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Specific Country Government 5. Geography - Miscellany 6. Mixture: Classics 7. USA 9. True or False Cities of the World Scotland Mixed Trivia - 16 mins Something for everyone! Harry Potter: Mixed Quiz Harry Potter June 26, : June 26, was the day when the first "Harry Potter" book was released in the United Kingdom, and the muggle world learned about the wizards amongst us. One of the best and easiest ways to continue growing in your knowledge of the Bible is to start reading and studying. It's a life-long process, so try to enjoy the journey.

If you stay on track and don't get discouraged, before you know it you'll be acing quizzes like this one. As a student of the Scriptures, you're likely enjoying the adventure of growing in your relationship with God as you dig deeper into your studies of the Bible. Your score indicates a solid foundation, but like most of us, there's room for growth. If you're interested in adding some new tools to your study resources, you might consider one of these top Bible commentaries.

Obviously, this is not your first Genesis Bible quiz. Your almost-perfect results indicate a strong dedication to studying the Bible and growing in your relationship with God. You've probably already discovered some exciting things about God's Word--that it's living, active, inspired , without error , and constantly new. You're well on your way to theologian status!

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Congratulations on a perfect score! Not only do you know the book Genesis inside and out, you've likely devoted your life to theological pursuits. You might consider getting your doctorate of divinity if you haven't already, or at least writing your own Bible quizzes.

Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry.

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True or False? Bill Fairchild. Who wrote the book of Genesis? Correct Wrong The answer is Moses. How old was Methuselah when he died? Image Courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Correct Wrong The answer is: years. Who was the first man to commit murder in the Bible?