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This website began in as a personal project, and I have been working on it full-time without a salary since Charmed by his false affection, I dared to betray my father and the gods. Thanks to me, as the conqueror of the furious bulls, he returns in triumph to the bosom of Greece, and the treacherous man on this fatal day throws away duty, glory and love. No, no, let us hear no more of a righteous wrath; despairing love demands a victim!


I love, I am betrayed, and my heart is jealous. Come, hatred, fury! Love delivers me up to you.

Deadly anger, ignite my wrath. May the ungrateful man who is offending me perish beneath your blows. Hatred becomes unforgiving when love enflames a heart. What am I saying? My own heart rebels and is alarmed by his deadly peril.

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I was ready to punish Jason, but his cruel betrayal no longer motivates me against him. I only see now in the unfaithful man that which made me love him. Love in its chains leads me again. In spite all my resentment, love triumphs in its turn.

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In vain a soft heart gives way to hate; it always returns to love. But is this is my greatest error? For to save an ungrateful man, I betray myself, while the treacherous man at the feet of the gods perhaps even now is united with his new lover. It is too much to suffer cruel insults! Let us avenge my unhappy passion!