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Donovan Creed Two Up 3 and 4 by John Locke

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But minutes before, in a phone call from Karen, he was told that her friend was lying in her trunk, bloody and in a police-mans uniform. The third was a few pages later when he worries about the police finding blood evidence in Karen's trunk from the same man mentioned. Yet it was stated previously the trunk was clean. These are things that bother me but I think I'm bothered less by them here because Locke's books are anything by simple.

You really need to follow along and pay attention. I guess with so much drama all around I can overlook a few minor contradictions. I do wish someone would have caught them for him though. But I really, really liked the story, The ending was the edge-of-your-seat type of ending. I wasn't prepared for Rachel's answer most of all and For 99 cents on Kindle you really can't beat it.

I'm really happen I happened to see this while browsing in the Kindle store. Feb 25, Giovanni Gelati rated it it was amazing. I love Donovan Creed and the writing style of John Locke. I have totally enjoyed them from beginning to end and could have read them all back to back but I have been trying to portion them out. Anyway, one more stat from our geeks- every 10 seconds ,24 hours a day, a John Locke novel is downloaded somewhere in the world.

My experience in the whole thing as far as this blog goes: each one of the posts on Locke is still one of the most visited every day of the week, yes every day, thanks to one and all! Trestle Press thanks you by the way. It is quick, it is fun, it will confuse you, and trying to figure it out is just about pointless.

For entertainment value, it is off the charts. Sucking up something this entertaining for a mere buck is an incredible added benefit. Donovan Creed is, or I should say, has, quickly become one of my top ten characters in this genre. Did you just read that? BAM, yes you just did. I will read every one this guy puts out with this character.

Have you read one of these yet? If you have what are your thoughts? What are you reading today? Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on. Did you know you can shop directly on Amazon by clicking the Amazon Banner on our blog? Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day. May 18, Jeff Silvey rated it it was ok. John Locke was the first self-published writer to sell one million ebooks on Amazon. I wanted to see what all the shouting was about.

Unfortunately, this thriller just wasn't executed well. There are many of indicators of amateur writing: 1 The overuse of italics throughout the first third of the book are distracting. Also, there are many logic issues with the story itself. It's difficult to feel tension when the James Bond-villain-like machinations are so outrageous. There are too many plot twists- every major character has their own twist.

I think I sprained my eyes from all the eye-rolling I did trying to get through the story. I understood that to mean, since these are hard-boiled type thrillers, they are pulp stories meant for entertainment. However, that should not be an excuse for poor writing mechanics. May 05, Chanda rated it did not like it. Sitting here trying to think of what to say about this book I kept thinking of that part on The Grinch where the Grinch Jim Carey is going through the phone book, "Hate, hate, hate.

Hate, hate, hate. The writing was sophomoric and the details of the plot are disorderly and confusing. And the end The last sentence just stops right in the middle of the scene. There's no closure at all. The attempt to get you to b Sitting here trying to think of what to say about this book I kept thinking of that part on The Grinch where the Grinch Jim Carey is going through the phone book, "Hate, hate, hate. The attempt to get you to buy the next one is too obvious and it makes the last page resemble a choose-your-own-adventure novel.

Of all the ways there are to write a thriller, 'Saving Rachel' must be said to fall into the 'outrageous' category. Think of Raymond Chandler freed of all the moral qualms of his day and let lose with his inhibitions loosened and you would get one step of the way towards placing John Locke's novel. Or imagine sitting in a bar next to a guy who really knows how to talk and who has the task of constructing the most implausible story - to explain away why he has just slept with the most beautiful wo Of all the ways there are to write a thriller, 'Saving Rachel' must be said to fall into the 'outrageous' category.

Or imagine sitting in a bar next to a guy who really knows how to talk and who has the task of constructing the most implausible story - to explain away why he has just slept with the most beautiful woman in the world while all along he feels guilty about cheating on his loyal wife - and you would be another step closer. Add to this the fact that your storyteller seems set to take as many chances as possible that you might suspect him of straying into the wild, wacky and downright preposterous deliberately to strain your sense of belief in what he is telling you before drawing back just at the point where you might say, 'now that really is going too far' and you would be most of the way there.

The success of 'Saving Rachel ' is all about this voice, captured so well. It's the goal of many authors. It seems easy. Tell the story to your reader as if you are the main character speaking directly to them. The great writers achieve this effortlessly. The rest struggle to find the voice. Here, discounting any claims to effort or higher purpose, John Locke is right there on the money.

Within the parameters of yarn spinning and risk taking, the flow of prose is infectious: 'I'm grounded, but the world around me starts swirling at an insane speed, like I'm stuck in the eye of a tornado, only there's no flying cow. I want to vomit. I want to fall to the ground and pound my fists and scream until this crazy day ends, But I don't do any of these things……. The improbability of it all is splendid, semi-surreal at times, inspiring delight at its barefaced cheek.

There is the odd 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern' effect as the story is recounted through the eyes of Sam Case when the title tells you that this is a 'Donovan Creed novel' and said contract killer Creed is hardly to be seen. Creed does in fact take up the narrator role two thirds of the way through, an odd transition where too much of the improbability is attempted to be explained away. Indeed, the Creed voice is the same voice but with a shallow callousness that undermines all that has gone before. This takes away the possibility of the triumph of an ordinary man like Sam Case over adversity, however bizarre, and replaces it with the cynical contention that men like Case are bound to fail at the hands of manipulation by truly evil men like Creed.

More strangely, Rachel and Sam's story has a continuation of sorts in the follow up novel, 'Wish List'. There, it is clear that far from being saved, Rachel has been made a doomed creature for the fulfillment of Creed's weird fantasies and Sam a pathitic bystander. A dose of reality or cynical anti-humanitarianism? It's not too difficult to decide. First reviewed here Jan 16, Teneal rated it it was ok. This was a book I just picked up for a quick read to get me through until Feb when I could start my Feb reads.

The writing of this felt a bit 'amateurish' at times but I liked the book at some stages because it kept me guessing and made me want to read on to find out what was going to happen. I did not like 'Part 2' of this book at all. It told the other persons point of view and I found it very confusing and just not my type of thing at all. All up the logistics of the book were very confusing t This was a book I just picked up for a quick read to get me through until Feb when I could start my Feb reads. All up the logistics of the book were very confusing too me.

I got the basic gist of the book: view spoiler [A man had invented something that could look after his clients billions of dollars by transferring it around the world every ten minutes or so until the client entered a 16 digit code and the money would be instantly transferred back to their account. That way no one could track their money that they had more often than not in this case illegally obtained. Gangsters then decide to steal all this money off Sam - but not in the simple way you would think.

I'm even having trouble explaining this it's so confusing. So the gangsters kidnap Sam and shoot his sister in law and then pretend they didn't???? Sam half falls for this but finds out that something really is going on when he really does find his sister in laws dead body.

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Jun 10, Lisa rated it did not like it. This was one complicated story. The main character is a man who designs computer programs for a living, and who has created a program that will move money for wealthy clients who need to hide large assets. He makes a lot of money doing this and has control of billions of dollars.

In a bizzare story line that I am not going to try to summarize because it is too complicated, he gets caught up in events in which his wife and mistress may or may not have been kidnapped, his sister-in-law and others m This was one complicated story. In a bizzare story line that I am not going to try to summarize because it is too complicated, he gets caught up in events in which his wife and mistress may or may not have been kidnapped, his sister-in-law and others may or may not have been killed, and a gangster wants something from him but won't immediately say what it is, other than to demand to know his wife's bra size.

Of course, we all know: he wants those billions of dollars. The story proceeds into a conclusion that involves characters imprisioned in large lucite cages, facing multiple ethical dilemmas--but since not one person in this book has any ethics to begin with, it's more of an exercise in guessing who will turn on whom. In the end, it is explained that these elaborate setups had to take place because the main character is a bright and logical man who could only be fooled if he experienced sensory overload. Unfortunately, the reader gets that same dose of sensory overload.

The payoff at the end of the book--unraveling the mystery of what was happening and who was responsible--was not big enough to justify reading it. This was a free Kindle book, but one I wouldn't recommend. View 1 comment. Jul 04, Harry rated it it was amazing Shelves: pulp , assassins-as-protagonists , assassins-for-hire. Continuing with my pursuit of the lone Hero see reviews for Joe Pike novels, John Rain novels, and Jack Reacher novels Donovan Creed is probably the most unique character I came across.

Locke made his fame and fortune self-publishing his books in the Kindle world. I was surprised at what I read and hooked from the start. Unlike my other series Continuing with my pursuit of the lone Hero see reviews for Joe Pike novels, John Rain novels, and Jack Reacher novels Donovan Creed is probably the most unique character I came across. Unlike my other series books, however, there is a difference in the books in terms of ratings First of all, the books are short but packing a powerful punch, a mixture of excellent humor left me laughing at the insanity of what I was reading and the grim reality of a hero who kills people.

Lethal people introduces us to Creed, the business he is in, his side-kicks and his insane relationship within his own world and certainly the world most of us live in let's just say Creed is not fit to live a normal life and does not understand it. Get ready for a roller coaster ride and, above all You will find that towards the end of each book you will be filled with disappointment that the ride is over View all 10 comments.

Jul 17, Chauntel rated it liked it. Saving Rachel isn't the type of book I generally read. So I have to look at this book for what it is, not what i am used to reading. It was entertaining for sure, almost like watching an action movie. There was a plot twist almost every chapter, and the author really made a point of leaving you on the edge of your seat.

Lethal Experiment (Donovan Creed) [Paperback] Locke, John

And I went through it quickly. But it certainly wasn't life changing. Didn't cause any se Saving Rachel isn't the type of book I generally read. Didn't cause any self reflection or moments of inspiration. People have said that they didn't like the characters, didn't fall in love with them. But that's actually something i enjoyed about this book. I didn't love the characters either, but that's because they were assholes not poorly created characters.

I liked that there wasn't the typical good guy bad guy. Because in the real world there isn't, there's just people and everyone has a reason or justification for why they do what they do. Would I recommend this book? It was entertaining and a nice afternoon in the sun read. Does it rank my top 50 books even? Probably not. It was entertaining but overall i am already starting to forget some of the plot.

The impact is surface level. Feb 16, Mark rated it really liked it. Had to read this to see what all the fuss was about and why, despite what appears to be an amateurish cover, it continually hovers near the top of bestseller lists. This was a decent thriller, fast paced and a quick, fun and easy read.

The characters even the "good guys" aren't the type I would normally empathize with - they tend to fall onto the side of selfish jerks, so they're not the type of people I would want to associate with, but I can stomach reading about them, particularly when it co Had to read this to see what all the fuss was about and why, despite what appears to be an amateurish cover, it continually hovers near the top of bestseller lists. The characters even the "good guys" aren't the type I would normally empathize with - they tend to fall onto the side of selfish jerks, so they're not the type of people I would want to associate with, but I can stomach reading about them, particularly when it comes in a decently written narrative.

Locke executes the lightning pace using short "cliffhanger" ending chapters that pretty much demand the reader want to turn the next page. He performs this exceptionally well. In the end it results in a fun and fast paced thriller, not high on substance nor rich with likeable characters, but served up exactly as expected and definitely worth the read. You have to give Locke credit - he knows exactly who his audience is and he delivers exactly what they're likely to love. Nov 02, Brenda Whitner rated it it was ok. This book was not worth my time really.

The story line was contrived. It was about fast cars, hot woman and lots of money. The women in the book were sorry pictures of women. They were docile and obedient. Donovan actually calmed Rachel down with a look. Like that really happens in real life. It starts out with Sam screwing his girlfriend in a cheesy hotel room and telling her that he loved her.

Then he goes out to his car and gets kidnapped and the gangster that kidnaps him wants to know his wi This book was not worth my time really. It goes downhill from there. Later, he is told that it was all for a movie. Then he finds his dead sister-in-law and gets chased by midgets. It just gets worse from there.

I did finish the book. But I wasted my money on this one. Will not buy another by this author. May 13, Peggy Holloway rated it it was amazing. I read one or two books a day and have my favorite 30 or so best selling authors. I read all of one author's and then move on to the next. I have to have a lot of favorites and they keep growing because they don't write fast enough. Once I've caught up with all my favs, I get a sampling of authors I've never read and find one that has a stack of books then I'm off again to read all of them.

For my birthday I was given a nook and I downloaded a pile of 99 cent ones and read them. Now I found anot I read one or two books a day and have my favorite 30 or so best selling authors. Now I found another favorite. So you'd better write fast, John. I read Saving Rachael. It moved right along and the main character reminded me of the irreverent Nelson Demille main character, John Corey with the same kind of humor.

Nelson DeMille is my very favorite author, by the way. The action and the way the side hero doesn't know who to trust or what's going on raminds me a lot of another favorite of mine, Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne. I'm so glad you self-published and didn't allow a publisher to water down your character. It's really different then anything I've read. I'm hooked. One reviewer said she felt a loss of intelligence after reading it.

I wouldn't go that far, but I do agree that the story was predictable and the characters were not fully developed. The pace was fast — reading the book is like reading a screenplay for an extremely over-the-top action-packed crime movie — but much of the writer's talent was spent on keeping the reader interested in turning the page.

Am I sorry I read it?

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For 99 cents, I found it predictable but entertaining. Will I read another John Locke book? Mar 04, Julie Johnson rated it really liked it. It was 99 cents and I'm always game to try out new books at that price! Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by my 99 cent find. This was a good read. Its fast, clever, great plot twists. It's not particularly deep, but I didn't mind that. It's like a really good action movie.

You know some of the scenes are a bit unrealistic, but that only adds to the fun. The characterization was good but its the plot that really made this book. Unpredictable, you were always left guessing and wondering 'what happens next? I actually read the whole book thank goodness it was so short. I found all of the characters in the book lacked dimension. The male characters were cartoon-like and the female characters were written to fulfill some male fantasy. The "plot" is disjointed and tends to unravel rather than unfold.

Bottom line is it just wasn't my cup of tea. In all fairness, I tried to find out more about John Locke to try to understand his writing. Apparently, I'm not in his target audience. Jun 12, Jay Deb rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. John Locke is a very good writer.

I am his fan and he has been an inspiration for many. I know this book has sold two million copies. But for me this book is sorta disappointing. May be I expected this book to be a great one but it's just a good book, not great. The story is about a confused computer man says maybe a lot who is caught in a dicey situation and doesn't know what to do. He doesn't even know who is doing what. As the story moves on, he still does not know what is going on and his co John Locke is a very good writer. As the story moves on, he still does not know what is going on and his confusion continues.

Mar 22, Caron rated it did not like it. I was looking for some fun, light reading for my recent vacation.