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Parsons, sold July to W.

Phanuel (angel)

Obit 28 Aug. This is a later, more accomplished version of the small watercolour that forms part of the series of illustrations to English history executed c. This has only two bystanders on the right and five fully defined figures in the main group; only some five further heads are suggested behind.

There is also a pencil drawing of the main figures, without any architectural setting, that seems to have been drawn between the two watercolours; though much closer to the Tate Gallery version, it retains the somewhat looser grouping of the figures of the earlier watercolour Keynes Collection, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; Butlin , no.

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This suggests a date, supported by style and technique, for the Tate Gallery watercolour. It is however the smaller, earlier version of this composition that would seem to date from c.

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Jane Shore d. On Edward's death in she was attacked by the Protector, the future Richard III, who imprisoned her in the Tower, seized her goods, and, to complete her ruin, accused her of harlotry. Tindal, third ed.

Blake probably chose the subject as a protest against orthodox sexual morality. Erdman has suggested that there is also an anti-monarchist element in many of the early historical paintings, but this has been denied by Anthony Blunt review of Erdman ed. Treatment at the Tate Gallery in showed that the varnish covering the watercolour was considerably later and it was removed, leaving a much more translucent layer of size below.

6: Penance, Prayers, and an Incorrupt Heart

Finishing in size to give greater depth to the colours was quite common among watercolourists at the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth, and Blake may have added it for his exhibition in Susan Matthews. Konstantinos Stefanis.

Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest Share this page. Not on display. Artist William Blake — Medium Ink, watercolour and gouache on paper. He's also presenting a ceramic boombox and a Duchampian urinal.

Triple Concupiscence

Peet has created several cups that have a porcelain knife cutting through them, drawing a thin line between violence and civility. Frey, who takes a deep interest in the surface of her ceramics, has decked a Hobie-inspired skateboard with a bespectacled nude drawn by her son Arsun when he was seven.

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Meanwhile, McCarthy has integrated his pigeoning practice into his clay work by crafting minimalist coops outfitted with electricity and feeding vessels. English porcelain, temple white glaze, Nasa Red engobe, reduction fired. The Devil is in the Details. September 11, pm.