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The ships stayed for nearly two weeks in New Zealand, restocking with wild celery and scurvy grass and trading with the local Maori who set up a small village in Ship Cove. In Cook visited the Hawaiian islands, or Sandwich Islands as he named them, for the first time. At sun set I brought every body on board, having got during the day Nine tons of water…. He travelled up the coast in bad weather until he found a safe harbour, Nootka Sound, Vancouver Island, Canada.

There he refitted the ships, explored the area and developed relations with the local people. Cook left Nootka Sound in April and sailed north along the Alaskan coast looking for inlets that might lead to the Northwest passage but was then forced to turn south.

10 Things You May Not Know About Captain James Cook

By July he had rounded the Alaskan Peninsula and was able to sail north again, visiting the Chukotskiy Peninsula, Russia, before heading out into the Bering Sea. On the ice all around the ships were large numbers of walruses. About a dozen of these huge animals were killed to replenish the supplies of fresh meat and to provide oil for the lamps.

Cook had to turn west and worked his way down the Russian coast, eventually heading south and east into Norton Sound, Alaska, in September After a short period spent searching for the Northwest Passage Cook realised that it was too late in the year to make any progress and so sailed for warmer winter quarters in the Hawaiian Islands, arriving there in December After circumnavigating the big island of Hawaii for over a month the ships finally anchored in Kealakekua Bay on 16th January The Hawaiians in over canoes came out to welcome them, the arrival of the ships coinciding with celebrations to mark the religious festival of Makahiki to the god Lono.

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But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Dressed in a maroon shirt adorned On February 14, around the year A. Under the rule of Claudius the Cruel, Rome was involved in many unpopular and bloody campaigns.

Billy Cook (criminal) - Wikipedia

The emperor had to maintain a strong army, but was having a On February 14, , U. Jansen suffered disappointment after Roosevelt was at work in the New York state legislature attempting to get a government reform bill passed when he was summoned home by his family. He returned home to find his The St. Sign up now to learn about This Day in History straight from your inbox. The explorer followed orders and sailed south to the 40th parallel, but found no evidence of the fabled continent.

He then turned west and circled New Zealand, proving it was a pair of islands and not connected to a larger landmass.

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Cook would later resume his search for the Southern Continent during his second circumnavigation of the globe in the early s, and came tantalizingly close to sighting Antarctica before pack ice forced him to turn back. His ship Endeavour nearly sank on the Great Barrier Reef. After landing in Australia during his first voyage, Cook pointed his ship north and headed for the Dutch seaport of Batavia.

Home killed beef,a dexter,for home consumption only.(VERY GRAPHIC).

Because he was in unmapped territory, he had no idea he was sailing directly into the razor-sharp coral formations of the Great Barrier Reef. On June 11, , his ship Endeavour slammed into a coral reef and began taking on water, endangering both his crew and his priceless charts of his Pacific discoveries.

They even used an old sail to try and plug a hole in their hull.

Celebrity chef, TV host Bourdain dies of suicide at 61

After more than 20 desperate hours, they finally stopped the leak and limped toward the Australian coast. It would take Cook nearly two months of repairs to make his ship seaworthy again. Cook helped pioneer new methods for warding off scurvy. In the 18th century, the specter of scurvy—a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C—loomed over every long distance sea voyage.

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Cook, however, managed to keep all three of his expeditions nearly scurvy-free. This was partially because of his obsession with procuring fresh food at each of his stops, but many have also credited his good fortune to an unlikely source: sauerkraut. His only problem was getting his crew to eat it.