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This nine-session course addresses such issues as how to please God, develop a stable walk with God, think like a Christian, practice spiritual self-defense, live with a focus, and become a prayer warrior. After wandering for 40 years in the desert, Joshua had reason to be apprehensive about entering the Promised Land. But God commanded him to be strong and courageous, and the Book of Joshua shares the powerful story of how God fulfilled his promises and led the Israelites into the long-awaited land of milk and honey.

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This eight-session course shares lessons from Joshua on how to live a life of extraordinary faith. The Book of Job is not only the direct word of God but also a great literary masterpiece. Poet Alfred Tennyson called Job "the greatest poem of ancient or modern times. According to the Beatitudes, we should pursue happiness in the Lord. We need to adopt a theology of happiness. The pursuit of happiness is common to all people. It is the motive behind much of what we do.

But the path to true happiness is far different than people think.

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This nine-session course investigates the joys that can be found in knowing God and living his way. Emotions are both complicated and complex, both mysterious and mystifying. Even the experts are not sure what causes us to experience emotions. Both social science and neurobiology have tried, to no avail, to explain the origin of emotions. And for Christians, emotions can be troubling, frustrating, and untrustworthy. Some emotions seem deeply spiritual; other emotions seem downright sinful. God created us to experience emotions, yet there are still godly and ungodly ways to manage them.

This Bible Study has 20 Lessons Proven resources for deeper exploration of Scripture, Living Word Bible Studies provide effective guidance for groups and individuals alike. This Bible Study has 10 Lessons The book of Joshua offers adventure, great stories, vivid characters, and—above all—an amazing account of the way God fulfills his promises to This Bible Study has 11 Lessons A proverb is wisdom in a poetic nutshell: it is small, like a nut, and gives more and more flavorful meaning as we keep pondering it.

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In the book of Prover This Bible Study has 12 Lessons Proven resources for deeper exploration of scripture, Living Word Bible Studies provide effective guidance for groups and individuals alike. Not just the psalmists but also God's people throughout many generations have used these words to Cart Sign In or Register. New Release E-Mails.

The Possible World Course : a practical, mission-shaped discipleship course for small groups.

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How do we engage with and interpret what we read in its pages? Do we understand how others in the Communion, often because their context is different from our own, do this? Can their context and perspectives be a gift to mine? In exploring some of these questions — together — I am convinced that our appreciation of the Bible may be transformed and enriched.

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You can find out more about their ministry by exploring a number of their websites that support each of their ministries for children, schools, dads, churches, adults and older people. The Agents of Change programme is one of the most exciting innovations, equiping global Anglicans on the frontline of community development.

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It brings the best approaches in distance learning to strengthen the skills of Anglicans working with their churches in the development of their local communities. This book map out a simple method that has sparked an explosion of home grown churches in the United States and around the world. Bob Hopkins and Freddy Hedley examine the importance of supporting leaders through coaching and mentoring, so that mission initiatives, church plants and fresh expressions of church have access to accompaniment that both.

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  • A preaching course of three levels, the Bible in general, second on the New Testament and, third on the First Testament. Ambassadors is part of Capital Vision , the Diocese of London's shared vision for a Church for London that is Christ-centred and outward looking. You are encouraged to share it widely:.

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    • NCD is all about releasing the potential that God has already implanted in our lives. Based on research in more than 70, churches on all six continents, NCD describes universal principles that are applicable regardless of culture or spiritual style.

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      Henrichsen describes modern disciples and how to make disciples of others. Coleman sets out a simple model of evangelism based on the ministry of Jesus. Guidance for church leaders to develop their own maps and chart new paths toward stronger, more vibrant, and more mission the burgeoning missional church movement. Established in an Anglican theological college to do research, support students and the church for evangelism. It publishes newsletters and compiles a list of other resources. ReSource is a UK based agency working for the renewal of people and churches for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit - across all traditions, Churches and denominations, but with an Anglican distinctive.

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      Their vision is to help build a church which is diverse, local, renewed in the Spirit and effective in mission.