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We live in an apartment and spend way too money at Whole Foods — two things that many money optimizers would roll their eyes at. Rather than approaching life with a money-first approach, I set a list of goals for myself in this life. This list is a challenge to myself to think big and focus on what I want out of life first, and think about money second.

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I took a look at your goals and was impressed. I did notice a focus on lifelong learning and improving as well as reading a lot of books. Tell me about the books or articles that helped you along this journey. I listen to around 75 books a year, leaning towards science fiction, fantasy, self-improvement and memoirs.

The book that got me started down this financial path was The Bogleheads Guide to Investing, an amazing introduction to low-cost, diversified, index fund investing. The topics from that book are timeless and the cornerstone of how I think the vast majority of people should invest.

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After learning how to invest back around , I started down this journey to build wealth. Around Mr. I knew how to invest at that point, but that article gave me a goal on how much I needed. Tell me about some things you thought would give you a big boost in that area but turned out to be disappointing. I am an only child. That meant that when my mom passed away, I inherited a lifetime of stuff.

The process of sifting through everything accumulated over decades left me wanting a much more simple life with fewer possessions. This had a profound impact on my consumption habits going forward: from opting out of freebies at conferences, to buying fewer clothes, to seeing how few things I needed. As a side effect of this, we no longer needed the space of a house. That led us to find a smaller place to live which has made us much happier.

How about the flip side of the prior question. Journaling is a habit I never thought much of.

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The thoughts become clearer, I explore alternate routes and I ask myself more questions. Very introspective of you Adam! I know I certainly sometimes use this blog as an idea board and writing things down does have an impact on your thought process.

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On my blog I do write about money quite a bit. Money to me is an enabler of time. The Kindness Pact: 8 promises to make you feel good about who you are and the life you live Most people are terribly unkind to themselves. Love Your Life ways to start living the life you deserve Love Your Life shows you how to realise your dreams and achieve lasting happiness.

The Happiness Code Ten keys to being the best you can be Unlock the secret to lifelong happiness and contentment! Your Best Life The ultimate guide to creating the life you want Have you ever wondered why life seems so easy for some people? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Accept Read More.

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It feels pretty good to start sharing these videos again. If you've watched these videos from the beginning then you know that I am traveling throughout Africa and Europe for speaking and book promotions. Right now I am in Senegal, however since my last video I have [ In this blog article I am going to show you how to find your happily through wine tasting.

Wine tasting is the sixth thing on my list because not only is a glass of wine relaxing, but wine also has some pretty good healthy antioxidants, and has been associated with reducing cardio vascular disease [ I recommend traveling to create happiness and bring about more prosperity and abundance into your life because traveling is a great way to create new experiences, learn about new cultures, and you get to visit new places.

Qigong is the fourth thing I recommend to find happiness and bring about peace into your life because it is a great way to get a full workout without having to [