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Someone that falls into unfortunate circumstances but works to better themselves, whether it be the homeless , imprisoned etc. I love JJ , although he's in prison , he's got potential , he's my diamond in the rough. A good athlete that was either undrafted or chosen late in the draft 2. Someone good at something that hangs out with bad people who are bad at it.

Diamond In The Rough - Diamond In The Rough

Ben Wallace , an undrafted basketball player has been named defensive player or the year. The lead singer Michael, was the diamond in the rough in the garage band. Diamond in the rough sex. A sexual act involving a married woman inserting a diamond ring in the ass.

Your wife's ring doesn't shine quite the same way after she gave me the diamond in the rough last night.

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Guy 1: I can't believe that a girl that fine lives in a ghetto ass neighborhood. Guy 2: She's definitely hot! She's a diamond in the rough. Hard day Proll Taylor Swifting Circuit Queen And they that were sent, returning to the house, found the servant whole that had been sick. But since these two bear so many similarities, could it be that they were one and the same? This man was a soldier , a man of blood as well, and besides that a heathen, but God saved him. As a student of the Old Testament , and one that feared God, he was no more than a lost Jew. There was probably a man living in Caesarea , who loved the Lord and loved evangelism.

There was a man in Caesarea who had led Samaritans to Christ and even an Ethiopian or two. But God told Cornelius to send messengers 30 miles down the road to the house of Simon the Tanner. Peter was one of the leaders of the church in Jerusalem, the first church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peter who was with Paul in Antioch worshiping with the non-Jewish Christians until some of his friends came up from Jerusalem. To put it bluntly, Peter appears to have been a Jewish bigot, who had a hard time accepting anyone outside of his own race and nationality.

He was a weakling in some ways, and even when he knew what was right he quivered and wavered.

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If there was any man in the church who needed to be taught of God to accept these gentiles, it was Peter. And if there was anyone in the church who should take this message of universal evangelism back to the church in Jerusalem and the rest of the Apostles it was this man. Philip would have been delighted to talk to Cornelius about Christ, but the Lord Jesus wanted it to be Peter and a lesson and example to all of the rest of the saints of God.

As human beings we all have our wants and wishes; we have our ideas on how things should be done. We may even have our opinions on who should be saved , and how they should be saved. We need to follow the light that the Lord gives us, but we should be constantly asking the Lord for more light. I would say that he probably tried to live his life according to the principles of the Ten Commandments.

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As much as he could, within the confines of his duty to the Roman military, he tried to live in a fashion that pleased the Lord. But what makes Cornelius so exemplary is the fact that while he did what he could he sincerely sought the Lord. He prayed to God continually , seeking more light, more information, and more grace. And if I had to guess, I would say that he was praying about the Messiah when the Messiah sent His angel to instruct him about the way of salvation more perfectly. So many think that they have arrived ; that they know what there is to know ; that they are doing all that they should do to serve the Lord.

The fact is that there is much more that we can learn , and that we can implement and that we do. A Diamond in the Rough — Acts Jan 21, Acts Most of us have seen a diamond — at least a small and relatively inexpensive diamond.

God’s Diamond in the Rough

Many of you ladies wear a diamond on the ring finger of your left hand. Of course that is not the way that diamonds are found in nature. After the jeweler has cleaned the rough diamond and forced it into some nice geometric design With lots of different faces and facets , so that it reflects light in three dozen different directions, Most of us could recognize a diamond or something designed to imitate a diamond. But what about recognizing the original natural diamond?

Diamonds are found all over the world. Most people think that South Africa must be the largest diamond producing country in the world, But actually it is third behind Botswana and Russia. We have, here in this scripture, a spiritual diamond in the rough.

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Later in the chapter we find him all cleaned up and sparkling for the Lord. There was the Ethiopian Eunuch , and of course Saul of Tarsus. Lydia , of Philippi, was important as the first convert in Europe.

A diamond in the rough

Some were extremely important on a local level, like Aenaeus and Tabitha. But none were more important than Cornelius, for several different reasons. Not even the conversion of Saul can boast of that. There are several mysteries and anomalies about the conversion of Cornelius. A few weeks ago I mentioned this city. It was the capital of the Roman province of Judea. And for these three reasons you can imagine that most of the Jews detested the place. Several different branches of the Roman military were stationed there.

There were local militias, mercenary divisions gathered from various nations now under the yoke of Rome, And there were some elite troops from Rome itself. But the unofficial position towards Caesarea of the Sanhedrin was probably very negative. He had plenty of Gentiles from which to choose. Indeed there are some mysteries and anomalies in this chapter. And it appears that he came from an influential family. Cornelius very likely had served in various places throughout the Roman Empire, and been exposed to all kinds of heathen religion, But, by the grace of God, he had become convinced that Jehovah was the one true and living God.

Are YOU devout? To be devout is to be serious about what you believe; it is to be truly religious. Here was a man who had little fear of another soldier or even an army of soldiers. He was obviously not afraid of what his superiors thought about how he worshiped God. But he did fear Jehovah in sense that he feared to offend Him. But was he actually a Jewish proselyte?

There is actually quite a bit of debate about that subject. This person forsook all the heathen gods and religious customs, He worshiped Jehovah alone, and practiced as much of the moral law as he could, But he stopped short of the ceremonial law — including circumcision. And I think that is the whole point and problem with Peter. If he had been a proselyte, he would have been much like the Samaritan converts. And the nineth hour, or p. Should I become a proselyte and perhaps loose my job?

And what about this talk about the Messiah having already come?