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Be they chocolate, birds', or lizards', there are eggs everywhere at the Paris parc Zoologique. By type of event: Celebration. By using this site , you agree to the use of cookies for analytical purposes, advertising and personalized content. Home What to do in Paris?

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Website of the event. All public, Children. Prices and times. Observe rare and little known species: the mischievous bush dog, the adorable manatee, and the graceful European otter are all perfectly at ease in their habitat.


For your comfort, visitor facilities include a picnic area, two restaurants, buggy hire, and a gift shop where you can treat yourself. The Parc Zoologique de Paris: a new breed of zoo. See fact sheet. Celebration Egg hunt and activities at the Parc Zoologique de Paris April Be they chocolate, birds', or lizards', there are eggs everywhere at the Paris parc Zoologique More info.

Voir la carte.

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RER - Vincennes. Bus - 22, 30, 32, 63, 72, Velib' station in front of the Parc. Offer adapted to disabled visitors Hearing Mental Physical Visual Access facilities Adapted activities and visits Loan of wheelchairs Free admission for disabled visitors on presentation of proof Free admission for the accompanying person Priority admission. Because neuroscientists presumed that hormonal fluctuations in female lab rats would affect their test results, they have mainly stuck to studying male lab rats.

But they may not be getting the whole story, reports Bethany Brookshire at Science News. Female lab rats do indeed have hormonal surges that affect their behavior—but so do males.

Ignorance was bliss – but is it time to go vegan?

Previous research has shown that females consume more cocaine when in heat in other words, with higher estrogen levels than at other times. But males with low or high testosterone performed poorly on memory tests. There are also differences between the sexes that have nothing to do with hormones at all.

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In a study in eLife , Rebecca Shansky, a neuroscientist at Northeastern University, showed female and male rats a tone or light followed by a harmless shock to the feet. While all of the rats first learned to freeze after the signal, fearing the shock, some of the females responded to subsequent signals by racing around the cage—for no obvious hormonal reason. Shansky concluded that female rats may learn to process fear differently than males, suggesting that equality of the sexes among lab rats at least in terms of studying them can lead to more insightful results.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, human females have also frequently been excluded from clinical trials, including several important long-running studies on aging and other issues. BY Emily Petsko. Goats Goats will eat just about anything, and Christmas trees are no exception.

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  • Pigs Much like goats, pigs also stand to benefit from snacking on pine trees, which serve as a natural dewormer. Elephants In recent years , The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee has been giving resident elephants Christmas trees to munch on around the holidays. Animals charity christmas christmas-decorations News.

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