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In the showdown to come, in the greatest battle the Romans have ever fought, victory will go to those who can hold high the most potent symbol of war ever wrought by man - the sacred sword of Attila.

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Here are people I enjoyed, hailing as they do from all parts of the known world, the fictional, the semi-fictional and the factual figures all complementing each other perfectly. From the bloody retreat from Carthage through to the final pitched battle, I was glued to the pages of this book.

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The locations are painted beautifully and the novel moves along with such a pace, teaching us about 5th-century warfare but never at the expense of entertainment and fascinating stories. Click on the logos opposite to order these editions from Amazon. Click on the covers to go to Amazon or the publishers. Praise for the Novels of Lauren Willig 'Full of history.

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Parot’s Eighteenth-Century Mysteries

Lauren Willig. Online retailers Or. Also by Lauren Willig.

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  • No one else has ever managed to hold her interest. Ace Samson is legally dead, but very much alive as a member of the Guardians, a special intelligence force assigned to protect and rescue government agents who find themselves in trouble. He is excited and nervous about his next assignment—to recruit Kristi Hartinger to their group. He has never stopped loving her, but is unsure if she can forgive him for leaving her all those years ago. Can he become part of her life again without anyone, including her parents, discovering he is alive?

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    Can she accept him into her life and maintain the lie that he is dead? While Ace and Kristi deal with their personal situation, it becomes apparent someone wants her islands for more than a tourist attraction and wants her property badly enough to kill for it. She faces doubts concerning whether he would ever be there for her when she needs him.

    Abramson has again created characters who are strong, committed to country, and who face both personal and patriotic dilemmas.

    Le Horla de Guy de Maupassant (Free Audio Book in French Language)

    She has placed them in an environment that includes boating, tides, storms, harvesting sea food, and all of the day-to-day realities of island living. At the same time they are facing stiff personal challenges involving staying alive, protecting the lives of others, and being true to their country.

    Game of Thrones: The cult French novel that inspired George RR Martin - BBC News

    Abramson fans are going to love this one. Traci Hunter Abramson has written more than two dozen novels. In the process she has garnered many Whitney award nominations and is a five time Whitney Award winner. She was born in Arizona, graduated from Brigham Young University and lived in Venezuela for a study-abroad program. She resigned from the CIA to raise her family.

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    • She is married, the mother of five children, and a high school swim coach. Also available on CD and for eReaders. This story concerns Lord Morgan Easton who is informed the agency has received word that the notorious French spy Genet will be in attendance at a private house party at a seaside village. Not just any wife, but Miss Josette Northcott, head mistress of a girls school who has been trained in some extra ordinary skills. Josette is willing to accept the assignment. She just wishes she could partner with anyone but Lord Easton.