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This was it! So the building is a monument. Just sitting there not performing the.. I go to their neighborhoods, talk to the kids, the gang mbrs, the prostitutes, etc. I want to just start an official outreach…. I will also try to keep up with you. Maybe I can learn more. Writing a book about this all now. God Bless you for helping everyone. Love your sis in Christ. Hello Angela, I have created a facebook page that is dedicated to Christians from all over the world I am French whose working on site or would like to or tried to.

I also would like Christians to testify, if they want to. Please check it out : Christians in the Field fb page. I am a born again Christian since june God bless you. However in my city…. Few hours. A movie nigh every Friday night for neighborhood kids. A ice cold water bottle given out on the intersection of the church corner on a burning up hot day. And we are to the same works he did.

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God Bless you! Thank you! I am in a small church their is gifts. There is no evangelising only teaching. I been vivisting two yrs. I have brought 11visitors. I have been insulated by the pastor three times from the pulpit and she never apologised and it happened when I brought a visitor to church.

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I have the baptism of the Holyspirit and I do not feel after I have been told by an elder that I was to Minister when they pray for the sick or other occasions. But not happened. We have church sunday twice Wednesday teaching. No evangelising. Only teaching. I have not been made an official member yet. I asked if they would baptise my daughter in their pool in the church but was told to do it in a lake or other pool.

They Never spoke to me about it again. No speaking or praying in tounges. I was told. I a not one those people who believe in going from one church to the next, however if the behavior of the leaders are as you described, then find a church that you can be sharpened. In my honest and Bible based opinion, a woman has no business holding the position of pastor at a church. Even if things were beautiful and kind, it is bad theology. Dear one. First, the word pastor is only mentioned once. Ephesians Secondly, Jesus called some to be Apostles, prophets prophetess , evangelist, pastor, teacher.

You are confusing Elders with the word pastors. The church was not founded by pastors, it was founded by Jesus Christ, using His disciples, both men and women to evangelize and make disciples. Acts, upper room about up there waiting for the arrival of the Holy Spirit to baptize them… and it said, both men and women. They are all to equip the Saints for the work of the ministry.

YES… Jesus called women to minister and when you see that Priscilla correcting a important man, Apollos, who was also an evangelist, you will see Jesus uses us all. By the way… Deacons do not run the church either, they are at the bottom, foot washers, and they wait on tables the bible tells us taking care of those in the body of Christ who has need. Especially the Widows and Orphans. I also have the prophetic gift as well. It takes all three of those to plant a church and or ministries. Depends on the church denomination.

I agree with 12, Churches these days are more focused on collecting money than getting members. We as believers should be ready at anytime and anywhere to evangelize. Evangelism is the pillow of Christianity. A good topic as we are to repair our churches. The Book of Revelation letters to the 7 churches are very pertinent to our current times. We all must prepare our Armor of GOD for the times ahead. I think that many younger believers have become focused on social causes which is not bad in and of itself , but sometimes at the expense of things that have eternal consequence.

They seek to get people to accept Christianity through various courses and programmes, when in reality it is not Christianity that people need, it is CHRIST that people need. When did God become a member of the Republican party? I will make the reasons for my departure known to the rest of the congregation. Jesus Christ does not pick sides with any political party, though what i will say is that i myself lean more to the republican side because they are against murdering innocent babies, gay marriage, and many other issues that i will not get into.

God gives us that conviction when we know when we do wrong. I will also tell you that God does not approve of those issues that i just mentioned. There is a scripture that tells us that those who practices those things will have there part in the lake of fire and not only those who practice them but also those who have pleasure in them that do practice them.

Sounds just like the Scribes and Pharisees in Jesus day, they made rules upon rules and considered themselves the most holy, they made a living making up all these rules when the only rules anyone needed to follow were the 10 commandments. The Scribes and Pharisees felt threatened by Jesus. Same as some church rulers of today that follow tradition and self wants instead of what the gospel actually says. Thx Wayne. How many ministers actually follow the practical patterns Jesus established for us in the New Testament? Jesus led… he went with his men into the village square and met the people where they lived.

There he helped them and preached of his kingdom.

There in comfort they sit and study… envision etc. Therefore when we listen to much of our modern preaching it rarely motivates or educates the congregation toward consistent, personal evangelism. Why… It makes them feel uncomfortable and we want everyone to feel comfortable when they come to our church, Amen! Besides they may not return, or they will search for the comfortable church. One that feels… right for them! Therefore the preaching is often about meeting the emotional, felt needs of the congregation. Helping them to fell better about their lives, being successful, how they can benefit from their relationship with Jesus.

It all begins with the preacher and if he refuses to live like Christ and the apostles and preach the need to reach others… well… welcome to the comfortable, convenient church of America. God has chosen you to go forth and be the vessel where he is glorified in faith their is a maturity. You will not be accepted by Godless man.

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I have been in ministry since and since have been in door to door evangelism. It is difficult to grasp why how nearly percent of the churches I have visited have next to zero interest in any kind of intentional evangelism. The idea seems to be that people are supposed to come to church where magically they will hear the gospel which they will understand and the become converted, whereas nearly every church I visit here does not ever or rarely share the plan of salvation.

I have often offered to begin a new converts class where I would single handed bring people into the group, but there are no takes as all. So I am left to do evangelism on my own outside the organized church. As a pastor in small towns in Texas, the biggest thing discouraging me from evangelism is that everybody thinks they are already saved. Often they made a profession at some kind of evangelistic crusade I have been to some of these, and the gospel has not always been clearly presented, and the altar calls have often been emotional and manipulative.

These people never subsequently attended church and show no evidence of being regenerate in terms of lifestyle. But they are totally convinced they are saved and are deaf to anything I say about the gospel. I suspect that this a big problem throughout rural areas in the Bible Belt, and it may explain why so many churches in these areas are in decline. Jeff, it is not just a problem in the rural Bible Belt. It is a problem up the road from Hollywood. People love the idea of heaven, but reject hell. The prevailing attitude, though with different expressions, is that everyone eventually gets to God or get annihilated.

It is frustrating. I shared the gospel with several people in the past few days—one for two hours. Thom I think Jeff has a very real problem pinned down with his point. I have been observing the same thing in Kentucky. The leaders of many churches are not mature in their faith therefore are not creating an environment of growth in the church. If anyone wants to know how the true church should be like they need to read the first few chapters of the book of Acts, there you will findgo the answer.

They increased daily in numbers. There was something happening during that time period and lives were being instantly changed. The spirit of God was apon all those who called on Jesus. People where selling everything they had and distributed to those that where in need. The churches today preach on a prosperity gospel, that is a false gospel. Jesus came for the poor in spirit and those who were physically poor.

How hard is it for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus also told the rich man to sell all that he has, give to the poor, and follow me, the rich man walked away in tears. His trust was in his wealth. Our true riches are in heaven not on earth were rust and moth do corrupt where thieves break in and steal. But most of all we must have love not the type that compromises our faith but God loves. Yes, Jeff raises an excellent point. I ran into that quite a bit when I was a pastor in Missouri.

Many of them have no idea what that really means. I have to agree with you Jeff but would add, not only in evangelistic meetings but the same happened may still happen in church services too. In reply to Jeff, as a now part time pastor in a historic mainline church, where evangelization was very de-emphasized, my experiences would be very different. Jeff I agree with your assessment. It does not ask believers to live a life for Christ — denying their former lusts. Jesus said the woman who washed his feet with her hair had many sins forgiven, and hence, loved him much because she was forgiven much, whereas those forgiven of little, appreciate little..

So many walk up for the altar call — are they consciously taking their sins to purge with them? Do they even understand? This is how gay people receive salvation too.. True words, but taken out of context; they lead to living a lie. IF we judge others that are lacking a virtue foretold in the bible belonging to those that inherit the kingdom of heaven; then we are trying to bring back the wanderer.

These people are selfish and when in church they act HOLY. I came across this page because I was looking for the reasons why my church, and most churches today, are more concerned with growing their church than they are helping people. We as Christians are called to be doers of the word. I used to get mad when people would tell me that churches are just big business in disguise. But its pretty clear that they are more concerned with getting tithes and making money than helping the lost, hungry, poor and homeless.

It is true that if you look at the structure of large churches they are very much set up like a corporation. In order to do all the things that churches do you almost have to. They are just to big for a handful of people to do. Is it true alot of churches have entered the entertainment field,unfortunate for them for they have lost there vision of God and focused on the world.

When we all stand before the judgement seat of Christ, Jesus is going to say to you what did you do for my kingdom to reach the lost, were you to busy pointing your finger at everybody else but you yourself did nothing. Trust me I do the same thing complaining about everybody else, just look in the mirror. Are you making an impact on peoples lives are you bringing people to Jesus. We all need to be a watchman for the lord.

We see that the end is getting closer and do not have time to be focusing on the negative, rather need to be bringing people to Jesus. Enroll, entertain, placate, coddle or manipulate? Many of our church members are simply scared. Some of the horror stories of the aggressive nature of this people group causes church members to fear putting themselves out there.

We must be reminded again and again of Acts , where even the threat of death could not stop the earlier followers from speaking of Christ. The promises that we have through out the scripture is that it is not our strength but His. You might be planting, you might be watering… there should be no pressure to seal the deal. We ourselves can often have the reputation of being too aggressive in these conversations.

Sometimes these skeptics are put there to help us and not the other way around. When I was first reading through scripture and discovering things for the first time, I had a friend who was going through a rough time and was frankly headed in the opposite direction, reading a lot of the popular atheist authors of the time, but also reading the scriptures in a highly cynical and critical way. As far as I can tell, he is no closer to the Lord today than when our journeys first started, but God used that relationship to grow me much quicker than I would have otherwise.

In the end all of this should drive us back into the scriptures to learn more of the God which we serve. If people are afraid of looking dumb, maybe God wants them to look dumb, so that they find the drive to be less so.

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Thank you for this article, Dr. Rainer, and for the way you are calling us to reach our world with the Gospel today! I too sense that the overall church has become less evangelistic for the reasons you have stated above. However, I am very optimistic that God is calling us to revival.

I think, in many ways, we have been deluded from worshiping Jesus to worshiping ourselves in many cases. Even though we may know Jesus personally, we are spending a lot of time worshiping ourselves and our earthly lifestyle. I sense a growing hunger for revival here at our church in Southern Illinois, and among you and all our leaders.

God is calling us to experience revival, restoration, and to be a part of a great soul harvest among all nations. This will happen if we will set aside our carnal hunger to get, get, get, and allow God to use us to accomplish His work and to experience true fulfillment in our walk with Him. I agree with every reason listed here. Also, many churches have abandoned the tried-and-true method of harvest crusades and revival meetings. We need to consider discipleship classes in the classroom and evangelism in the sanctuary or gather other churches to join in a community evangelistic outreach.

Revival in the church is NOT a rah-rah session where people get their emotions manipulated by an itinerant preacher. Revival happens when true Bible believing, born again followers of Jesus Christ get the courage to go out on the streets and share the Gospel to the lost. When the Holy Spirit converts someone and they repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ, then bring them into the church for a lengthy discipleship program.

You want revival in the church? Go and make disciples. Try connecting these people into a lengthy discipleship program that last at least a year. If they stick to it, great. If they will commit to that kind of training before they are made members of the church, you will know who the church can commit to as well. Number 11 and 13 are together. When we become a disciple and then disciple. It will solve the others.

What we need to do is go back too the old time way of revival preaching that goes for the jugial and forces them to decide right then heaven or hell!! We will not love the things of God if we belong still to the world. Perhaps rather than looking for ways to improve evangelism, we should pray for an awakening within our churches first. When this happens, evangelism must increase. Thanks as always Thom! Managing the wind and waves once in Saginaw Bay I had navigated for safety of the break-wall of the harbor while sailing in a freshening breeze.

I noticed two heads thats all I could see floating in the channel and reported swimmers on Channel 16 emergency frequency to warn other vessels of this safety concern. I was requested to search for them which required to leave the safety of the harbor and go back out through the long restricted channel into the open waters with the building waves. Lives were rescued that day. Thankfully she and her companion were able to later return their rental kayaks. But today is a new day, a different day, and it is a storming.

Father forgive my inattention to those that are perishing without Jesus as I sit in the safety of the harbor. My solution: Personally get involved in evangelism. I realized that I have to stop getting on my soapbox and start sharing my faith. I have intentionally started creating a climate of evangelism. Some see it and want in, others want nothing to do with it.

My choice? Take those who get it and are moved by God and get busy sharing, caring, and reaching. I cannot force others to be witnesses, BUT I can disciple those who do! I encourage all of our members to share, care, and reach. I leave God to call the laborers into His field. I simply work in the field with those who show up! Ultimately, I have taken responsibility for my lack of leadership in evangelism and am changing with the help of God.

I believe this sounds like a solution! WE have to find ways to preach the gospel in public, we are under a Great Commission! We even tried our local council but no one intervened. Our house is a Pigsty and unrecognisable and still no one bothered to help us! I just wanted to know how you and you son are doing right now? I know I am not able to physically help. But knowing you were helped and fine will give me joy. Kindly let me know. A lot of Christians have misconceptions about what evangelism entails. These misconceptions act as a major inhibitor to evangelism.

The participants in my small group which includes university students as well as middle-aged couples and one older guy—myself—report that for them social anxiety is a major obstacle to meeting people, investing in relationships, and eventually sharing their faith with their new friends.

For myself the biggest hurdle to being evangelistic is that most of the people I know go to church. I am retired so I no longer meet people through my work. I am also in my sixties so my relationship network has shrunk.

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Almost all the people with whom I have social contact are in my church. It helps people to develop an evangelistic mid-set and an evangelistic way of life. It looks at where people go wrong when they are endeavoring to be more evangelistic. Hello Robin, I am an evangelist and my name is Robin also. I am about your age too. The good news is I go out and meet new people on a weekly basis on purpose. I think that is what Jesus and Paul did too.

Jesus went to the temple as well as away. The people in the temple thought they were religious too, but Jesus told them they were not. God has blessed my efforts, all HE is looking for is a willing soul. Even when we were church planting with a little community, every body said they were Christians too, however they were not. It is not enough to say it, you have to live it says the Word of God. Pretty simple really. Find someone not living the Christian life and you have your mission field. By the way when we were planting the new church, we did not have a building biggest problem to evangelism , and went into the community and held sidewalk church.

Because we were the leaders, the people followed us and they did what we did and there was no more fear. As God directed our efforts, our church won an award from the Billy Graham Association for winning hundreds of souls to Jesus in one year. We continued on that pattern, and people came to Jesus. Living Waters has a ton of videos and books to help make evangelism invigorating. I learned what they taught, and my first encounter was with a man on a cruise ship. When using the Law in evangelism, I saw his jaw drop when he was confronted with his sin. His wife was approaching, he introduced her to me, and then told her that she needed to listen to what I was saying.

I then shared the Gospel to approximately 40 people that cruise. Only one man walked away from me, and he claimed to be a Christian from California. Evangelism is not for those that are gifted. It is for every one who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ. For several years, our lack of consistent, effective evangelism has been HEAVY on my heart, both for myself and also for our church. On the personal level, I can do much better, and I want to do better.

I felt crushed in hearing him say those words. Only God can change the heart. For myself, a part of my response to my own challenges in this area has been the recognition that I have a heart problem. This makes me sad. I am also talking with church staff and small group leaders in the development of a strategy to go beyond the walls of the church with a desire to connect with pre-Christians is some type of missional way. Something is better than nothing; we cannot continue to sit back and do nothing. Amen Brother. I love your honesty, now God can use you because you have pulled the plank out of your own eye.

First things first, gather and begin praying with as many people who are willing to pray. It is best to have a few healthy members gathered with you, than a church full of spiritually dead people. Leave your comfort zone. Blessings to you… and prayer too. As goes the pastor, so goes the church. In every organization, leaders take most of the credit and criticism. A big part of turning this problem around is owning it, then changing it. Hearing my pastor, Tom Elliff share about witnessing motivated and encouraged the same action with great example.

At the same time they have discover that their fellow-students are also open to talking about religious beliefs and practices. Sadly, I think we have to admit that the greatest reason that evangelism is not happening is that most pastors are not doing it. We are expecting the sheep to go where the shepard has not led. Until pastors and church leaders wake up and take part in intentional evangelism door to door and street ministry to strangers included the people will not do so.

To many times the congregation sees and hears a pastor talk about Great Commission only in terms of missions. They give like the pastor does for missions, and they pray like the pastor does for missions, so they are good to go. We need to teach people that they are missionaries, and this is a mission field. Sending a missionary to the field, and not doing work yourself is failure to follow the Great Commission. I think that is actually one of the reasons why people react so poorly to calls to evangelism in general.

We are all called to spread the gospel, but I think that a relative few of us are called as evangelists, and to the work that you are describing. Most of us are called into relationships where we are to live out the gospel in both word and deed. I do believe that as Christians we have been called to a more social lifestyle something I still struggle with but for most of us it is within those relationships that we are called to spread the gospel.

I love the Lord, and I love his word, so if I go to a party and start talking to someone friend, acquaintance, stranger I might talk to them about baseball or Breaking Bad, but there is also a strong probability that I am going to talk to them about God. If we want to foster a lifestyle of evangelism, we need to encourage a passionate love for God and his word… if our hearts are overflowing with those things, it is only natural that they will come out in our interactions.

I would disagree that the only person in the church that should do evangelism would be the called evangelist. That seems to disagree with the entire New Testament. We only see one evangelist in Scripture and yet we see many doing the work of the evangelist. My address was to pastors and church leaders, though, so even if the evangelistic work is limited the pastor is still bound by 2 Timothy to do the work of the evangelist which means he needs to be on the streets working and reaching lost people beyond his immediate social circle.

This might be a little out of left field, but I think that a lot of the men in our assemblies that we are calling pastor are actually more skilled and called as evangelists. That would also help to explain why many of our Sunday worship services have actually transformed into evangelistic outreach events.

It would also serve to explain some of the misconceptions in s 5 and 6 in the article. Dallas, when is the last time you lead someone to Christ and they were baptized? I would disagree too. If we research the scriptures again, we will see that Jesus sent His disciples, we are all disciples out to the cities, to go door to door, to talk to people in the street, the market, schools, the highways and byways, basically where ever there are human beings.

We are commanded to GO! Their blood will be on our heads, if we do not GO! This is a serious matter, we need to make it one. It is true the modern church discourages those who are evangelist to help others do evangelism. We are not short on discipleship classes, but we are short on allowing the other 3 of Ephesians 4: do what they are called to do in the church. And He called some to be….

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, Teachers.


Many, if not most leaders of the churches in Western Civilization is either fearful of losing flock or they are fearful of doing what God commanded us to do. People are dying and going to Hell! We are responsible. Most churches have a budget item for missions, but nothing for local missions. Evangelism is not supported financially, and for those of who make it a lifestyle to go out into the harvest field, the local church does not know what to do with us.

This is because they give lip service to evangelism. Evangelism is the mission of the church, but they do not do it themselves and do not support those that do. However, do we serve God, or man. Despite to opposition, do what Jesus commands. Go, and make disciples. We send missionaries into other countries with a lot of training in evangelism, we need to do the same with ordinary Christians in their own neighborhoods. We are moving in that direction at our church and the initial results are encouraging.

Not all will respond, but many will and God will bless those workers! Thank you for compiling and sharing these reasons, they are spot on! Their unique tracts are wonderful and fun bridges to the Gospel.

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Their method of using questions that expose the law of God that is written upon our hearts through our conscience Romans ; is very effective and easy to learn. These would be great resources for Lifeway to add to their stores for practical evangelism resources! Our church also includes evangelism as part of our final response songs in our services by sowing seeds into a jar at the front of our sanctuary to indicate gospel sharing the previous week. I too have used the materials from The Way of the Master.

Ray Comfort and crew are great. Their training methods have changed my life. I use Way of the Master materials and tracts and this method of evangelizing. I believe it is biblical and it reaches the conscience of the unbeliever using the 10 commandments. It builds a bridge to the Gospel. I also fear we have made evangelism too difficult. People are fearful that they will say the wrong things or arent equipped with the right kind of training. Which leads to less evangelistic Christians. When in reality they are equipped with the truth just as a pastor is and more than likely can relate more deeply to a non-believers life, especially if they are a friend or colleague.

Solutions: 1. Prayer, prayer, prayer 2. We had to reach our family and friends for Christ. We were were taught to pray for them, talk to them, bring them…whatever it took. We are so focused on self and not sacrifice. We are not willing to lay our lives down for others which has nullified the kind of risk taking faith that sparks evangelism.

This may or may not speak directly to this issue, but do people feel welcome when they actually do first enter the doors of a church? Or do they get the feeling they are in some kind of meat market in which because of their appearance, their finances, their marital status, their perceived neediness, or other social or personal issues they will be rejected by the core people in the church? Churches do what they are led to do. Everything rises and falls on leadership. In the ministry I lead, we were blessed with decisions the last calendar year. A very honest list, especially numbers 4 and 5.

However I find an interesting correlation between 7 Church membership today is more about getting my needs met rather than reaching the lost. It is clear that the western church is more selfish and this is reflected in the non-committal attitude that is so very pervasive in church today. For example: Some people will not even want to join a church and would rather just come and not engage.

However, I do find it interesting that even with a non-committal attitude some people will leave a church because they state their needs are not being met. In Matthew Matthew 37 And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sorrowful and very heavy.

The spirit indeed is willing [i. Being awake is equated with righteousness and not sinning. In other words, the closer we draw to the second coming of Christ, the more urgent it is that we awake out of spiritual sleep! Indeed, we have entered the fearful end-time years that are the grand climax of human civilization.

Furthermore, none of us knows when he or she will die. God gave us marvelous minds to use —to study, learn, observe, analyze, judge and think. Life is time. To waste time is to waste life. Many people are mentally lazy—wasting a tragic amount of time on the trivial and temporal, mundane and materialistic.

Real readers are becoming rare. A society becomes shallow and superficial when most citizens rely too much on pictures and images rather than words. In-depth learning requires language. You see, God wants His people to zealously read and study, to think and meditate. He wants us to be well-informed regarding the major geopolitical, cultural and spiritual issues and events of our time.

This is where the Bible comes in, providing the essential framework for a godly worldview. Because of this, the Bible should be the prism, lens and filter by which we can accurately perceive and judge all other information. It enables us to develop a godly worldview—the framework and foundation by which we can accurately interpret all that is going on in the world. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and Sadducees for their hard-hearted mind-set. O you hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky; but can you not discern the signs of the times?

Members of NAE subscribe to a common statement of faith. The Church of God can be described as positioned in the mainstream of Evangelical Protestantism. In , many members of the Church of God experienced a spiritual outpouring they identified as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Because it was so similar to the experience of the early Christians on the day of Pentecost, it came to be called a Pentecostal experience, an enrichment of the Christian life through the power of the Holy Spirit that empowered believers to be effective witnesses of Christ.

The principle distinctive of the Church of God as a Pentecostal organization is its belief in speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance and that this is the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The charismata Gk. The gifts can be divided into three categories: the gifts of revelation, the gifts of power and the gifts of utterance or inspiration.

The gifts of revelation are the gifts of the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the discerning of spirits. The gifts of power are faith, miracles, and gifts of healing.

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The gifts of utterance and inspiration are prophecy, tongues and interpretation. The Holy Spirit bestows these gifts and those who accept the validity of these gifts are called charismatic. From its inception the Church of God has been a revival movement. Evangelism has been in the forefront of all its activities. The church has maintained an aggressive effort to take the message of Christ throughout the world by all means and methods.

Every program of the church reflects an evangelistic attitude: revivalism, conferences, worship services, teaching, preaching and its missionary efforts. The magnitude of the Great Commission requires a united effort. This united endeavor is efficiently served by guidance, support, resources and leadership from a common center. The Church of God is centrally organized.

Centralized church government is administration from the international, state or territorial and local levels. It helps facilitate the fulfillment of the mission of the church. The control of the Church of God rests with the laity and ministers, who jointly form a governing body called the General Assembly which meets biennially. Benefits of centralized government include the following: uniformity of doctrine and practice; principles that bind together local churches in the same manner; membership commitments in all churches; expansion and extension of fellowship; accountability; cooperative decision-making; and united efforts in evangelism and world outreach.