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Log into your account. Password recovery. The first step in a Raid is of course to select your target Port. This is done by examining known data about Ports, possibly acquiring more information from Travelers encountered in Taverns , or even visiting potential targets to scout them out. The decision of which Port to attack rests primarily on the Port's Wealth and Population with higher values indicating a more lucrative target , and the proportion between the number of defenders and the size of the player's Crew the more men you have, the easier it will be.

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The next step is to reach the target Port and attempt to enter it. Depending on the version of the game, the option to attack the Port may present itself each time you try to enter any Port, or it may only be available if certain conditions are met as explained in the version-specific sections of this article, below.

Next, based on the circumstances of the attack, the game will determine which mini-game s will be played to determine success in the attack. Most commonly, Land Combat will begin between your Pirate Crew and the enemy Militia, culminating with a Fencing match between the two forces assuming you manage to win the Land Combat at all. The game may skip Land Combat entirely if the player's force is significantly larger than the local defenders to begin with, going straight for the Fencing.

Fort Combat , a special version of Naval Combat , may take place instead of Land Combat in some versions of the game when a Port is attacked by sea. Assuming the player manages to win the engagement, he'll be able to loot the attacked Port for as much Cargo his Fleet can carry. All Gold found at the vanquished Port is automatically looted.

In some games, the amount of Gold to be looted can be diminished if the Player's attack is anticipated by the defenders. Following the looting, the game compares the number of remaining Pirates vs.

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If the proportions are staggeringly high in favor of the Pirates, the game will ask the player if he wishes to install a new Governor belonging to any of the four European Nations. This effectively allows the player to change a Port's ownership, restructuring the political situation in the Caribbean. This is called a Conquest , and is a powerful tool that players can use for many different reasons.

Docker Pirates ARMed with explosive stuff · Docker Pirates ARMed with explosive stuff

Once the attack is complete, the player will either leave the Port automatically, or be taken to the Port's Services menu to conduct normal affairs here. For one, successfully Raiding a Port will lower its Wealth, causing it to have less cargo and gold on-hand for trading. A second raid on the same Port in short succession will, similarly, produce less or no reward, seeing as you've already taken all they had.

Additionally, any defenders killed during the battle do not reappear after the battle.

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This effectively means that each time a Port is raided - successfully or otherwise - it becomes easier to Raid that port again. This opens up the option to repeatedly attack a Port, weakening its defenders over and over until they are too weak to defeat your pirate crew. However, note of course that any pirates lost during the attack are also gone forever, and more must by recruited to reattain your original crew size. As explained above, when a Raid ends with many more pirates surviving the battle than local defenders, the Governor of the raided Port may flee for his life, allowing you to install a new Governor in his place.

The new Governor may belong to any of the four European Nations - the choice is yours. This effectively allows you to transfer ownership of a Port from one Nation to another. The ramifications of ownership-change can be immense: it allows you to establish a "forward base" belonging to a friendly nation in an area previously controlled solely by an enemy nation.

A good example would be conquering Maracaibo and giving it to the English in order to establish a base of operations in the middle of the Spanish Main. This gives you a place to resupply and acquire more crew and Promotions , if your relations with the Spanish are particularly bad.

A base set up in a good position can cut down on long journeys. A successful attack on a Port is considered a much more "glorious" achievement as far as the European Nations are concerned. Nations who are at war with the owner of the raided Port will be overjoyed about the Raid, thus making plenty of progress in terms of Promotion Points with those nations. Conversely, the owners of the attacked Port and their Allies will take serious offense at the attack, worsening their relations with you much more than a single attack on one of their ships would have.

If a Port is Conquered , the nation who receives ownership of the Port will be particularly overjoyed. A single Conquest can earn you a Promotion with said nation all on its own especially through the lower Ranks. Again, the Nation that lost the Port's ownership will proportionally be more upset with you. Despite being the original version, the mechanics behind Raids in Pirates! Most importantly, the type of combat mini-game required for performing a successful Raid differs based on circumstances, and includes the unique Fort Combat.

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Additionally, it is possible to loot Raided Ports for Cargo not just Gold , and there are special situations in which a Raid's revenues are far greater than normal. The Port Interaction menu comes up when your ship or crew makes contact with it on the Sailing Map. Once the option to attack has been selected, the game determines which combat mini-game is to be played as the means to complete the Raid. This is done based on several factors:. Fort Combat takes place when attacking Fortified Port by sea.

It is exceptionally dangerous. It whirled quickly and slunk toward him. Immediately it made a choking sound, blood spraying quickly from the. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later.

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Dog it is! Immediately Warrior Boy was looking at them again.