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People just fall for other people. At one point, Natalie's boss Charles tries to make Natalie love him by mimicking her love Markus but of course it doesn't work. And it's not just looks, Markus is described throughout as odd looking, even ugly, while Natalie always positively, beautiful, goddess, the most beautiful woman in the office, etc.

The story explores love tentatively which is maybe the only way to explore love - and of course draws no conclusions, just that two people found each other and fell in love. The lightness of the story - there isn't a plot - and the fluid writing style that is unchallenging and simple but not simplistic , make "Delicacy" both a quick read but also more enjoyable as you just get swept up in the story and can enjoy these two likeable people slowly come out of their own respective shells and find a reason to live.

The romance in the novel is not cloying, melodramatic, or salacious as it can sometimes be in romance stories. Here it's written almost as an afterthought to a burgeoning relationship. It's charming and it feels real. The style of the novel is to have short chapters interspersing the longer ones which contain small titbits to complement the story such as the ingredients to a dish the characters are eating or an excerpt from a book the characters are reading or a text message sent from Natalie to Markus.

These chapters didn't really need to be there but chopped up the story nicely and kept you turning the pages. For some reason having these breaks in between chapters make it an even smoother read than it is. David Foenkinos has written a romance novel for people who don't normally read romance novels. It's light and breezy like a love song sung on a summer night and can be enjoyed just as purely and completely. I can understand why some might feel it to be insubstantial but that is what a delicacy is, isn't it?

Something delightful to savour for a few moments before it's gone and you move onto the next thing. In that, "Delicacy" is a triumph - a wonderful read that people who enjoyed "High Fidelity", "Chocolat" or "Amelie" will love. I sure did. Oct 27, Jenne rated it did not like it Shelves: fiftyfifty-me I think this book thinks it's charming, but it just left me feeling gross.

The main character is this woman who is barely even a person, just a beautiful face with vaguely strange habits. Of course, everyone loves her for no special reason. It just seemed like the author really wanted to fuck Audrey Tautou and decided to write a book about what he would like her personality to be, but he didn't even care that much and just put in a bunch of random crap to make it sort of like Amelie. Also, don't I think this book thinks it's charming, but it just left me feeling gross.

Also, don't put in the book who you think should be in the movie. It's tacky. You know who else does that? Dan Brown. Jan 03, Winna rated it really liked it Shelves: mellow-books. Another holiday read. I find this one charming, and very delicate. I like the author's writing style, quite unique with bits of random things that relate a bit to the story, enchanting characters that are flawed, quirky but real.

The universe is in your hand

I like Natalie, I find myself wanting to know more about her and how her relationship with the people around her evolve. More excited to find that a movie starring Audrey Taoutou is to be released soon, based on this book. I imagine her when I read, and what a perfect ca Another holiday read. I imagine her when I read, and what a perfect cast. The cover also caught my eye, and it's a different one with the movie poster of the leads sitting side by side staring across the city.

Finding this book is like discovering a rare and hidden gem. Truly emotional, well paced, and wonderful distance that the author keeps when he tells the story of his characters but also adding depth to each of them. Apr 27, Rowena rated it really liked it. Loved this book and the two wonderful main characters!!

Mar 08, Vivek Tejuja rated it it was amazing. Once in a while, you chance upon a book, that you just have lying on your shelf and intend reading someday. However, that someday takes a while and when you do read it; you begin to realize that you wasted a lot of time, waiting for that someday. I kept wondering, why had I missed out on this when I first bought it? Why did I wait for two years to read this book?

And all it took me was a six hour bus ride to finish it and come out of the rever Once in a while, you chance upon a book, that you just have lying on your shelf and intend reading someday. And all it took me was a six hour bus ride to finish it and come out of the reverie with a big fat grin on my face. It is full of joy, happiness; comic moments and at the same time, there is sadness as well.

Natalie is a woman who has it all. A great lover, who in turn becomes her husband. A successful job. A life which is fulfilled — more or less and there is nothing she could need or want. Till her life falls apart in one minute, or rather on a fateful Sunday, when the love of her life gets run over by a car and nothing makes sense anymore.

And then just like that, life changes again and Natalie sees herself falling for the most unusual man ever. The setting I must mention is the city of romance, the capital of love, Paris. Paris is almost another character in the book — all pervasive and right there, sometimes mocking and sometimes encouraging love, the way it should be.

What I loved about the book was the way it is written but of course. The chapters are short which I love and there is no melodrama. It is as real as it could be. There is office romance. There is life going on as usual after the loss of a loved one. There is also the knowing that life may not be the same, but it will change for the better, if you want it to. He may not be her knight in shining armour and yet Foenkinos writing makes him one. The book speaks of social norms and breaks all of them in one single long sweep.

I am not one for romantic books and yet Delicacy is romantic and not so, if you know what I mean. There is a lot of soul to the book. There were times I found myself weeping and with the next turn of the page, I was smiling. You cannot read it when you wish to. You perhaps have to wait it out, like I did. There will always be such books and the good part is that there will always be patient readers, waiting to be enthralled. I started this book in much the same way as the main character - hopeful.

It seemed so full of promise. Unfortunately, I very quickly found myself becoming irritated by the writing style, which reads like a cross between a movie script and a Twitter feed. Is it really necessary for a page book to have chapters? I should have been forewarned by the footnote on the first page, where after saying "But she never ever fel I started this book in much the same way as the main character - hopeful. I should have been forewarned by the footnote on the first page, where after saying "But she never ever felt nostalgia.

That was something that was quite rare for Natalie" the author feels compelled to add a footnote saying "There's often a clear tendency for nostalgia in Natalies". Even though the story is quite slight, there are plus points. The two main characters are quite well drawn, and the writing style is such that not only do you get to see their back story and motivation, but you get to see their thinking. Unfortunately, there are other characters who, for me, actively detracted from the book.

Natalie's boss, Charles, in particular is supposed to be holding down a responsible position but acts in such a way that in real life, he would be in industrial tribunals and police investigations so fast his head would have been spinning. Considering the book is set within the last decade, he seems to have been drawn from the 's. Sep 11, Jennie rated it did not like it Shelves: books-that-waste-my-time. Someone at work left this on my desk with a note saying she thought I would like it.

We shall see.

Chronique Français

Quirky, Frenchy chick lit. The first part is well written in spite of its inherent melodramatic quality. The second half I would have given it 2 stars but then I got to this part: "She understood Someone at work left this on my desk with a note saying she thought I would like it. I would have given it 2 stars but then I got to this part: "She understood that she'd wanted that more than anything, to rediscover men through a man who was not at all a frequenter of women.

So that they could rediscover the handbook of affection. It's criminal that the reviews for this title likened it to work by Nick Hornby and Jonathan Tropper. View 1 comment. Mar 26, Aman rated it liked it. I like the book in general because I found the writing so beautiful and fascinating but the story didn't interest me much it wasn't original and the love triangle is always a bad idea for me. Firstly, I want to prepare everyone about to read Nathalie that it isn't like anything else. And it truly is. My best advice is just to read.

Don't judge. Just allow Foenkins to guide you through the pages.

Anthologie des poètes français contemporains/Tome troisième

No prejudices. I promise you, you won't regret! Apr 04, Plateresca rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. A very little book, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, philosophical and somehow nostalgic. A few quotes: 'No one understands people who say they want to be alone. The only thing is, I've read it after watching the movie, which was written and directed by the author; and since, as I understand, he does write for film regularly, this story is told in a very cinematic way, or the film was made very close to the book, so in the end reading the book after watching the film is very much like re-watching or re-reading the same story, they're unusually close as compared to the regular book-film relationship.

A very nice read, really. Also, thanks to it I've discovered the music of Alain Souchon Jul 04, Katie rated it it was amazing. What a delight of a book! Felt like a cross between a novel and a poem. The concise and gorgeous language of a poem, and a strong focus on the main characters, without much background to distract or fill it into a full narrative. So many of the quotes are sticking with me Incredible use of language.

What What a delight of a book! What a refreshing read. I hate the love story novels!! It's "just nice" kind of books. Oct 14, Dania Saad rated it it was amazing. Apr 29, Lastoadri rated it really liked it Shelves: , favorites , e-book. Simple, beautiful, intimate and delicate.. My only problem was with the translation. I think the original language must have been much better.. This book has added a color of delicacy to my summer!

Jan 28, Genia Lukin rated it did not like it Shelves: other.

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What an unbearably cutesy book this is. May 13, Moushine Zahr rated it liked it. This is the first novel I've read from French author David Foenkinos. The novel's subject is about the too often written about: relationship between a woman and a man, romance In this book, the author wrote about a too common subject with a different approach and using his own style. While at the beguinning, readers are thought that the story is about one couple, the author derails the story to another relationship of the wife with another man.

The author used humour, adds a small chapter to a This is the first novel I've read from French author David Foenkinos. The author used humour, adds a small chapter to add details on one element and then returns to the story, and unexpected twist. I liked reading this novel.

The characters are well developed. She's a young, beautiful, and widow and he's young, average looking with a history of deception in relationships with women. The story is well written. The relationship's intrigues are well developed throughout the novel. I had the feeling that the author was not only written a story about relationship between a woman and a man, but he was only analyzing it for readers at the same time.

Maybe it's as if the novel was not really about the relationship, but more about the impact of the relationship on the character of the woman and the man. Nov 19, Eva rated it it was ok. How to review this book? I wouldn't say it's badly written or has a bad storyline. I liked the grief portion and the relatively slow build of the romance. I liked both Markus and Nathalie.

I had two main problems with this book though. The first is the predictability. I saw everything coming and was thus very bored throughout. Well actually, I would have never picked it up. My second problem was Charles. He How to review this book? He was so so so annoying! I couldn't stand him. He only whined. Overall, I gave this two out of five stars. I would only recommend this if you're loooking for a light, brainless read and even then I would recommend an array of other novels first.

Wow I hated this book. I don't even have any energy left to properly review it. It's boring. It's sexist. Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope level Need I say more? Seriously, everyone is in love with Nathalie and her "feminity". This book was practically screaming at me "I was written by a man!!!!! Pretty sure there were some racists comments? Also this weird ableist sentence? I don't even wanna check back to make sure I'm not mistaken this is how fucking aweful the book is, I Wow I hated this book. I don't even wanna check back to make sure I'm not mistaken this is how fucking aweful the book is, I don't wanna touch it anymore.

Yeah probably a lot more things I would rant about but urghhhh I think I'm done for now. Nov 30, Sarah Shaheen rated it liked it. Loved the writing but the rest of the book was forgettable. From thereon impenetrable, she coolly deflects the sexual advances of Charles, her boss, and channels her grief into her work. Yet the unexpected happens when Nathalie - out of the blue - kisses her Swedish colleague Markus on the lips. Although the kiss is merely "un acte gratuit" an unwarranted act to Nathalie, Markus - old, balding, single, awkward and unlucky with the ladies - is overwhelmed, stupified and approaches her.

Between them, a friendship forms and finally develops into 'something more' that is both unlikely and lovely. The theme of chance, as evidenced by le baiser gratuit the unwarranted kiss , runs throughout the novel. It is because Foenkinos makes us wonder at these miracles that we are so easily drawn into the novel. Despite everything that seems to happen by chance in the novel, however, Foenkinos ties the whole story together in 'mini' chapters, which are not only told from the points of view of Nathalie, Markus and even Charles, but sometimes also consist of nothing but facts.

For instance, one chapter will describe Nathalie and Markus having dinner together and then next will simply enumerate the ingredients used to make their risotto. One chapter will tells us about how Nathalie hops on a train and the next will detail the arrival and departure times of her journey. In some ways, this is the juxtaposition between the surreal and banal, the circumstantial and deliberate.

To be delicate 2. To be in delicacy with someone: to be on bad terms with someone Indeed, delicacy manifests itself throughout the novel. Nathalie herself is delicate in a petit and charming way and is the outwardly embodiment of delicacy. Yet after she becomes widowed, she finds herself in a delicate situation of which the indelicate Charles hopes to take advantage. As Nathalie herself concludes, even Chloe - her colleague - asks indelicate questions and cares only for "des ragots" gossip.

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On the other end of the delicacy spectrum, however, is Markus. Satz; mit Vorwort dt. Klavierfassung des Violinkonzerts op. Sammlung praxisorientierter Orgelmusik. Passauer Chorbuch. Salieri: Prima la musica e poi le parole Divertimento teatrale in one act. Requiem c-Moll. Missa pro defunctis. Werkausgabe, Partitur, Sammelband, Urtextausgabe.

Chorbuch 20 St. Sammlung 20 St. Mozart: Missa brevis in G KV 49 47d. Chorpartitur mit Soli 20 St. Schubert: Intende voci orationis, D Offertorium. Mozart: Tantum ergo in D KV e. Fassung 2 , Klavierpartitur. Bach: St. Venetian sonatas : Vivaldi, sonata in g minor; Albinoni, sonata in c major for oboe and B. Com - Back to the Music. Spartiti classico Universal Edition Boulez P. Partitur und Stimme. Vox Humana, Band Die Gitarre in der Haus- und Kammermusik.

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Alpine Songs 2 bn playing scores - Regan Bassoon Duet. Trio no. Orestiada, la. Mort du tasse, la Pourquoi la Police souffre? Histoire Pittoresque et Anecdotique des Anciens Chateaux. Traite General de Photographie en Noir et en Couleurs. Instruction pour les Bergers et pour les Proprietaires de Troupeaux. Paris en et en : Histoire de la Rue, du Club, de la Famine. Nouvelle instruction pour les confitures, les liqueurs et les fruits. Phebus des deduiz de la chasse des bestes sauvaiges et des oyseaux de proye.

Dictionnaire de marine contenant les termes de la navigation et de l'architecture navale. Dissertations sur les apparitions des esprits et sur les vampires. Notre Dame de Paris : A short history and description of the cathedral. Balzac intime : Balzac en pantoufles, Balzac chez lui. Secrets merveilleux de la magie naturelle et cabalistique du petit Albert. Des sciences occultes : Essai sur la magie, les prodiges et les miracles.

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Petit manuel de la transition : pour toutes celles et ceux qui aimeraient mais doutent qu'un autre monde soit possible. Le bonobo, Dieu et nous : A la recherche de l'humanisme chez les primates. La gauche ne doit pas mourir! Comment rendre votre enfant heureux? Et les faibles subissent ce qu'ils doivent? Petit manuel de la transition : Pour toutes celles et ceux qui aimeraient mais doutent qu'un autre monde soit possible. L'Euro : comment la monnaie unique menace l'avenir de l'Europe. Les apprentis sorciers L'invraisemblable histoire de la loi travail.

Un monde sans esprit : la fabrique des terroristes. Histoire de l'empire des Habsbourg : Tome 1, Histoire de l'empire des Habsbourg : Tome 2, Angela Merkel, une allemande presque comme les autres. Bill et Hillary Clinton : Le mariage de l'amour et du pouvoir. La reine au Moyen-Age. Furies de Hitler les.


L'agonie d'une monarchie : Autriche-Hongrie, L'Invention de la guerre moderne : Du pantalon rouge au char d'assaut La guerre romaine : 58 avant J. Front d'Orient. Le pull-over de Buchenwald : "J'avais 14 ans dans les camps de la mort". Pierre le Grand : Le premier empereur de toutes les Russies. Au service du roi - Dans les coulisses de Versailles. La Grande illusion. Quand la France perdait la paix Isabelle et Ferdinand : Rois catholiques d'Espagne.

La bataille de Normandie : 6 juin - 12 septembre , jours en enfer. Le duc d'Edimbourg: une vie au service de sa majeste. La Bastille. Chiites et sunnites : La grande discorde en questions. La saga des Rothschild : L'argent, le pouvoir et le luxe. Dictionnaire des institutions du Consulat et de l'Empire. Merci Paris! Le monde selon Sacha Guitry : Sagesses, aphorismes, mots d'esprit et perfidies. Le guide complet de l'artiste pour dessiner les visages.

Emilie et Oskar Schindler : Double jeu contre les nazis. Les chevaliers d'Emeraude La princesse rebelle. Une approche du Coran par la grammaire et le lexique French Edition. Histoire du chat et de la souris qui devinrent amis. Dictionnaire des concepts nomades en sciences humaines : Tome 2.

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Le Rouge et le Noir : Roman de , impossible en Femmes, Travail, Metiers de l'Enseignement. Rapports de Genre, Rappor Ts de Classe.

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