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By contrast, Cuban artists have taken a back seat in the awards this year. From the beginning of the awards, Cubans were the focus of protests by anti-Castro forces opposed to their appearance at the Latin Grammy ceremony. This year, they are only modestly represented in the nominations, reflecting a cooling off of the Cuban music scene.

Vives was nominated in two categories, contemporary tropical album for "El Rock de Mi Pueblo" and best tropical song for "Como Tu. Besides Bebe and Natasha, the field includes Diana Navarro and Ilona, a singer-songwriter who began her career performing on buses in her native Colombia. The awards are determined by the 4, voting members of the Latin Recording Academy. Jefferson Blvd. Quintanilla III, songwriters A. The Latin Grammy "year" is odd.

Is it the same with the Grammys? Frank, is Belinda "blatantly appealing" in a way that Grammy nominated "Miami-based teenage rocker JD Natasha" whom I don't know--but I'm just asking is not?

Daddy Yankee got a token nod I see. And yeah, Shakira's album will be all nominated and stuff next year. In the meantime, glad but not surprised to see that Intocable got some nods, that is a great album. Oh and let's play analogies: Lenine is the Juanes of Brazil. Bebe is In merengue, I like some of what I've heard by Krisspy and Amarfis who I think have both put out albums in the time frame covered though I'm not positive.

Guitar Music from Europe and South America

Haven't heard any of the merengue that's nominated. Carlos Vives was pretty impressive the other night outside DC. The '80s style arena rock guitar solos were a tad disconcerting, but his pop melodies and the speedy rhythms from the acoustic members of the band accordion, congas, andean flutes, a bamboo tube thing that's scraped were top-notch. Vives and Juan Luis Guerra who was mahvelous live earlier this year deserve more crossover attention.

I think Vives does get crossover attention, and he certainly has the Estefan Seal of Approval. But to some extent I think it is hard for him to find a niche precisely because his music doesn't sound like any other Hispanic music and doesn't fit into the most popular categories salsa, various types of Mexican music, ska-punk or seem folkloric enough for those who want that straight. I actually own 6 or 7 Vives records, but I haven't bought the last one yet: I may still get around to it. His best albums are, in developmental order, Classicos de Provincia all rocked-up classic vallenatos , La Tierra Del Olvido half rocky traditional vallenatos, half wholly original material, this album is really the golden mean , and El Amor De Mi Tierra much like Tierra Del Olvido, but with a lot more production, more original material, and a lot more salsa touches.

Juan Luis Guerra, who by rights I should be more familiar with than Vives, since merengue and bachata are a bigger presence in my world than cumbia and vallenato, has never left much of an impression, but I do have a couple albums a friend ripped for me, so this is a good reason to give them a listen. But from what I have heard, he's mellow in a way that bores me. Message Bookmarked. Not all messages are displayed: show all messages of them. View Previous Page Or at least, not discernible in any meaningful way.

Now, I realize that's not exactly true--I thought the same about country when I started listening to it back in high school--, but I can see where it's a definite challenge for anyone starting off. One of the things that I find most successful about the comp is that it essentially obliterates the line between overground and underground, mainstream and leftfield. On the one hand there's Colombia's Gladys and Argentina's Negreton serving up sounds you could hear on any radio station south or north of the US's southern border in fact, I've been hearing Negreton's "Dile" getting caned on La Kalle , and then on the other hand there's weird, tierra-de-nadie fare from people like the Netherlands' Dick El Demasiado someone please tell me more about this guy, I've been trying to find his music to no avail and Atom Heart's own contribution in the form of "aciton" aka acid reggaeton.

Essay also put out that Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats CD which seemed to find its way to a lot of ears not attached to conventional listeners of Latin music, so I'm hoping this one gets heard by a broad spectrum as well. That sounds like a useful compilation. I only get a blank page when I try clicking on the Dick El Demasiado link, but maybe that's your point. And based in Paris like the Gipsy Kings? These times is fukced.

And if you have, would you even be willing to admit to liking it?

P&J&...Latin Music???

It does seem to be getting pretty good reviews. I guess it might be annoying to VV people that this has become our de facto all purpose Latin music thread. I keep thinking I'll check out Chavez Ravine, but then that same damn song keeps popping up on various NPR programs, back- if not foreground, they loves it identifies with it? Lots of input from apt, otherwise-new-as-hell-to-me venerable worthies, apparently, but could be one of those Ry albums mainly useful as a taste of something better.

Concert archive

Might do just as well to be guided by the very carefully detailed Chavez review, with links and some soundbites, posted at allmusic. But as you say, it's gotten very good reviews, far as I've seen. Though Ry went on Xgau's shitlist long ago. I've heard bits of other songs from it, seems like it would be worth trip to listening bar If that album weren't the only one you were going for, which it prob wouldn't be, Ah suspect. I didn't like BVSC that much though I've liked bits of it more when I've heard them recently and I didn't like Mambo Sinuendo at all, so it's not like a high priority for me.

But that's what I meant about Ry's albums good and bad, or not-so-good : they can lead you to better stuff. Lalo Guerrero is on Chavez, and the stuff of his I've heard since then is amazing speaking of pachuco boogie, for instance. He died recently, but you might check around for online samples of his '05 release, Sus Ardillitas. Liked it, didn't know how to write about it, suggested to pub send one to Frank.

He said he had, but Frank thought it was too corny. And he's studied with John Santos, but I still like it. Though not enough to remember the title, evidently 2. Fields, now 90 [ got a steady gig, too]began singing Jewish music at age 10, in the choir of renowned cantor Yosele Rosenblatt.

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By the age of 18, he was touring the Caribbean as a tour ship pianist, soaking up rhythms--rumba, pasodole, cha-cha, merengue, and so on--from stops in Cuba and Puerto Rico. I started a thread about that NYT article. Not like original Kraftwerk versions,in that regard Or Chavez Ravine is, on paper, the greatest record of all time. On actual disc, though, it starts going bad on track 2.

Reconocerse vulnerables para resistir juntxs

I like "Poor Man's Shangri-La. Just can't quite pull this off, although I could have made it a better record had he asked me what to do. For example, don't have an obscure Hawaiian dude sing a song about being a Mexican dude displaced by Dodger Stadium. The covers are really good tho. For what it's worth I don't think it's "total kitsch shtick" at alll, certainly not as much as Nouvelle Vague or, say, A. Weapons sorry, just baiting, Chuck - Uwe's interested in seeing what happens when styles collide in unexpected ways.

There was a schtick, of course - contrasting the "cold" Teutonic demeanor with the "hot" Latin one - but I don't think that was the be-all and end-all of the project. As well as his own albums--anybody heard Tribalistas, though? Zumbi without Chico Science? Speaking of yr. RIP, o shit, he was a loss. Strange that the Times didn't even consider Shakira conspicuous by her absence.


Or was her album released too late to be eligible? I'm sad but not surprised that Belinda, from the pop-rock end of the spectrum, didn't get nominated. Too blatantly appealing, I guess. Grammys draw from October through September, which seems less weird than having over half your eligibility in the previous year. I haven't even heard "En Vivo"! Nyama Kumambure Nhemamusasa Mbiringo Marenje Mahororo Chaminuka Serevende Tekez Skopos Tis Gaidas Thalassa Mavri Samai Al Thakil Afou Heis Allon Sti Kardia Nihavent Longa Nihavent Oryental Taksim Oud Solo Kandira Karsilamasi Hicaz Tarsimi Kanoun Solo Mastika Caz Roman Castro Daire Variacoes Em Do Menor Preludio Valsa Balada Da Oliveira Choro De Contraponto Entrada Cantos Da Lua Gestos Danca Das Sombras Concao D'Alcipe Dialogo Crioulo Retorno Cancao Enigmas Miscelanea Variacoes Sobre O Fado Lopes Vira De Frielas Chungkwangjgok Suryong'um Komun'go Sanjo Yuch'osinjigok Sangyongsan Tae-ch'wit'a Ajaeng Sanjo El Castigo De Los Amantes Musica Con Cunli Musica Con Fotutos Melodia En Perkuarsibo Canto De guerra De Los Barri Improvisacion Con Dos Teponaztli Canto De Los Shawnee Canto Del Pajaro Wala Madame Sousthne Parlez Nous Boire Zydeco Gris-Gris La Valse Beausoleil Two-Step Will Balfa Le Blues Morse Les Petits Yees Midland Two-Step J'ai vu le loup Quoi Faire Plus tu tournes La Btaille Le Rindovani A Romalei Te Djilas Joulik Joc Hummus Blues Sari Siroun Yar Bayat Danse Greque Rabiz Opa Tsupa Les Noces Maruzella Coracao Leviano Rumo dos Ventos Recado Argumento Guardei minha viola Roendo as unhas Sinal Fechado So o Tempo Sarau Para Radames Choro Negro Choro de memorias Coracao Imprudente Pra Jogar no Oceano Mireille and Tselonina Aza Izy Izay Mahaleo Hay Hay Rossy Rediredy Tselonina, Mireille and Done Hilalao Lolo sy ny Tariny Metimety Justin Vali Trio Rambala Matrimbala and Ricky Malaso Rossy Aza Miskana Mahaleo Lendrema Lolo sy ny Tariny Rakotozafy Rossy Pilover Mena Tselonina and Mireille Ravoamry Matrimbala and Ricky Retsivery Rossy Fararano Justin Vali Trio Laiana Shofar Nigun Let's Be Happy A Dudele Hopkele May The Temple Be Rebuilt And The Angles Sing Dibbuk Chavelle La Fiesta Raga Darbari Kanarra Raga Rageshvari Raiz Viv Rosa de Castilla Danzas de los Concheros La Maldicion de la Malinche Decimas Jarochas Tierra Mestiza Vals y Corridita El Ahualulco El Cascabel El Zapaeado El Barzon La Feria de Cuautla La Prietita Clara El Hidalguense El Cielito Lindo La Leva Malang Marang Medley of Instrumentals Duniya Lala Sakhadougou Africa Kele Mohammed Oamoi i, oamoi du Josef Bacher Malagueas y Rondea Ni a Tiros Tangos Por la Calle Vienen Seguiriyas Sin Apelacin Martinetes Por Qu la Lunita Crece Tientos Acordanome de Ti All The Cards Heyka Vagabond Telema Korobochka Turn and Spin Smelka Kumushka Rad of the Gypsies Who Goes There Brahms Brothers in Law Lautary Tartil du Coran Taqsim Nay en Bayyati Wasla en Saba Wasla en Bayyati Jaary Ye Gainde Leopold Koor Joor Sama Guent Guii Lees Waxul Riti Fa Tama Siare Naala Ndigal Faal Moon Samba Saawa Ji Moot Na Waay Senegal Fa Yande Codou Sene Palo Yaya Arrolla Cubano No jueges con los santos Bardo Al vaiven de mi carreta Montuno verdad Mi querer Sabroso Como El Guarapo El Escrupuloso Huellas del passado Como Flor y Colibri Tu y yo si somos soneros Mi salsa cubana Paghjella Corsican Mass: Introitus Corsican Mass: Kyrie Corsican Mass: Sanctus Corsican Mass: Tantum ergo Diu vi salvi regina Terzetti Barbara Furtuna Paghjella di Ponte Novu Chjama Paghjella Eramu in campu Punto d'organo Boghe 'e notte a corfos Anninnia Boch 'e notte Su passu torradu Tuddal Troll