption game such as chugging satisfies all four criteria of our proposed definition of drinking games. Research and clinical implications Given the points above, there is a potential disconnect between researchers' or clinicians' and students' views about whether extreme consumption games qualify as drinking games. Conclusion Drinking games are not only widespread on college campuses, but they can also pose health risks for college students who participate in them.

Footnotes Declaration of interest : We report no conflicts of interest and we alone are responsible for the content and writing of this manuscript. References 1. Are drinking games sports? College athlete participation in drinking games and alcohol-related problems.