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When you get to the arena, you can pick the type of game you'll play, but a few basic rules will be enforced for all types of games. Most games of paintball are played between teams with a specific time limit, which may be projected on a wall visibly or marked with some kind of buzzer or countdown. Most games of paintball also involve one team trying to shoot as many players of the opposite team as possible. There are a variety of different games you can play, some of which are outlined in the next section. Keep your mask on at all times. There will be a safety zone where you are able to talk and remove your mask, and then the live fire zone, beyond which you must wear your goggles at all times.

Once you are out in the game zone, you may disengage the safety. After that's done, and the game begins, you're free to begin advancing and attacking the other team's players. Leave the field of play once you've been shot. When a paintball hits a player and bursts, they are out and must leave the field of play.

Step 1: Common Questions & Answers

Players should raise their hand to avoid being shot multiple times, after being hit once. If a paintball bounces off without leaving color on the player, they are free to carry on. It's partially up to the player to self-report hits. It's a lot more fun if everyone plays by the rules. If you get shot, you're out. Aim properly. Paintballs are heavy and much slower than regular bullets, so they can drop significantly in height over a fairly small distance. When you shoot, you need to account for this.

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Aim a little higher than what you're shooting at, and ahead of targets that are moving. If a player is moving, make sure to aim ahead of them at where they are going to be, so that they run into the paintball. Also, imagine their neck to be a lot wider, as wide as their chest, as this is where the paintball will actually hit. Don't aim at someone's head or face.

Aside from being dangerous and unsportsmanlike, these hits typically do not count. Some players like to shoot a lot, but paintballs run out faster than you think. And they're not free. Try to take smart shots, rather than spraying paint all over the field. Keep moving. When you are on the field, whether it be indoor or outdoors, you should keep moving quickly. Don't just wander around aimlessly.

Pick a place to move, then move there, ducking low and moving quickly. Don't run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Wait for your opponents to reveal themselves and make mistakes. Communicate with your teammates. Communication is key when playing on teams of any number. Coordinate attacks, movement, and strategy before hand, and listen to each other on the field.

Paintball Strategy and Tactics For Beginners Guide

If the team leader yells out, "Duck duck goose in effect! Yelling out to move up or duck can and will easily reveal your position. Using hand signals and gestures are the best way to operate. Pay attention. Paintball games can happen pretty quickly, and you'll have to make lots of decisions pretty fast, or you might find yourself eliminated. Be quiet, and listen for tree branches snapping, gravel crunching, and echoes on cement.

Getting started

Breathe through your nose. Most masks will fog up when you breathe through your mouth. So crouch down look around, breathe easy and pay attention to your surroundings. Paintball should be more than running around, ducking from cover to cover and freaking out. Stay calm!

Be stealthy. Learning to creep around will make you a better paintballer. A game shouldn't be about running around like a chicken with your head cut off, or stalking around like the Terminator. Try to move quickly between cover, running with your knees bent and your head down. You want to be as small as possible to avoid getting hit. When you find cover, stay small. Keep your head down and pop up quickly to find a target. Pop back down, get ready, then pop back up to fire a few rounds. Aim carefully and be smart. Conserve your ammo.

It's easy to run out of paint on the field, which makes paintball a lot less fun. Depending on the size of your hopper, you may have plenty, but it's always a good idea to conserve your shots as much as possible, and only shoot when you have a good shot. Don't just blast off shots every time you hear something.

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Wait until you see someone and have a clear shot, close enough to actually hit something. Occasionally, you'll have to engage in a little running and gunning. If you know how to handle yourself, you'll be in a lot better shape on the paintball field. Practice moving side to side, and keeping your gun at a steady level. In this game mode, two teams compete to reach the other side of the map and return the other team's flag to their own base.

If you are shot, you are out, as in normal play. If one team loses all of their players, the other team is free to walk the flag back. Often, this game will be played with a time limit decided by both teams. Even if you eliminate everyone, you still have to navigate to the other side and find the flag and get it back to your side. This game requires teamwork and tactical speed. Play Deathmatch. This is as nitty and gritty as it gets. In this game mode, two teams fight to eliminate all other players on the opposing team.

The game ends when all of one team's players are out, or the time limit is reached. Play Fort Assault. In this game mode, one team has one life each, and must Try to defend a fort from oncoming attackers within a fairly short time limit. The attackers, however, have unlimited respawns, so can wipe off the paint, return to their base, and then start their assault again.

The game is over if the attackers infiltrate the base or the time limit is reached. Play Free-for-all FFA. This game mode is similar to Deathmatch, but there are no teams. Everyone fights everyone, and the game is over when only one person survives. It's usually common to form alliances in the middle of the game, which will obviously be broken somewhere down the line.

This can be a lot of fun. Play by the local rules. All paintballing places will have a strict set of rules, which must be followed at all times for the safety of yourself and of others. For example, many places enforce a 3m rule. If you are closer than 3 meters to another player, you must not shoot them due to the dangers it poses. Some paintballing places give bonus points based on good tactical skill or plays.

There are countless variations and local games, but the basics are usually the same. Some paintball parks will have blue or red arm bands to discern between teams. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Depends on arena's rules. Sometimes yes, other times it may only be in the chest, or a certain region. Not Helpful 0 Helpful I always hesitate before I shoot, and the opposing team always gets me because of that. How do I stop, so I can play to my full potential? Pretend the people you're shooting at are idiots, and you're so frustrated that you just want to wipe them out.

Not Helpful 8 Helpful I'm not old enough to work yet and my parents wont buy me the equipment. What do I do? You can always rent equipment at your local field. Your parents will have to sign a waiver for you, but you don't need your own equipment for it. Not Helpful 5 Helpful I am going paintballing tomorrow; what if I'm scared it's gonna hurt?

The First Time Paintball Player’s Ultimate Guide

You'll be fine! You'll most likely wear armor and it won't hurt, you'll just feel it. If you do get hit with a paintball in a uncovered spot, it may cause a small bruise. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 9. It can hurt if the paintball hits a unprotected area, and it may cause a small bruise. But, most of the time, you'll wear armor and you'll feel it, but it won't hurt.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful Check with the arena rules, they should tell what motion, position, or what to say in case of injury of which you can no longer play. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. As the article says, you can rent it at most paintball arenas, but if you want to buy your own, check your local sporting goods store. Amazon has some stuff too, it just depends on what you're looking for. It depends on the gun, but mostly the speeds range from - FPS feet per second. Not Helpful 4 Helpful You'll typically be given a face mask, terrain boots, body plate, arm and shin guards, and helmets.

Not Helpful 6 Helpful 9. One flag in the center of the playing field and two teams starting on either side trying to get the flag and take it across the field to the other team's bunker base. I really like this game. Another variation is President's men. One person is the President and does not have a gun. He has 4 or 5 men around him that have to protect him for a given length of time. Another variation is called Paris Island in which a 5 people have to protect the flag that hangs in the center of a triangle of forts, bases, and towers. A small group hides in these and tries to protect the flag.

Single Player Strategies

The other larger group has to get the flag 'off the island' or out of the triangle to a safe outside location. This game was invented by Mike Gomez 11 year veteran and can be played at his field, Michigan Battlefield. This is an interesting game. Four predators are released into the forest to hide.

Then the rest of the crew is sent in to find them. Once a predator is killed they are eliminated and have to leave. But if a Predator kills a prey, the prey player becomes a new Predator. Thus the object of the game for the Predator is to increase and proliferate, while the object for the prey is to kill all the predators. This can get to be pretty interesting, if the Prey don't have to check with a referee to become Predators. All a predator has to do is kill a few of the prey in the back of the pack and watch them open fire on their own teammates as they become predators.

This can be abused, so it may be better to have the new predators check in with areferee first to be readmitted. One bunny goes into to hide in a large forest, and bunch of other player's hunter's have to kill him. Another capture the flag variation. If you get killed a teammate can tag you back in.

How To Play Paintball - How to pod paint, how to hold your gun, low paint snap shooting drill

This gets silly after a while. You have to defend and protect the killed player's so their friends don't tap them in. One team must rescue a hostage from the other team and return him "home" unharmed. This game gets very interesting. Each team must kill the other team's leader. Each team has to defend their leader. This can become interesting when a traitor is introduced to each side. One player is a traitor and can turn against his teammates, usually designated by the referee. However, adding traitors makes the game more confusing. This is another capture the flag variation. Two teams each starts with their own flag in their hands.

They have to charge with their flags to the other teams base and hang it there. No need to go get the other teams flag, you sorta start with it. The challenge is getting there. Two players are prisoners and are trapped inside a base. There are a few guards outside. The prisoners can only leave from a designated entrance. The guards guard that entrance. The prisoners' friends are on the perimeter waiting to recue their friends. The prisoner's have no weapons, the guards do. The prisoners' teammates can't fire at the guards until the guards fire at the prisoners.

The object is to get the prisoners out without anyone getting killed. The guards succeed if they kill anyone. Every player for himself, and each player has an arm band. When you eliminate a player you take his armband away and he dies leaves. When time runs out the player that has the most arm bands wins. Two teams line up in straight lines facing each other, can't move. Fire at each other. If get shot must lay down. Winning team has last players standing.

A few players are in a building with small holes in it. Fifteen minute time limit. All other players must kill the two or three players in the prison. Either by shooting their guns, shooting high up and landing them, or from other towers far away. The two in the prison just have to stay alive. This is a nice game to end the day with. A few terminators have a duct taped X on their chest. To eliminate them you must hit them on the center of the X. The Terminators run around and eliminate the other 20 players. You can also add the requirement of having to shoot the Terminators once in the center of the X and once on the back.

We tried this once, and the Terminators wasted everyone! It is a nice way to end the day!

How to Play Paintball: A Guide for Beginners

Source - Paintball-Times. One of the easiest companies I have ever dealt with in Dubai. Dubai Paintball All Rights Reserved. Are You Beginner in Paintball? Paintball games and variations Paintball has tons variations and one can create many more. Center Flag One particularly interesting game is center flag.

President's Men Another variation is President's men. Paris Island Another variation is called Paris Island in which a 5 people have to protect the flag that hangs in the center of a triangle of forts, bases, and towers. Predator Prey This is an interesting game. Bunny Hunt One bunny goes into to hide in a large forest, and bunch of other player's hunter's have to kill him. Freeze Tag Another capture the flag variation. Hostage Rescue One team must rescue a hostage from the other team and return him "home" unharmed. Kill the Leader Each team must kill the other team's leader.

Run the Flag This is another capture the flag variation. JailBreak Two players are prisoners and are trapped inside a base. Get the Bands Every player for himself, and each player has an arm band. Old War Two teams line up in straight lines facing each other, can't move.