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Sometimes we go through a "dry spell" and sometimes we just "choose" to be single, however we still have our urges and desires. Today women are shunned for wanting what they want whether it is to climg a man like a tree or to hold back and weather the drought until a nice rain comes along. So honey, tonight we are going to talk about all that and so much more as it is Girls Night on Front Porch!

So make sure you tell everybody See you tonight May is National Masturbation Month and so many people are ashamed to admit they like it and do it. So make sure you grab all the people you know Phone lines will be open for you to say hello or ask questions. Tonight on Front Porch Sex Talk, join me, Monica Lee and my special guest as we talk about self pleasure for women and how to get our dirty talk on.

Oh yeah baby, I said it So many women hold themselves back because they think Tune in tonight as we talk about all that and them some. So grab ya mama, ya daddy, ya grandma, ya grandpa I promise you will have a great time. Because remember Phone lines will be open for call ins and questions!!! See you on the Front Porch! There is no room for shame or guilt or judgement up here. And yet that is what we see and hear everyday. Whether it is body shaming us or guilting us for liking sex or judging us for having a life. Whatever the case may be Women are all Goddesses and need to feel that freedom to be genuinely open to embrace all that she is and not keep parts of her locked up for everybody elses comfort So grab ya mama, ya daddy, ya grandma Monica Lee xoxo Phone lines will be open!

Hey darlings So many times we have issues or dyfunctions in our sex lives and we don't know why so we just accept this and go about our daily lives. We may be unhappy and don't know why or can't put words to it. That may be because we need to have sexual healing.

Any little thing can set us up for "blocks" in any part of our lives especially our sexual life. Honey, you don't want to miss this, so tell ya grandma, ya grandpa, ya mama, ya daddy Join me, Monica Lee, and my special guest tonight on Front Porch Sex Talk as we talk about the issues we have with dating, love, sex, relationships, intimacy and so much more on "Girl's Night". It is tough being a girl in the dating pool. Do we do friends with benefits or do we hold out for that one guy that maybe wants more than just to "hook up"?

Ugh it feels like a never ending battle that we don't win.

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Tonight darlings we are talkin some real talk about all of this and so much more. So tell ya mama, ya daddy, ya grandma, ya grandpa Phone lines will be open for questions or to just say hello. Hello darlings and welcome to the Front Porch! Touch can be so healing and sacred sexual touch can be powerful and truly mind blowing orgasmic. We all need sexual healing and tonight Renee and I are going to be talking about how to attain such a healing, just through So make sure you tell your grandma, ya grandpa, ya mama, ya daddy Phone lines will be open to call us and ask us questions Tonight, join me, Monica Lee and my special guests, as we talk some real talk about love, sex, relationships, intimacy and so much more after the age of Sometimes people just stop having sex or think that they have to hang up their sexual adventures because they are of a certain age.

Not the case and you better not be doing that. Honey, sex just gets better after Of course there can be some issues, but this is why we are sitting on the front porch talking some real talk about the good, the bad, the ugly and the fucking fabulous! Phone lines will be open for people to call in to say hello or to ask us questions. So don't be shy Honey, some people think that when they hear about Red, Hot and Sacred sex that it is a deep, dark sin.

SUCCUBUS: The Truth You Don’t Want to Hear

Or that it has to be done as if there was a cameraman and props there to do a movie. Or that when the word "sacred" is used with "sex" most think that is has to be done to procreate in a very holy way. Sometimes we just drift apart from each other and get caught up in "life" and lose ourselves and our partner not to mention our sex lives in the process of it all. Tonight I am going to talk about how to bring that connection back in a Red So go tell ya mama, ya daddy, ya grandma You DON'T want to miss it! Phone lines will be open for advice on love See you on the Front Porch Meat Markets Hmmmmm Same Thing?

Can you have sex without love? Being Multi-orgasmic And Loving It!! Uneven Relationships and Compromise! What's that? Say What? Fetishes, Yes Please! Girls Night! Revving up your sex life with self pleasure! Self Love and Talking Dirty! No Room for Shame, Guilt, or Judgement up here! Sexual Healing Touch and It's Power! Sex Over 65! It Just Keeps Getting Better Front Porch Sex Talk With MonicaLee 23 Feb star star star star star add Tonight, join me, Monica Lee and my special guests, as we talk some real talk about love, sex, relationships, intimacy and so much more after the age of I find it so very odd that an entity that cares only about sex is so foul looking.

If you wish to spirit keep; be smart, be knowable and do not get an entity to replace something a human is supposed to give you. Get something that is good and actually cares about YOU, not what you give it. Part 2. Sexual Relations with Demons Demonic entity. Webster defines Succubus as: 1. A female demon supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps. An evil spirit; a demon. As someone who grew up around entities I was preoccupied with the notion of succubi as a teenager. These demons are generally NOT family orientated by nature. Any pubescent child would be an energy buffet for a demon of sexual nature.

I have heard some pretty off colored stories from keepers about these demons. Some keepers have experienced anal rips from being sodomized by incubi. While some Demons make excellent companions, many Demons do not. Even as companions these Demons constantly look for loopholes in their keepers tasks. The most famous succubus in history is Meridiana. He quickly agreed and prospered rapidly becoming Archbishop of Rheims, Cardinal, Archbishop of Ravenna, and ultimately Pope.

Meridiana was his closest secret. Meridiana offered a prophecy to her lover the Pope; stating that if he should ever read a mass in Jerusalem it would be his death. Gerbert cancelled his pilgrimage to Jerusalem to prevent his demise. Even Popes need to watch out for those darn loopholes when dealing with Demons. On his death bed Pope Sylvester confessed of his secret lover, Meridiana to his Bishops.

Some claims that they have been with this entity long time. Let me tell you about a client who has allowed me to post this.

About 8 months ago, a client contacted me about a succubus he had for 5 long years without any incident. He also had a girlfriend for 4 years, so she came after he had a succubus but all was ok.

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Unfortunately he would only see her x a month for many years because she worked as an airline hostess. Recently they decided to get married. The man who contacted me had finished college and his job was well enough for him to support himself and her as well as family which they wanted to start. Within a few months his girlfriend quit her job and moved in with him. Also he and his girlfriend were doing more activities together which obviously he enjoyed. Also during that time, he would fear dread when he was with her. As time went by, his girlfriend started telling him that she kept on having nightmares where she was attacked by a woman who had a face of a cat and her skin was a shiny brownish blackish color.

And mind you, until this day she has no idea that her boyfriend had a succubus. Another thing that comes to mind is that this individual had told me that within a year of him having succubus he started having health issues but because they were minor he never thought much of them until they started getting worse around the time his girlfriend started having nightmares of being attacked.

To make a long story short, the relationship started falling apart. He would tell me they fight all the time and there was not 1 day out of the week where they would not bicker. His health started getting worse and doctors could not pinpoint the exact cause of his health related issues.

Succubus And Incubus.

Finally one day he decided to get rid of his succubus because he said when his girlfriend started to have the nightmares of being attacked by a women who had a cat face with brownish black skin, he knew it was his succubus because many time she would visit him in his dream in that exact form but he hoped that it would stop. There is something i deeply do not understand how these creatures get so much criminalized when so many humans behave in the same way or worser.

Is like to say we are perfect they are bad, I do not agree. First if they are so bad why so many magician work with them? Are they all stupid, bad magician or they accept the rosck to deal with beings that they are not constricted by the exact same rules as we are? First of all what was the agreement with Djinn in the begin?

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Was there any? The Djinn got jelouse, wow what a shame. I hear so many men and women that when they become jelouse they are capable of incredible things. What is the difference? The Djinn is eveil because it cares only of its own interest. I never heard that about any human… is it a joke or something?

Again constrict monogamous relationship is something very typical human, created by society, very far from the real love the mythological stories about Gods, Magic and Humans talk about in ancient times even, and it is unrealistic. Loves comes and go? Love is. I cannot assume all these craetures are good and not even bad. Maybe some are angry nervous, deluded others happy and generous. They look scary? And some humans do not look scary…. Before judjement I would examine ourselves… but who can use the right scale? Is this considered right for what reason on Heaven and Earth?