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Most details are covered thoroughly. Commentaries which deal with verse groupings can often be sparse on the details. Though at times Boda deals with verses in small groups, for the most part he treats individual verses.

Jeremiah 45

The reader almost never feels like an issue is skipped. Often times the commentary will be up to 10 pages for a single verse. He interacts in great detail with the scholarly literature, but in a way that is not overbearing. The main discussions consult relevant studies and occasionally refute them—Boda does not shy away from bringing up work that disagrees with his own conclusions.

Boda treats Zechariah as a unified whole. He sees a clear compositional process which arrived at the book as we now possess it, as well as a close connection between the two halves of Zechariah and In order to properly interpret each part, they need to be read in light of each other.

The critical consensus has been to separate the two to such a decree that they are treated independently in interpretation.

Key Features

Those who take the later route tend to date the parts to vastly different time periods. However, Boda dates both parts to the same time period early Persian. Hebrew is employed in transliteration and discussed often, but the volume is not primarily a linguistic commentary. Nor is it an applicational commentary. The commentary is deeply theological.

New International Commentary: The Book of Jeremiah

Paul Studies. Synoptic Gospels. Old Testament General Works. Song of Solomon. New Testament General Works. Biblical Theology. Historical Theology. Philosophical Theology. Systematic Theology Anthropology.

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Social Theology Feminist Theology. Nonviolent Theology. Political Theology. Theological Traditions Anglican.

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Notable Theologians Abraham Kuyper. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Henri de Lubac. Hans Urs von Bal John Calvin. Jonathan Edwards. John Howard Yoder. Karl Barth. Martin Luther.

Composition, Reception, and Interpretation

Reinhold Niebuhr. Stanley Hauerwas.

Soren Kierkegaard. Thomas Aquinas. Personal Ethics. Legal Ethics. Medical Ethics. Social Ethics. Marriage, Sex, and Church and Ministry. Pastoral Care an Pastoral Formation. Pastoral Leadership. Congregational Life. Mission and Evangelism. Worship and Liturgy Sacraments and Rites. Faith and Life. Derek Kidner, in this volume that was formerly part of the widely respected The Bible Speaks Today series, gives careful attention to the text and reveals its startling relevance to our own troubled time. The Book of Jeremiah by J.

The *LORD’s punishment 4:5 - 6:30

Like its companion series on the New Testament, this commentary devotes considerable care to achieving a balance between technical information and homiletic-devotional interpretation. Jeremiah by Leslie C. Allen "This book of Jeremiah offers a remarkable range of literature, including prose, poetry, homilies, oracles, and proverbs. This commentary understands the book as a work of religious literature, to be examined in its final form and yet with careful attention to the historical contexts of writing and development through which the present text took shape.

Jeremiah proclaimed a message of coming judgment, because of the people's unfaithful worship, and yet also emphasized the call to know Yahweh and to live as God's faithful people.

Overview: Jeremiah

Through it all, Allen identifies a tragectory of grace, in which the proclamations of doom can be understood within the context of promises for a renewed future. Jeremiah and Lamentations by Hetty Lalleman "Despite the themes of doom and destruction, the primary message of Jeremiah is one of the love and grace of a God who never gives up on those he has called to be his own. The prophet's life is characterized by suffering, but he points to a new beginning, a new covenant and a new hope, eventually made possible through the unique Suffering Servant.

Lamentations powerfully expresses personal and national suffering.