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Mai sentita male per questo. As we drank deep from the lie. Visto che abbiamo bevuto dal profondo una bugia. The second I saw you through half-shut eyes. Dal momento in cui ti ho visto dai miei occhi socchiusi. Smoke and sunset, off Mulholland. Fumo e tramonto, sopra Mulholland. He was talkin', I was wonderin' 'bout.

Punto di non ritorno - Before the flood (sintesi in italiano)

Lui stava parlando, mi stavo chiedendo a riguardo. You and that girl, she your girlfriend?

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Face from heaven, bet the world she don't know. Viso d'angelo, ma scommetto che non sa. Pretty girls don't know the things that I know. Le ragazze carine non sanno quello che so io.

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Walk my way, I'll share the things that she won't. Uh-oh, dancin' past the point of no return. Uh-oh, balliamo sul punto di non ritorno. He was sentenced to 9 years and 6 months for crimes related to terrorism.

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In these years he also began his career as a musician, with his first performance being at the first Hobbit Camp. He gained the nickname Massimino among the far-right members of Italian society. After the Bologna massacre of 2 August , Massimo Morsello, Roberto Fiore , leader of Terza Posizione and seven other people were accused of subversive association.

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They will then acquitted in They escaped first to Germany, then, after a few months, to London. Italy called for their extradition but it was refused by England because the crimes they were accused of were only political. It has been rumoured that Morsello and Fiore escaped extradition by collaborating with the MI6. At the beginning of their exile, Morsello and Fiore survived by taking temporary work in restaurants. In , thanks to their friendship with various far-right exponents like Nick Griffin , they managed to found "Meeting Point", which was later renamed " Easy London ". Easy London is a society that helps young students and workers live and work in London by providing jobs, beds, and contracts.

This rapidly made Morsello and Fiore wealthy the profits being around 15 million euros , but the society was more of a fundraising tool to help various far-right organizations in Italy. While in London, Morsello continued his musical activities. He played a concert entitled Scusate, ma non-posso venire "Sorry, but I can't come in" that was transmitted to Italy by satellite on 22 July In the second half of the s, Morsello was diagnosed with cancer.


He attempted the controversial somatostatin therapy of Luigi Di Bella , with no success. In April Morsello was able to return to Italy without being incarcerated due to his worsening health condition.

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  5. "punto di raccolta" English translation.
  6. Paul Engemann - Push it to the limit Open up the limit past the point of no return You've reached the top but still you gotta learn. Benjamin Ingrosso - Behave If you came close to me There's no way I would stop you The point of no return So we should stop before we start to move a little closer. Burhan G - Yours Forever I know very well that's what you said But I've heard you whispering that you love me Then it was over, point of no return , return.

    Michael Jackson - Dangerous The way she came into the place I knew right then and there There was something different About this girl. Powerwolf - Resurrection By Erection Before my flesh is fading The virgin has a turn The third of days we're climbing the point of no return. The Phantom of the Opera musical - The Point of No Return Past the point of no return , the final threshold The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn We've passed the point of no return.

    Samra - Miracle It was a one-way road from you and I You rebuilt this castle based on lies And now we have hit the point of no return We crash and we burn, you live and you learn. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation.

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