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About 50 Waugh scholars from several foreign nations attended. Navy experiences as his 85th birthday present to any address-able tribal cousins. Mary Duhamel Kramer Ph. She has done considerable reviewing, freelance writing and lecturing. She volunteers with local libraries and schools. Eugene McCarthy Ph. In , his edition with Thomas L. The book consists of an introduction with historical and literary contexts, and headnotes to each of the eight narratives that amplify the biographical details and literary aspects of each narrator.

Sherry Anne Mowrer Newell M. Virginia Schneider M. She feels fortunate that her good health has remained much the same, though her agility has certainly lessened. Travel has been curtailed somewhat, largely due to hassles of air travel, but she still looks forward to seeing new, old, exciting, beautiful places. She has taken several trips sponsored by KU Alumni.

Thomas Fox Averill M. He continues to write commentaries for Kansas Public Radio in the voice of Wm. Dean Bevan B. Former students of Professor Edwards who would like the text of this can email Dean at bevan ku. Dean and Judy, who will celebrate 50 years of marriage next year OMG! For Phyllis Bixler Ph. Thanks especially to reading, writing, and other kinds of creativity well outside the constraints of academic specialties, forms, and audiences. Thanks also to good health. And to family and friends, some of them dogs.

James Bogan M. He also took the film on tour in Wyoming and Colorado, including a stint at South Park.


Diane E. Carson M. She is President-elect of the University Film and Video Association will serve a two-year term as President starting in September In the past year, she has served as a juror for four scriptwriting or filmmaking competitions. Marsha Durham M. She enjoys writing short stories, plus blogging about writing issues.

Pastimes include bushwalking and camping in remote areas, travel, gardening, leading a reading group, and trying to learn Spanish. David R. Eastwood M. Merchant Marine Academy. He continues working on a Neo-Aristotelian taxonomy of the forms of fiction, writes short stories of various kinds, cultivates his gardens beside a Long Island tidal marsh, and cares for half a dozen semi-feral cats.

Frank Kelly Ph. He resides in Mineola, on Long Island, where he writes, paints, reads without underlining, and frequents New York City.

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Jerry Krajnak M. He lives in the woods outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina with assorted stray cats and dogs and a pond full of catfish, turtles, and snakes. He sends fond greetings to Lawrence in particular to Don Warders and mourns the loss of Lindley Annex in the Jayhawk landscape.

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Kevin Lollar M. The best part about his job is that he goes out into the environment to do it. In the past year, he swam with and took underwater photographs of to foot whale sharks off Holbox, Mexico, and a foot hammerhead off Sarasota, Fla. Off the clock, he fishes, boats, dives, and windsurfs. Jan Moore M. After leaving English literature a move necessitated by the job market , she overcame math phobia and actually came to enjoy working with numbers, earning an MBA and completing advanced courses in statistics.

For the past several years she has overseen a federally funded study on disability prevention at KU, a job she dearly loves. In addition to managing recruitment, data collection and analysis, she puts her writing skills to work co-authoring papers and articles. Though the paucity of jobs may have led her away from a career in English literature, she maintains a passionate love for the field and is very grateful for her years in the KU English department.

John Neibling M. John Pilkey Ph. In he has published a new book, Kingship at Its Source, updating a study he published in under the title Origin of the Nations. The contents of the new book are briefly outlined.

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Helen Popovich Ph. Currently, she is a higher education consultant who specializes in offering leadership development training and in assisting universities with grant proposal preparation and compliance reviews. She is also a member-at-large on the international Administrative Board of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, a professional honor society of key women educators. In the corporate sector, Helen serves as the secretary-treasurer of the Board of Directors of Amerikam, a company that designs and manufactures precision component parts for the medical, plumbing, and defense industries.

Troy Dale Reeves Ph. Troy recently had a poem accepted for publication in the Anglican Theological Review. Elizabeth Beth Scalet B. She continues to record CDs and recently signed a publishing deal for several songs. Gerald Shapiro M. Jon-Christian Chris Suggs Ph. Chris plans to teach one course a year as professor emeritus in the doctoral program in English for a while, at least.

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The rest of the time he will spend writing. Most immediately, however, looms a three-week trip to China in late May, He was an academic administrator at various levels, including chairing two departments. He last chaired the English Department at John Jay just before retirement, where he oversaw the writing of a literature and law-based major and the hiring of over 20 new faculty in three years as well as the revamping of the college composition program. Thomas L. Warren Ph. This past year he taught graduate courses in information design, project management, and research methods.

He continues to write a technical writing textbook that takes a non-conventional approach to writing reports, and has completed anthology chapters on cross-cultural communication in ISO standards development, historical trends in technical editing, and as co-author an annotated bibliography chapter on technical editing. He once again was a Guest Professor during the summer term at the University of Paderborn Germany teaching German students in computer science and engineering how to communicate technical information in reports and at professional conferences.

Carol Shiner Wilson M. She oversees academic services, including the library, and has developed a program to support student research across the disciplines. Tim Bascom M. He is also at work on a collection of short stories about travelers in Africa. He reports that his wife Cathy B. Christensen Ph. It has, evidently, made it onto the shelves of a number of prestigious and far-flung universities—though not the University of Kansas.

Beth Impson Ph. Department of English. Contact People Application request form. Jonis Agee M. Includes examination of published texts, craft exercises and lectures, peer review and workshop format discussion of student work. ENGL Topics in Creative Writing: Adventure and Travel Writing — Course in travel writing, with a studied examination of professional writing samples, exercises, and workshop model peer discussions. ENGL Intermediate Creative Writing — Multi-genre course with both craft exercises and workshop model peer discussions of student work. ENGL Writing of Nonfiction Prose — Focus on nonfiction writing forms with mix of craft exercises, published text study and workshop model group work.

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ENGL Introduction to Creative Nonfiction — Workshop model class with focus on nonfiction writing forms including place-based writing, personal essays and literary journalism. ENGL Introduction to Fiction Writing — Workshop model course with added emphasis on study of fiction elements in works by professional writers along with related generative exercises.

ENGL Academic Writing about Literature - Writing intensive course, prepares students for writing in a variety of modes about literature including reflection papers, explications, reviews, compare and contrast papers and MLA style research papers. Writing in the Dark, Sponsored by the Fairbanks Arts Association, February 15, All day writing workshop open to community members focusing on memoir and personal essays.

Fairbanks, Alaska, July , The Collage Essay , June 12, — The collage essay relies not on linear thread, but on resonant subtext. Workshop uses examples, and demonstrates ways of using snippets of work that is filed away. Austin State University , Assistant Professor, Summer Spring Creative Writing ENG Introduction to Creative Writing — Course introduces students to writing conventions of fiction and nonfiction writing and poetry, as well as peer editing and full class workshop format. Practical skills applied included journal design, using InDesign software, reading and evaluating manuscripts, writing book reviews and promoting related sales and reading events ENG Advanced Nonfiction Writing — Workshop format, with focus on nonfiction writing modes added emphasis on revision ENG Elements of Craft — Study of representative samples of writing texts and fiction and nonfiction books, with a deep analysis of creative writing techniques employed.

ENG Graduate Nonfiction Writing Workshop — Workshop format, with focus on nonfiction writing modes, emphasis on revision and publication Literature ENG Introduction to Literature — Course focused on three genres: short fiction, poetry and drama. Packer Film ENG Introduction to Film — Course familiarizes students with cinematic terms and theoretical approaches to understanding and analyzing film. Ploughshares, a journal of new writing, is guest-edited serially by prominent writers who explore different personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles.

Guest-edited by acclaimed poet B. In his Introduction to the issue, Fairchild says, "Running throughout this issue, through not by editorial design, is that typically postmodern sense of absence, in so many configurations: in the memoir, for instance, as loss; or in fiction, as the absence of fulfilled desire, the basic plot of a story being that someone wants something and has problems getting it; or in poetry, as the kind of absence that is also presence—what is not said, what cannot be said, but which haunts or illumines or in some way alters what is otherwise explicit.

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