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Special thanks to Rain Maker; whose original doc provided part of the inspiration for mine! He picked my brain for an hour or so at a coffee shop in Boulder just before he did the CT. Out of that conversation, this doc was written. Good update Mags. But I think the folks at the motel know her. Not sure if this should be posted, but Debbie always answers and is friendly to help.

Her number is I found your End to End guide very informative. Thank you for all your hard work. I wanted to pass along some trail talk.

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The hitch into Lake City is becoming easier and easier, and is not as hard as the guide imples. The locals are much more aware of hikers than before. I have met at least 10 hikers this summer who waited less than 10 minutes on Spring Creek Pass before someone swooped them up, including me. Not saying that Creede is a bad place, just that hanging out with other trail alumni is a pretty cool thing.

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Just got an email from the folks at the store in Jefferson, CO. They claim that the Post Office was shut down due to cut back, but you can still send resupply boxes to them. Hey, I really enjoyed reading this, full of good information. I feel like its right on the edge of being too early, but I think it could be doable pending the weather in May. Any thoughts? The lower Eastern route may be OK for the most part, but even that will have a good amount of snow in spots. The western portion that hugs the divide? Very snowy. It it will be full of what we call rotten snow: hard in parts, full of dirt and ice, easy to post hole through, not consistent enough for snowshoes or skis.

And the really high areas? Well, I go skiing on Mt Toll 13k at the time of the year. What are the laws concerning hitch hiking in Colorado and what is the general attitude of the local authorities if they encounter a hiker hitch hiking? My experience on the AT is mixed. In Georgia the police have been known to give lifts to hikers. In general, esp in outdoorsy areas, you should have no trouble finding a hitch.

People in Colorado are generally aware of the CT now and are happy to help. Even Spring Creek pass is an easier hitch due to increased awareness of the trail. Hey Mags, great stuff love all the updated CW route info. I was curious if i was reading the info right. Is the monarch crest store right on the CW route or the standard route. I am trying my best to avoid hitching to town and this like Twin Lakes would be an awesome way of doing that. Thanks in advance. Thanks so much for the great info! I bought the CT Map Book and it just seems terrible for actual navigation especially if you get off the trail!

Can I eliminate any of the maps on your list? Another alternative so you do not have to carry as many maps are the Latitude 40 map series. Good enough to navigate on trail with alt bail out points. This is fantastic! What a wonderful resource. In your experience is it safe to hike through the summer storms? If we push for miles in the morning is it usually safe to continue hiking at a slower pace through the lightning or should we consider stopping for the storm to pass?

Being exposed in a lightning storm is scary. Hi Paul, First of all — thank you so very much for posting this helpful online guide! Best regards, Inbar O. Tel Aviv, Israel. Hi Inbar! Hope you enjoy your time in the States. One of my good friends is from Israel.. In areas with trees, hanging is suggested. If you think you are going to camp without trees, be sure to cook first, eat dinner and then move on about KM and then camp. Thanks Paul! Will take into account the above and will read more about the issue of bears; if I still am not sure — I will go with the bear vault regardless of its weight.

Would rather be on the safe side… and also feel secure. Thank you so much for this info!! It is so hard to find good info on the long trails about dogs and where water supply would be. Me and my good friend are hiking thru with my three dogs and his one. No worries we know not all hikers want dogs around so we will make sure to not trail to close to ppl unless they ask to hang with the pack lol once again thank you for this great info on we we can start and where dogs are allowed: Rufio.

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Thanks for the guide! Its very extensive and I cant wait to go next summer! I am using this a training run for the PCT. Do you have any advice for someone about to transition to thru hiking? You probably have an excellent ccardio base, but it is a different set of muscles. What about the Data book — is that enough or would one need the whole Guide? ETB pocket atlas is essentially a map guide and town guide in one. Probably would work. They are CT corridor maps and do not show much outside the trail corridor.

May or may not be an issue for you. The Postholer maps are high quality but are corridor maps as well. Similar to the Bear Creek Maps. But that is just my preference. I like a larger view vs corridor maps. And, no matter which resource you use, consider giving a few bucks to The Colorado Trail Foundation. Paul: Thank you for posting information on the CO Trail. Any suggestions for where to leave in Durango at or near the trailhead- or what business to contact in Durango to get info on where to leave a vehicle?

Used some of your tips on the trail. We had a blast. We live just 5 miles from the Dgo TH so we literally waked home. Of course we wanted to just resupply and keep going until we ran out of money! Thanks for the incredibly thorough post about the Colorado Trail. I also enjoyed working on a segment 8 volunteer trail crew this past summer. What a great experience. Hard work, but lots of fun too. Mags… Thx for all the great CT info! Any recs on getting to twin lakes or other TH to do the collegiate loop in July. I live at sea level!!!

Thoughts Salty. Maybe call The Colorado Trial Foundation and see if a private person is willing to do a shuttle with your dog? Hi Mags, do you know what possible re-locations have occurred on the CT since October ? From what I gather, the collegiate CDT loop is the newest thing added since then. I hiked to Buena Vista in from Denver. Probably will go out there again this summer and hike to Salida from Denver. I have the 8th edition CT guidebook and the CT data book. Are theer any addendums I need to brush up on? The collegiate west is the major change. I would get the latest data book as it will have the changes in detail.

This guide is an incredible resource! Thank you so much. I would like to point out a small error in your Salida description though. Poncha Springs is actually 5 miles west of Salida, not 10 miles east. This is probably not a big deal for most folks, but you never know. Thanks again for this guide Mr Mags. Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for pointing out the error. Aloha, Is it possible to email the resupply chart. The last column is cut off from view. If you use the save to pdf option at the very start of the document, you will have the info you need. Thank you. Was using a phone, and was able to dl. Thank you for the great information.

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I am looking for a breathtaking experience to take my sullen teenager on. I am looking for a week long trek, camping along the way, hoping to engage him with the joys of outdoors vs. What section would you recommend? He has never done a hike like this before, and it has been about 15 years for me, however we are both in great shape and love to climb.

Thank you again,. Roughly 80 miles, easy logistics, you can resuspply along the way and there is great scenery. Not sure what elevation you are used to, but an acclimation day or two is strongly suggested if you have the time. This is wondrous information. My sister and I are looking for some advice for our CT hike in august. We have 2 weeks, and we are trying to determine which portion of the trail will work best logistically. Any ideas would be so very very appreciated! Enjoy the journey. Mags Im starting the collegiate loop Saturday out of Twin Lakes. Trying to finish in days so trying to keep my food haul light.

Pretty sure it would grow legs fast!! Curios as to your thoughts on this…. A cache could work.. Consider an ammobox instead: Inexpensive, used in NPS units for bear proofing and was used successfully by other CT hikers. I am planning a CT hike and hopefully will include a CW loop in it. Visualizing the trail and resupply points, etc. Maybe others can find it useful to have the whole CT displayed in a jpeg.

I ask because I am planning a week on the trail and want to map out where I plan to camp. When looking at the app, it appears there is a campsite after crossing over Bear Creek mile 8. I need to see all campsites. Is this included in the data book, or is there a better way to find this info? Unlike the AT with its shelter system, the CT is mainly dispersed camping.

There are popular spots listed in the databook and apps, but no resource to list every possible camp site. Map reading for overall lay of the land combined micro reading of the immediate topography is the best bet. This article may help as well. Good guy! Hey Paul, thanks so much for putting together this guide! Seriously so helpful, as a prep for the CT this summer. One question for you — how are mosquitoes along the trail?

I am used to a lot hiking in Oregon, but was wondering if the high altitude might lead to fewer? Or maybe I am just dreaming… anyways I will be starting in mid July. Near water and lower elevations will be noticeable esp at the start of the summer. Higher elevations and at night, not so much. At least that is how it is for me. Colorado is much drier than Oregon of course. Happy Trails! Just wanted to let you know, I just got off the phone with Mt. Princeton hot springs and although they are right off the trail, the woman assured me they offer nothing cheaper than a night.

Or is it likely to be full in mid July? You should be able to park there for a week. If you go on a weekday, availability is, of course, going to be higher.

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May want to contact The Colorado Trail Foundation and see if they have some resources that may be useful for bikers. Hi, I appreciated your article post. I mostly prepared my own meals in the hostel kitchens which are pretty well-equipped to help me contain expenses.

Also enjoyed the camaraderie with the other hikers there that were doing the same. Amtrak runs a bus stop there to connect train routes as they do in other areas. They have a thru-way bus stop in Frisco. Hey, I clicked on the Biivi hostel link, the prices look to have gone up. Just FYI. Hello Paul, Great info and thanks a million for all your efforts. Keep up the good work! Seem to recall someone in the past would either be there or leave your resupply at the trailhead of Colorado Would appreciate any info and again thanks for everything.

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They do astounding work maintaining, protecting and promoting the trail. If you can hike a mile long trail, you can also donate a few bucks to a great group. The Colorado Trail is a mile footpath that starts in the foothills just outside of Denver and extends through to the majestic and rugged San Juans. In between those two points are sweeping views, gorgeous wildflowers and an experience in the mountains you will not forget.

When to do The Colorado Trail. Equipment for The Colorado Trail If you are an AT or another long trail veteran, most of your gear and clothing choices should work fine. Beer and wine also avail here. PO Hours are officially 12n — 4PM. BBQ and Ice cream place as well.

Good news! The owners aim to help out CT hikers. They will take maildrops via USPS. Jefferson Market. Box Good sized grocery store, lodging, restaurants. Outdoor store. Relatively easy hitch on Bus will stop at trailhead and take you into and out-of-town for free. Fireside Inn is hiker friendly hostel with bunk rooms.

Frisco : The same free bus will take you into the other direction to Frisco. Frisco is a full-service town with less expensive lodgings esp. InnTheCloudsHostel gmail. Very Clean and New. The food at the Twin Lakes Inn is very good. In downtown near all amenities. They do take mail drops. Offer bikes for getting around town. Salida town is spread out. Hostel is over a mile walking through a community area to get back to Rt On Rt. Set up more like an indoor pool area with showers.

This business takes maildrops:. Salida, Co May take maildrops. Easier hitch now than in years past. Getting to and from Durango Getting back to Denver or into Durango you have a few different options. Another option is to fly into Albuquerque and get to and from Durango via other means. Greyhound reported having started service from ABQ to Durango again as well.

Note: In July , the bus information may change yet again. An easy walk or hitch or at least partial hitch to the trail head. A parking area is located on the left, near the trailhead. People have offered to do long-term parking in the past for a Durango start. Buckhorn Limousine reported allowing parking on their property for a fee. For the dog owner, there is an alt rout e that is described in an edition of The Colorado Trail Guidebook:. Follow this trail approx 6 miles to connect to The Colorado Trail at mile mark 8.

To reach this area, take U. To access all the following sites turn left on to Rampart Range Road, this is a dirt road that is heavily traveled; please abide by posted speed limits. Naturally, getting to and from this area will require more than the standard logistics. You may have to find a willing friend in the area or contact a shuttle service. Still, for a person hoping to hike with a dog on the CT, it provides a good option. If your dog and YOU! Hiking five miles to a camp and then relaxing all weekend is a much different pace than a long hike on The Colorado Trail.

Thanks for the info! Do you happen to know how someone can get in touch with Debbie? Thanks again for you upkeep and hard work on this resource… dirtmonger. But I would not count on it. It is snowing in Boulder. Hello, Swagman here again. Right at the ski area. Get some ice cream when you are there. Hi Mags, Thanks so much for the great info! Thanks for this great information. Just starting planning. Feeling keen! Hi Paul — Great website, lots of very useful info thanks. Thx for the info. Glad you enjoyed the trip! I plan on updating this doc early next month.

I agree. Volunteering is an excellent way to give back…and, if hard work, can be fun too! Thanks for posting this and making it completely free and available. My pleasure. It is a labor of love and good to give back to something I love. Thx Richard. That is The CTF map from their website. Probably not a bad map to include, though. Does the Guthook guide I purchased the full trail contain the same details as the databook?

Thanks for your help! Hey Paul, Just wanted to let you know, I just got off the phone with Mt. As a side note, thanks so much for making this guide, it has been a ton of help! I like your blog. Paul, You mention that Amtrak stops in Frisco. Did you actually mean Frasier? I apologize for any confusion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Old school text email digest It is easy! This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Please read the Privacy Policy for additional details. OK Read more. Lots of torrential downpours in the afternoon. Resupply Spot. Miles From Denver. Miles From Trail.

A large metro area with everything you may need. Perfect for getting around the immediate area quickly! Large town with many restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, PO, etc. Buffalo Creek. Very soon into the trail if you need to bail or just want to get a cold Coke. Small general store with marginal resupply.

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