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Background and First Punic War (264-241 B.C.)

Indeed, the last Roman embassy sent to Carthage had so presented its terms that the Carthaginian Council could not possibly have complied with them. War between the two powers was now unavoidable. You can still hear him reciting this with smoldering voice-over intensity, but that could be a mere stylistic habit. The important thing is that real analysis is going on in that passage, and readers will find many profitable passages from it.

Readers coming to this book expecting the expected will not be disappointed: Hannibal is here with his elephants and his doomed tactical genius; the Keystone Cop Roman generals are here; Scipio and Cato and Augustus are all here. In light of all this, it would be carping indeed to ask for more.

Home About Contacts and Submissions. Up front, readers are more likely to get this: During the long years of conflict, Carthage had brought Rome to the brink of disaster on more than one occasion. But even so, that theme music can be annoying. Comments Latest Popular. Moving Announcement! December 22nd, Random Posts. Pages About Contacts and Submissions. There is a reason my comment got 2 thumbs up from complete strangers, there are people who know their history. I implore you to explore yours. North Africa has never been black, berber were never black nor Phoenicians, talking on the genetical scale.

Phoenicians are from modern days Lebanon and Syria, not from Eritrea i know Eritrean spoke a semitic language, that makes them Eritrean who spoke a semitic language, not Phoenicians. I'm from Tunisia, i grew up studying those civilisations and looking at depiction of berbers, phoenicians etc.. Hannibal was always depicted as a pale skinned guy with caucasian features, even by the romans he was depicted that way, people will continue to depict him that way.

For the sake of humanity do not try to distort history, black people have their own history that they should be proud of. Just so everyone knows, Carthaginians were Phoencians, Hannibal was a Phoenician. The Phoenicians founded Carthage and it was a Phoenician colony. Hannibal was also named after the Phoenician god Ba'al, not some arab god. Hannibal was one of the Worlds greatest military leaders. Hannibal was not Phonecian or Arab or Lebanese or any of the other suggestions he was a Carthaginian a probable mix of many peoples. I am not an Anglo-Saxon or Celt or Viking i am English a mix of lots of different people just like him and every one else on this Earth.

Just enjoy the Doc! I think they should teach in all schools in the World about Prehistoric Trade routes and movements of peoples. Quite interesting, but they should have considered a better recreation of the battles, clothes, habits. They seem rather medieval to me than antique. I have to write a research paper about someone who we previously learned about. I chose Hannibal but im wondering what facts i should include. Any ideas? Hannibal is a Berber Berbers are known as ancient Libyans the inhabitants of north Afrika. Carthage's are the ancestors of the Berbers now days.

Why Carthage Failed and Rome Succeeded.

I guess one should consider and appreciate his skills not color or race. He was a man with unmatched unbelievable battle winning tactics. He almost finished the mighty ROME. By the way Check history years before. There is no "many africans" in Tunisia, We're very mixed: phoenicians, berbers, arabs, europeans, Jews but definitely not black. Hannibal Barca is Phoenician, the comment about Hannibal being an arab and that his name is Hani and his last name is Barqa from the arabic word "Barq" which means the lightning is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard, sorry. There were no Arabs.

Hannibal was black african.

A Puny AAR

Most Tunisians are Ottoman Turks in ancestry anyways and have nothing do with arabs. Phoenicians were black africans. Did you even read what i've wrote? And who ever said Africans don't speak Arabic. Last just because it's a popular name in Arabic doesn't mean it's Arabic duh.


Hannibal was Mediterranean not black nor white but he still caucasian. He was African, not black. The north coast of Africa was colonized and heavily populated by the Phoenicians and Mediterranean populations, the whole middle of Africa for the most part was occupied by the nomadic Berbers, not "black" people.

Ryan, that view doesn't fit in with Black Revisionist history at all. And of course ALL the wonders of ancient Egypt and everything else including the foundations of Greek culture were the creations of Black Africans. Look at all the evidence of high culture and advanced technology south of the 15th parallel north. Your speaking the truth but today such suggestions are heretical. Hannibal's, along with Carthage's downfall was not being able to foresee a unified empire amongst Carthage and the surrounding places. Many of the Numidian tribes were tratiors by joining other empires Rome in particular.

Hannibal was chilling in Italy while N. Africa was getting it ss kicked. He was too reluctant to join the Second Punic War and by the time he did it was too damn late. But for what its worth, he still managed to give a good ss fight! He still had those elephants and the noise from the battle crys and trumpets scared the elephants out of their trained paths. A key factor in Hannibal being defeated. Watch out! Historians debate whether Hannibal used African or Indian elephants.

Most historians think he used African ones. But in the documentary the elephants used are clearly Indian elephants. I suspect a 'plot'. Whoever is trying to put one over on African elephants, I have a message for you. Shame on you! You, you, small-eared-supremacist, you. That answer is no. There is no such thing is indian elephants. There is only two kinds of elephant in this world ,China and Africa.

But the elephants was relocated to india to be move to fight in battle with Hannibal. If the elephant has a round shape ear it is from China ,If the elephant has a diamonds shape ear it is from Africa. But DNA shows that both elephants came's from Africa.

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Indians don't go that far back , they are a mixed race. DNA have about three to two different kinds , from native Americans with give the tan skin, white with give them strait hair.

The more dense the projectile the more effective it was so lead was mostly used for serious warfare. The statue is misleading as to the ethnicity of Hannibal, and this would not be the first time Eurocentric white supremacist attempt to steal history from an ethnic group not their own. White supremacist, to this day are steal trying to assume the Egyptians to some sort of Eurocentric culture blend. Hannibals lineage was from Tyre in modern day Lebanon. If I do know anything about aristocracy and Hannibal being supposedly descended from Dido the upper crust tend to marry in their own strata thus consolidating power and bloodlines just like all Empires.

He should of at least did what Spartacus succeeded in doing by liberating the enslaved peoples of the surrounding countryside or of the tribes that did support Rome to replenish his troops then laid siege. I would like to have seen what the world would have looked like today had this have happened sans the child sacrificing though. I did learn how Cartegena acquired its name. Good doc Vlatko.

Great Documentary CARTHAGE THE RISE AND FALL [ Great ]

You and your staff are doing a great job at TDF. My favorite site! And also he was North African. Skin color does very in Africa as it does on all the continents. The only reason you know Hannibal was African was because you just saw a documentary about him in which white people said he was African. Unless you thought that they thought he was white because the statue is made out of marble?

Should it have been granite? Or obsidian? Why is Hannible White when he came from Africa-again white people claiming ideas not of their own. Ratings: 8. Share this Documentary :. Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Hannibal trying to make peace with the romans bought about the fall of Carthage. And all Europeans and Russian etc are descended from him. And it does matter he was african decent!!!! The actor playing Hannibal is Dr. Bashir from star trek deep space 9. I never said Hannibal was Arab so we agree on something, he wasn't arab. Actually you are surprisingly informed of the region as it is today.

Don't rely a lot on votes i got 3 on a previous comment when i said that hannibal is not black. Phoenicians are from modern days Lebanon and Syria, not from Eritrea i know Eritrean spoke a semitic language, that makes them Eritrean who spoke a semitic language, not Phoenicians I'm from Tunisia, i grew up studying those civilisations and looking at depiction of berbers, phoenicians etc..

Thanks for uploading! Frodo at Smh Hannibal was African with dark skin. Thumbs down! Hannibal had two spies that gave out his info witch lead to his defeat about the elephants. Well I can explain all Africans in North Africa. What else would you call them? Then could you please explain the many Africans in north Africa?

Where is the last piece Hannibal profile P9??????? Sugarlumpken Missing I guess. Damn Nick Taylor, you sure have a way with words! TruthSeeker1st And also he was North African. TruthSeeker1st Dude, wtf are you talking about? Where did they say he was white? You're a nitwit, and that's not how you spell Hannibal. You might as well just throw the rock. It's called expansion. Good Documentary!! Very Informative.