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Will the folks in Provance in France want to join them and escape French domination? Then, should they decide to demand independence, will Spain let them be, or is a new Spanish Civil War in the wings?

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If so, what will the EU do? As the Kurds demand a separate Nation, how will things unravel in Turkey as it gives up the EU dream and Iraq and Syria as they all three fight each other and try to get the Kurds back in their pocket? And will they take it laying down… I think not. From Mum I learned that British Reserve and politeness.

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It took me a couple of decades, but I finally learned from Dad that if someone jerks your chain, you use it to strangle them to death… fast. Popcorn anyone? Subscribe to feed.

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This Catalan kerfuffle is not a grassroots thing: the Catalan elite are pushing this from the top. My TV news showed a referendum ballot paper which illustrates this perfectly. The paper is bilingual. It had alternative boxes for si and oc. I guess folks are still arguing…. Methinks he found himself staring down the barrel of a large Spanish Legal Gun and decided to step off the line of attack….

They would like to keep the economic gains for themselves, gracias.

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How many of those gains find their way down to the man and woman in the street though? They might have the well-founded fear of revolution common to everyone everywhere at the bottom of the pile. I bet the Catalans wished they had a second amendment. It is not to protect you from robbers, but from a government coming to get you for being you! Interesting… the Catalonian vote completed just before the Spanish Parliament vote on article suspension of local rule. So Catalonia wss officially still in charge when they voted…. Hello, I agree with your point of view. Just to add to your post, as a catalan, I need to clear an important point that has been wrongly interpreted abroad.

Politicians in Catalonia has always been anti-independence; like everywhere else, like the establishment tends to be. Obviously political narratives, are attracted to that. The second most popular party, that won the elections in became basically residual in , just 9 years later, because they refused the independentist push. Is easy to grow when the other side has nothing to offer but threats, and you look at the demonstrations and you see people of all ages, of all political inclinations, of all social classes, smiling and singing together.

You can watch the images of every National Demonstration september 11th since full of smiling and diverse people with absolutely no violence at all. But after , I doubt the EU could be more unpopular anywhere else in the continent. Thanks, and excuse any gramathical errors that might have slipped through… English is not my first language. And thanks for the insight. Those of us on the outside can view things from our own biases, so it is always informative and refreshing to get the views from those in the middle of a situation.

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Also, were Catalonia to join the EU, many little work sinecures, vastly overpaid, would open up for said elite in the huge EU bureaucracy. Nothing noble there. Done properly, the Catalan politicians would have had to secure an amendment to the constitution allowing said referendum. This they did not bother to do. Photo from.

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