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Her Faunus traits also seem to give her other aspects of a cat, such as climbing up to Ruby's bed to stay away from Ruby and Yang's pet dog, Zwei. Another time, she is distracted by and instinctively decides to follow a laser pointer light to a waiting Yang in " Burning the Candle ". She also has a great love for tuna, as shown in " Round One " where she drools over a bowl of noodles topped with tuna.

Blake shows above-average agility, speed and endurance, as shown when fighting multiple enemies yet maintaining motion and energy without fatigue. She also exhibits a high level of skill when handling Gambol Shroud. She can slash away at opponents with startling speed and deflect incoming machine gun fire using her blade. Blake also possesses remarkable reflexes, as she is able to dodge a nearly point-blank strike from Adam by using her Semblance.

She is also capable of jumping large distances, leaping from building to building and even on moving cars, as seen in "Painting the Town As a Faunus, Blake possesses the ability of night vision, granting her the ability to see proficiently in the dark, as is shown after shooting out the power during the White Fang Faction Meeting , using the dark as a means for her and Sun to escape from Roman Torchwick and the White Fang.

Gambol Shroud has three forms.

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When sheathed, the weapon is able to slice opponents in two with its cleaver-like cover. However, when unsheathed, Blake is able to use both the blade and sheath in tandem against her opponents. She is also adept in using Gambol Shroud as a conduit for her Aura. Creating shock wave like attacks of varying intensities in conjunction with her swings, these attacks have been shown to be extremely effective and versatile as Blake has used them against Grimm , missiles, AK's and Human opponents.

Given that Adam demonstrates a red variant of this attack in the "Black" Trailer, it is possible she learned this technique from him. She also appears to be able to freely and quickly change the way she grips her weapon. She can fold the blade into a gun-blade which is attached to an extending ribbon, similar to the Japanese kusarigama or sickle-and-chain.

In the "Black" Trailer, it is shown that she is able to pull the gun portion's trigger by tugging on the weapon's ribbon. Her technique with this form of Gambol Shroud is similar to Ruby's with Crescent Rose : she uses the recoil from the gun attached to her blade to increase the speed of her attacks and can slice multiple enemies with Gambol Shroud from the ground or in the air through a whirling attack.

Additionally, she uses the momentum of the weapon on the ribbon as an anchor to maneuver herself in midair, and she can grapple other opponents or objects from medium range to bring them into melee distance. She is quite accurate as well, for she is able to kill an Ursa with one strike during her meeting with Yang in the Emerald Forest. Though she is very talented at using Gambol Shroud offensively, it requires a lot of concentration, lowering her defensive capability and making her more susceptible to attacks overall.

Blake uses her ribbon again in "Painting the Town Because the sword portion of Gambol Shroud folds into a sickle, the end of the blade is double-edged, and she can use this double edge when it is in its sword form. This is seen in "Black and White" when she attempts to interrogate Roman by placing the back of the blade to his throat while pointing her gun toward the White Fang members to keep them at bay.

Ultimately, her weapon was destroyed in combat against Adam in "The Lady in the Shoe"; the blade being cut horizontally in half by Wilt. Blake's most remarkable quality is her Semblance, which allows her to create Shadow-clones.

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Her first on-screen use of it is during the events of the "Black" Trailer when she utilized it against the Spider Droid. Blake's first recorded use of her "Shadow" ability in the series proper is during " Players and Pieces " when she fights the Nevermore. During the latter battle and others, she propels from her shadows, confirming there is some substance to her copies. In "Of Runaways and Stowaways", a clone exerts a force on her, allowing her to reach greater heights. It is unknown exactly how long a shadow copy can appear for or how far away from Blake they can exist. Though Blake usually uses them in her immediate area, she reaches rather far away from one she uses to trick Reese Chloris in a Vytal Festival Tournament match.

Blake uses Dust to give her clones additional abilities. Fire Clones are explosive, Earth Clones are more concrete defenses than normal clones, and Ice Clones are effective in trapping enemies, giving Blake the advantage in fights. Sign In Don't have an account? Dark pink roses are symbol of gratitude and appreciation, and are a traditional way to say thanks.

Stargazer lilies means young, bold, Dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation, and are a traditional way to say Half dozen of gerbera, 3 pcs. Symbolizing strength and moral integrity, gladiola also represent infatuation, with a bouquet conveying to a recipient that they pierce the giver's heart with passion. Gerbera daisies can mean innocence, purity, and Home Vase Belladonna On sale.

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A Collection of Damask Roses: Bella Donna, Celsiana, Ispahan & Mme Hardy

In stock 50 Items. No customer reviews for the moment. There's also a bit of a potential bit of a retelling of a real-life person, and it's just We also get a semi-resolution of the love triangle posed in book one. This review may have spoilers for book one, so if you haven't read book one, you might want to hold off on reading this review. Either Okay, guys, if you liked "Venom", you're going to totally fall head over heels for "Belladonna". Either way, if you haven't already, you simply MUST give the "Eternal Rose" series a try - it's one of my favorite YA historical paranormal series out there today.

My favorite part about this book: we get so much more worldbuilding! I mean, it's really quite incredible. We get to see Florence, and the path from Venice to Florence, and we also get some backstory with Cass' parents, the Order, and more. We get a richer history of not only our characters, but also what was going on at the time of when Cass would have lived had she been real in terms of what the church was doing with witch hunts or in this case, vampire hunts. Paul continues to build upon her already very rich and detailed recreation of Venice culture, with the addition of Florence and it's utterly absorbing.

Of course, what helps with all of this sensory input is Paul's impressive command of sensory imagery and language, which she's gotten even better at since book one. This book felt soft, sensuous, and at the same time, dangerous. I love it when my books can give me feelings like those. We also get some new characters in this book - the book's namesake, Belladonna, her resident doctor, and more.

I have to say, I love my villains, and Belladonna is one of my favorite villainesses that I've read in YA lit in a long while. She's seductive, she's got an agenda, and she's always ten steps ahead of you. All of the new characters and even some of the older ones constantly make you wonder - can you trust them? Can Cass trust them?

Is Cass a reliable narrator? At times, these characters do make Cass an unreliable narrator, which is something that not only caught me by surprise but made me love the book even more since I love unreliable narrators in my books. And of course, all of these characters, new and old, help to support and build the world even more. But what made me especially happy in this installment? The bloody love triangle gets solved.

I won't say who wins that'd be too much of a spoiler , but let's just say that I was very satisfied with the outcome, and it left me questioning - is that third partner involved with the Order consciously, willingly? Has all of this been just a game to get Cass involved?

What does Agnese know? And what does all of this have to do with the agenda of the Order - which has changed drastically over the years, with a kind of retelling of the Countess of Bathory involved in this book? I absolutely loved how Paul snuck that in - though I don't know if it was conscious or not.

So many questions are raised in this book, and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for "Starling" book 3 to answer at least a few of these questions. Final verdict? If you're looking for some amazing renaissance YA lit with a twist of the paranormal, you simply MUST check out this series.

Definitely on my best of list so far. Oct 28, Ashley rated it did not like it. Why would I read the second book in a series when I rated the first book one star? Because I was at the gym and bored on the treadmill. It was loaded on my phone and anything was better than listening to my gasps for air. Or so I thought. The continuation of the story of Cass. Because Cass is the most important, beautiful, smart, and desirable person in the universe and we should all care about her because we should.

Her fiance Luca is arrested on trumped up charges and the only solution that Cas Why would I read the second book in a series when I rated the first book one star? Her fiance Luca is arrested on trumped up charges and the only solution that Cass can come up with is Things that made me grit my teeth: Constantly being reminded of Siena's love for Luca.

Sweet, devoted Siena loves sweet, devoted Luca. It's treated like a joke. I wish they could just be together. Instead Cass gets prissy and jealous when Siena even looks at Luca even though she never acts inappropriately, while at the same time thinking to herself how she doesn't love him. Cass is so wrapped up in saving Luca herself that she doesn't even spare a thought for the servant girl who proves she would die for the man she quietly loves without any return.

Really Siena is treated terribly. They go to Florence and Siena want's to help Cass clear Luca's name. Instead Cass sends her to go do laundry with her sister. And says it as if she's doing Siena a favor. Enjoy while I go be useless. Maybe if she wrote it and then included some sort of self realization- that Cass selfishly wanted to be Luca's salvation in a sort of redemption for her misbehavior.

But no. Constantly we hear about the great love that Cass has for Falco, they're so bonded. It's why she's disloyal to the man who's always loved her. Then she casually mentions it's been a "few short weeks". So you're a ho. The other thing is how apologetic and understanding Cass is towards Falco. An innocent man who apart from being my fiance is a childhood friend who saved my life? Who's even now being tortured in a watery dungeon? Oh I'm so sorry I hurt you by implying I might care if Luca lives.

If Falco really cared he wouldn't want her to lose her friend and would help her and not be so dang selfish or unlikable or all around idiotic. I don't like Falco. The problem I now have? There's one more book in the series. And I'll probably be bored at the gym again and curiosity will get the best of me, and I'll read what is sure to be the ridiculous book three. This series is undeniably entertaining.

There's something about the mystery and the setting that keeps me reading. I really enjoyed this book, and getting to learn more about the world. The setting is very atmospheric, however I sometimes felt jarred by a description that felt untrue to the time period. I had a few issues with this book, but nothing that detracted too much from my enjoyment of the story.

Cass's poor decision making skills are starting to get on my nerves. I understand that in or This series is undeniably entertaining. I understand that in order for the plot to be furthered, she needs to make those bad choices, but at some point it gets to be a bit much. Some aspects of the plot felt a little convoluted or confusing, but overall I really enjoyed this.

Im interested to see how the story concludes in the final book. Oct 31, Chelsea B.

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I read the sequel! But it was a pretty good middle book. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up. Few things Cass: She continued to be wishy washy, unfortunately. But honestly One second he's like "Oh my starling, how I've missed you. Love triangle: Definite lo Finally! Love triangle: Definite love triangle alert.

Now, I love a good love triangle This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I could have read this directly after the first book I wanted to read it so badly, and find out the truth. But I had Halloween books planned. I ended up reading it less than a month later. I was hoping I wouldn't get this cover because it doesn't represent the characters or book at all, and doesn't go with the first book either.

Those people look middle-aged. I didn't like how the book skipped the past few weeks, and instead of us seeing her grow closer to Luca, we're told she has. And I didn't ex I could have read this directly after the first book I wanted to read it so badly, and find out the truth. And I didn't expect the arrest to happen a few pages in. She said Luca loved her, so much, and idk how or why. They were kids, he was shy around her, then he moved to France. She's like He's been gone for the past 3 years. So when did a relationship develop for him to love her so much?

They used to be friends.

Belladonna Rose Performs She Wolf By Shakira at Applebee’s Karaoke Night!

He's been gone for 3 years and she didn't wanna marry him. It was touching knowing Luca became imprisoned because he was helping Cass, trying to get Dubois to send Cristian away. When he said "have your aunt arrange another match, perhaps with someone of your own choosing. It's what I want for you" was sweet.

After Falco's sweet letter about being a better man and providing for her, I was really disappointed and irritated with Cass in wanting to kiss Luca. Her saying 'she wanted to show him that she cared for him, that she was a good and decent woman' while juggling too men was very ironic. Years ago, around the Twilight days, I used to like love triangles, but as I've gotten older, and matured, I don't like them anymore. Someone gets hurt, there's cheating, betrayal. And think of yourself in the other person's shoes.

You're having fun kissing Luca, but how mad would you be if Falco was doing the same? It's just not right. Especially Falco saying he loves you, and is working to be better to give you the life you deserve. She loved Falco first but felt guilt kissing him after Luca saved her life when Cristian attacked her. Yet now she feels no guilt kissing Luca while loving Falco? I find that hard to believe. I remember in the first book the quotes from the book of the eternal rose fit what was happening in the book, but I don't remember it foreshadowing things in the following chapter.

It felt like it's giving things away in here, instead of being surprised. There were too many men finding Cass pretty. In the first book with the magician, Falco, Luca, here with a random carriage driver and a tailor.


Not everyone has to find her pretty. When Siena comments the tailor liked her, Cass thinks she didn't need to juggle another boy. No kidding. I'm already annoyed there's two to juggle. This didn't have that couldn't-put-down feeling that the first did. I didn't like the plot as much, the settings. I thought Florence would be exciting, and I was looking forward to a change of scenery, because the first book was repetitive with Venice's scenery. I hated the comparisons between Falco and Luca. How it was foolish to think she could be with Falco. How she was meant to be with Luca, how they had things in common about the important stuff, like right and wrong.

The couple she saw at the brothel in book one was mentioned again, and she sees another couple. She's got a weird penchant for spying on people in intimate moments. I expected a more grand reentrance of Falco into the book. Not her seeing him and his drunken friends at a piazza. It was ironic to say girls want to be fed on, that it's an usual fetish, because that was the craze of vampire books. Her thinking the girl in the painting was the bella's daughter, and thinking Falco came to Florence for her, which was a crazy thing to think when you know a patron hired him to paint.

Especially since she's around I was livid at the painting, that was painted in her bedchamber, that she said Falco suggested, that she was posed exactly the same way as Cass. Why would a middle aged woman wanna make a 15 yr old jealous of her bf? Can't find any men your own age? Cass lost serious points when she wondered if she had a right to be mad at Falco.

You can be mad if you want to be. I couldn't wait to have the matter out in the open between them, but when she sees him next, she does what any woman, adult or young, does in books. As if that wasn't enough, there's another painting of her mostly nude, posing as the birth of Venus. She has Falco show the painting off at dinner, and Falco is pale and avoids Cass's eyes. There are other things to use besides that. And there is no way someone in her 30s or 40s would look 20 years old.

Or what did they know in the s that we don't know today? I started to resent just how much Cass is always in trouble and finds danger when she leaves the party, stupidly follows a deer because she wants to pet it, and gets attacked by wild dogs. She's actually incredibly stupid at times.

How was that even possible? Cass was slow to put things together, things she should have known, things we readers know. When she said the flower must be the symbol for the order of the eternal rose, I'm thinking we knew that from book one. She's not as smart as you'd think she should be considering the things she's wrapped up in.

Cass had already seen Piero wearing the ring at that party, but is looking for it in his room, saying if she found it then she'd know for certain he's a member. What does that even matter? You already know he's a member. And where is Falco's guilt? His jokes at serious moments were annoying.

Why was he pale at the party if he's not gonna show guilt later? When Cass commented that Bella admired Falco, he said she admired Cass at the party, and Cass says she's not the one she's posing nude for, and Falco laughs and says she should if she asked, she isn't particular about who admires her. No denial, no guilt, no explanation from Falco. She said Siena could be fierce and thinks back to when she hit Falco with a pan, saying his head had hurt for days. But it hadn't. It hurt in the moment and I don't remember him mentioning it again.

You can't rewrite your book like that. The scenes with Cass stuck in bed, with her repeatedly drinking the drinks Piero fixed for her, and asking for the drink herself again, were frustrating to read. If she thinks Piero is involved in the order why would she say she could trust him because he was a doctor? You think she would be a little smarter, a little more wary of people. When Siena tells Cass Piero took her blood in secret, she wonders why he'd leave her pale and bed bound, and if he wanted her to think she was being attacked by vampires.

And she doesn't even make a connection to the vampire trials, the pale women, and the marks on their necks. He's obviously doing to you what's happening to other women in Florence; they're drugging them, stealing their blood, and making it look like a vampire attack. Even when Siena tells her he kissed her, she isn't upset enough. I wish Cass was smarter. It was crazy coincidental the quote that said essence and vitality of youth are in the blood of the young, because I just saw something on The Talk recently about injecting teenage blood to look young.

That seems such a modern concept, so it seems very advanced for the s. I really don't like how the quotes from the book of the eternal rose totally give away what's about to happen. We obviously know bella's secret now, that she's using the blood from young people. It just gave it away. After all that's happened, the murdered servants and courtesans, Cristian after Cass, Dubois and de Gradi, I can't believe Falco didn't believe her about the book and the order, when he's the one who told her bella was head of the order. His lack of belief in her was annoying and just wrong.

It was an issue for me. Why do we have to hear comments about after only a few weeks at the palazzo, Falco knew his way around in the dark as if he'd been there for months. I hate the implications of that. She follows Piero to the church and it amazes me she does so many brave--foolish things--with no thought yet is seriously simpleminded at other times.

She actually thinks they're having a baptism late at night, and then thinks they're baptizing a vampire. Not wanting to leave the villa after knowing Piero was taking her blood and kissed her, I was actually surprised she said she wasn't going back to the villa ever again. I expected her to go back to the villa and get back in bed. I couldn't believe she didn't even think of warning Falco, and just left him there. She knows he went out for a drink, walks past the bar she knows he goes to, and didn't even look for him. I was so upset at that. It didn't make any sense!

Because Mada's family villa wasn't expecting her, she doesn't even try knocking on the door. She just goes and sleeps in the stable. Ever heard of waking the staff up? I was disappointed that Dubois and de Gradi's shady business was for the fifth humor. I expected something Then the comparisons between Falco and Luca start again. Falco was passionate but had a temper, Luca was calm. You can't love someone because of how they're different from someone else. It's like the only reason she would choose Luca is because he happens to be different from Falco.

But if he wasn't, who knows how she would feel? I hated how she kept bouncing back and forth between both guys. You need to pick one and stick with it. I couldn't believe it when Cass announced she was going to go home, and asked Mada to investigate the order for her. Falco writes her a note saying he'll come to the palazzo and if she doesn't receive him he'll accept the fact she never wants to see him again.

Why would he think that from a simple fight? It annoys me how easily he gives up on Cass, when he supposedly loves her. The author already used the painting drama twice. But she does it again. And this time Cass had to see it in action. He's posing her naked outside and adjusts one of the roses against her breast, his hand lingering, and Bella twines her fingers through his hand and Falco doesn't pull away. She thought they were going to kiss or worse. I effing knew something like this would happen. How could she leave Falco with dangerous people? Then again, after his lack of faith in her, maybe he deserves to be left there and be experimented on.

After his letter, how he's trying to be a better man and give her a life she deserves, why would he do that with the belladonna? It doesn't even make sense. I just knew after the letter, no there's no way Falco could be doing anything like that, because he loves Cass. And that line he fed her about Bella being cold and Cass being ten times prettier.

That reassured me, gave me false hope. And can we talk about how freaking disgusting it is that a 40 year old is with a freaking teenager? Just because you look 20 does not mean you are I'm assuming Falco is maybe 17 or 18, a couple years older than Cass. I don't actually know his, or Luca's, age because the author doesn't think that's important information. But he's still way too young for her. It was so easy for Cass to leave the villa. I expected Piero or someone to come after her. What made even less sense is that she goes back just to deliver a letter, and goes right inside as if the people inside weren't drugging her and stealing her blood.

How was it possible that she was able to get away? I find it amazing and extremely ironic that Cass wouldn't go away with Falco because she had Agnes to think of. Yet she was willing to break Luca out of prison, knowing she wouldn't be able to resume normal life after. She'd have to go with Luca and be on the run. She could have done that from the start without going to Florence. Siena's death was so unexpected, so unnecessary. I hated that the author just did that. It was like she said, no ones died for a while, and it'll look too easy if they all make it out alive, and Siena's the only expendable one, so I'll get rid of her.

I felt so bad Feliciana would never see her sister again. Why couldn't Siena just return to the villa with Cass's aunt and live there? What was wrong with that? I suspected, maybe sometime in book one, definitely in this one, that her parents death wasn't accidental. Cass never thought of it herself, of course, so it was surprising when she suddenly throws out the order was responsible for her parent's deaths, Luca's imprisonment and Siena. She's never had that thought before, so what made her think that now?

Earlier she was saying she felt it was her fault, because she asked her parents to come home for Christmas. It amazed me Luca not only knew of the order but their plans for everlasting life, and didn't tell Cass any of it before. Now the plot is them defeating the order. This girl is all over the place. She kisses Luca again. Even after saying seeing Falco and Bella had made her realize she still had feelings for him, after the pain and rage she felt.

But she doesn't think how Falco would feel knowing or seeing her and Luca kissing. Is no one concerned with being faithful to anyone?! Luca tells her he loves her and she tells him I love you back, and I just don't know where that came from. You don't go from not liking someone, dreading marrying them, then spending a little time with them, to loving them. Just because someone messes up, you don't just jump to the next person because they're not an option anymore. She just gets with whoever's there at the time.

There's the mystery of who stole the book, and possibly having someone on their side. I'm curious to see who it is. After hearing of someone getting a pure dose of blood from Venice, I figured it was Cass's mom, and that her blood was pure. It was no surprise at all when Cass turns out to have the purest blood. The MC always has to be a special snowflake. I didn't like that Cristian wasn't a threat. He was the biggest threat in book 1, so I didn't like for him to fade to the background. Of course everyone knows everyone and they're working together. A simple murder plot has turned into so much more.

I think this was a case of Curse of the Second Book. It happens so much in books. It actually reminded me of The Winner's Curse. I really liked the first book, it had my triggers in the second one that ruined the whole series. I felt shades of that all over again. I was Team Falco and couldn't wait for them to be together again in here. I was dreading reading this because of the belladonna, and I just knew there'd be something between Falco and her, and I was right.

I have a sixth sense for things like that in books. I've been burned so many times. Those are my triggers in books, other women, jealousy, cheating, all of it, so that ruined the book for me, and just really upset me. It also made me not like Falco anymore. I have hope that there'll be an explanation, and he'll be innocent, because at least they didn't kiss. It could have been much worse. She didn't see his face, and might have imagined his hand lingering, but he didn't pull away, so I'm not really holding out hope.

I'm just so freaking sick of this crap in books, and how authors will suddenly ruin a character just so it's easy for the heroine to pick the other guy. She loved Falco first, they spent the most time together, she's barely been around Luca, so their romance wouldn't be as developed anyway. Of course, this author 'develops' relationships really quickly. She didn't know Falco that well either. And she hasn't spent much time with Luca and suddenly she loves him.

And how the heck did things develop so fast with Falco and that stupid woman anyway? He's only been gone a few weeks. I dreaded reading this, and now even more so about reading the final book. Idw hear anymore of Falco and that woman. His excuses, or god forbid if it's true. I'll hope the author kills him off if it's true. How could it be anything else? Then I go back to: if he's guilty then why did he never act that way? Why tease and joke like Cass's jealousy is unfounded, when she was right? It won't even add up if it turns out to be true because Falco never let on that something was going on.

He wrote that letter to Cass, and was jealous of Luca, and wanted to be with her. I don't like the time frames of these books; they take place over a few weeks, and that's just too short for all of this stuff to develop. I wish it skipped time. Thought Florence would be exciting, but it wasn't. I didn't like the turn the book took, and the direction it suddenly veered off in at the end. I never thought Cass would break Luca out of prison, and that they'd be on the run, and I don't like it at all.

But idk how she'll find that out when she can't go home. There were hardly any good scenes, just when she first saw Falco. And I didn't have many quotes to even get from the book, which means it wasn't good. This was a low two stars, as in it could almost be one. But then this really would be like The Winner's Curse all over again, and I can't stand that. Oh, and btw, I hate that this book is named after that woman whose name I don't even like saying.

First off. What the hell is that name? I had to swallow down a little immature giggle every time I read his name. But seriously. Of all the names in the book. I kid you not. That was his full name. I do not remember Falcon, because according to my family, I knew him when I was in elementary school. Falcon reminds me of Falco. Because Falcon was seriously broody for a little kid, who was overly protective of me, had a slightly possessive crush on me for a kid, and liked to wear a long, heavy black cloak to school everyday, one that was so long the ends dragged along the ground when he walked.

I find them inconceivably annoying. I cannot put into words just how much I hate it when guys are so smug in books. One that gets crossed far, far too often in books. I like characters like Luca. He loves Cass, comes from a good family, and is all around adorable. Personally, I prefer my fictional guys more adorable than smothering hot. Now, should Cass marry Luca because of his money and good standing? Of course not. But nooooo. There seems to be a good chance of her nephew kicking her and her Aunt out once he comes of age, but marrying Luca with ensure that will never happen.

It annoys me to no end when guys push a girl away for no other reason than his own pride. But is that enough? If he had to choose, he would leave her before he married her with no money to his name. Not all the blame falls to Falco. She kisses Luca, then kisses Falco.