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Hallberg-Rassy 31 mk II in Each year Hallberg-Rassy makes several improvements on the boats. These are not changes just for the sake of it, but are a number of small improvements in detail, which are based on increased know-how in the yard and also on feedback from our 8 HR owners around the world.

For the Hallberg-Rassy 31 will get unusually many improvements. The improvements are:. The rig upgraded to a two-spreader rig with a more slender mast profile. New engine: Volvo Penta D, with lower revolution and higher torque A significantly more powerful alternator, A compared to 60 A earlier More rounded design of the interior, with rounded and profile milled edges with ventilation grids above, like on the new HR A separate ventilated wet locker, like the design of the new HR Companionway sliding hatch in smoke coloured plexi glass with handlebar in teak, giving more light in the entrance area.

The drawers now slide on ball bearings, which also have a built-in end-stop. In order to obtain a smoother operation of the cupboard doors in the interior we now introduce transparent rubber stoppers. The deck fittings for fresh water and fuel filling are upgraded to stainless steel and there is no longer any need for a winch handle when opening or closing. That also eliminates the risk for over tensioning and consequently damage of the o ring.

The bracket for 3 kilo gas bottles if such are ordered will now be fitted in such a way that the risk of the bottle standing in water is decreased.

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Capacity of hot water calorifier if ordered has been increased from 22 litres to 24 litres. Hallberg-Rassy most popular choice in Blue Water Rally. To read more about Blue Water Rally, please follow this link. Hallberg-Rassy on Italian TV. Monday 13 June at 9. Watch out!. That is by far more boats than any other boat builder has. The support includes a check and adjustments of important systems. HR Parts and Accessories also arrange to send spare parts freight free to the ARC start if these are ordered no later than 15 October Hallberg-Rassy gets its own street.

Hallberg-Rassy on Sailing Channel. Spectacular naming ceremony of a Hallberg-Rassy It is said to be the first yacht ever that had a naming ceremony on a square in front of the city hall in the middle of a country where there is no salt water. See the pictures here. New interior layout in Hallberg-Rassy The new interior offers a wider saloon and keeps a toilet room with separate shower and full headroom in the walk through to the aft cabin. Dutch Hallberg-Rassy Regatta June The Hallberg-Rassy Regatta is a big event in the Netherlands. The funds raised by the different crews and sponsors go to a organisation that organises sailing holidays for disabled people.

So it's a great combination of fun, sailing and charity. A little historical town called Zierikzee Cityrights since with a beautiful marina is the homeport for this event and the races are sailed on the tidal waters of the Oosterschelde. This wonderful area is known for its mussels and lobsters and in the summertime you will find many birds and seals "sunbathing" on the sandbanks. On the Friday the crews meet in a local pub less than feet from their boats for a drink and a chat. The organization provides them with the necessary paperwork and during the evening the different strategies are discussed.

Then on the Saturday the real work starts. After a cup of coffee, the last weather forecast and the final instructions all the boats sail out. The course is depending of the tide and wind conditions between 16 and 28 NM long, and after a splendid day on the water the first boats normally finish around During the evening more than people join the "Hallberg-Rassy Regatta" dinner with the prize giving and speeches.

The first edition in was won by a HR 43 No 22 "Moods". Although the conditions were light, edition was won by three big boats. Number 1 was HR 40 No 5. The separate class of HR 34s, because there were 10 HR 34s on the water, was won by a team of mechanics working for the local yachtservice "van Swaay".

They borrowed a boat from Nova Yachting International BV and with some technicians onboard who had never sailed before they displayed an outstanding performance. Especially because the competition under the HR 34 owners in the Netherlands is always very close and they are all fantastic yachtsmen. And the good thing was, even if the Dutch would have lost, the Hallberg-Rassy owners would have had a good night anyway, because they all have a weak spot for the country of birth of their so beloved yacht. This year the Hallberg-Rassy Regatta will be sailed from 17th till the 19th of June. For more details and application, please follow this link.

Lions InT-Yachts, Hallberg-Rassy's Italian distributor since , arranges the regatta together with three different sailing clubs. Hallberg-Rassy on Italian Sailing Channel.

Offshore Sailing: 200 Essential Passagemaking Tips

Hallberg-Rassy 48 nominated as Sailboat of the Show. Reception was extraordinary good and reports about the HR 48 was presented in all of the largest daily papers as well as on the most important Swedish TV channels and on Sweden's most important web site, aftonbladet. The Hallberg-Rassy 48 was also nominated to the award Sailboat of the Show. Hallberg-Rassy Fun Regatta on cover. Please click on the image to get a larger view.

Hallberg-Rassy 53 wins Mario Formenton Trophy for the third time. It is now the third time, also in and this regatta was won by an HR Actually it is the same owner, who now has his 3rd HR So, he can now detain the Trophy for good. The regatta is sailed off north Sardinia, starting from Porto Rafael. Wind was between 14 and 25 knots, the regatta was 25 nautical miles long and 21 boats participated. Entrepreneur of the Year. Hallberg-Rassy is an internationally renowned brand and the company has gained considerable sales success.

Record number of participating boats Between the 19 th and the 21 st of August the fourth Hallberg-Rassy regatta took place in the Southern Baltic. The sailors had to deal with very variable winds ranging from very light up to Force 8. Other skills than just sailing expertise important During the regatta days, the sailing skills are not the only important factors.

It is equally important to be connoisseur of wine as of wind! An important part of the overall competition was to guess the correct type of wine in a wine test. After that every crew had to estimate the time it took for two athletic year-olds to complete the same task. The closer they got, the fewer penalties they would get. Ergo, a good guesser could win the competition despite not-so-excellent sailing results!

Everybody went back home with a prize. And also a total prize where the results from wine testing and grinding were included. A handicap system was used so that both older and newer yachts would have the possibility for a good position. The class up to 38 foot without spinnaker was won by the 25 year old HR 38, Paul Schmidt. The class 39 foot upwards with spinnaker was won by HR 53 Ikarus, and the class 39 foot up without spinnaker by HR 39 Gitti. Winner over all, with wine testing and grinding included, was the 15 year old HR 42, sailed by Dr.

H Gatermann from Germany, who turned out to be a good sailor as well as a good guesser and an authority on wines! To see a gallery with pictures, please click here. Hallberg-Rassy 37 class winner in Skagerrak Two Star. In service for Hallberg-Rassy to Mats Olsson started in the company in at the age of Today this would be called child labour, but at that time this was normal. Now, in , Mats has retired after 50 years of service in the same company. The roller Mats used for the last 26 years has been framed as a gimmick.

You may see the framed roller at the Hallberg-Rassy reception. New engine in the HR 37 and HR After thorough tests, there will be a change of engine in the HR 37 and HR The new choice is the Yanmar 4JH4E. Both engines have many similarities: 4 cylinders and a volume of 2. The Yanmar engine runs very quietly and with little vibration. The fact that the maximum torque comes at so low revs is of great benefit particularly when manoeuvring in harbour. In this case the normal standard 12V, 60A alternator is still in place, isolated to charging the engine start battery.

This provides two functions: 1 You may use the service batteries to start the engine in an emergency. The extra alternator is also equipped with an external regulator with an optimized charging curve — this allows optimal battery charging without the risk of over charging. The regulator may also be re-programmed enabling it to charge various different battery types. If your boat has been ordered with additional batteries we strongly recommend you to upgrade with the extra A alternator. Hallberg-Rassy 43 No under construction. It is less than three years ago that the Hallberg-Rassy 43 was presented and hull number is already under construction.

A considerable achievement for a yacht of this size. The photo shows the team involved in building the HR It was a Hallberg-Rassy meeting and regatta with the aim of having more fun than competition, a great event that is scheduled to be repeated in the future. A series of regattas were sailed. The first race was sailed from Punta Ala to the picturesque little village Marciana on the island Elba.

Next day the regatta sailed to Marina di Salivoli in very light airs. The third day there was a race course back to Punta Ala, where two islands had to be rounded. The fourth and last race was sailed just outside Punta Ala. Every evening there was a feast where the good Italian food and the famous red wine of Tuscany flowed in plentiful quantities. The film is a soap, taking place on the Swedish West Coast, recorded in the fall of with German actors. Many of the scenes were filmed at the Hallberg-Rassy yard and onboard Hallberg-Rassy yachts.

Several well-known German actors participated and also a few people from the Hallberg-Rassy yard. Mr and Mrs Rassy had minor roles. The film lasted 1 h 30 and was uninterrupted by commercials. Eight million viewers saw the film, which showed a lot of the beautiful scenery the Swedish West Coast has to offer.

This one is the 9th award in just 24 months. The trophy is a glass sculpture by the artist Dejan Saric. In the first P 28 with a GRP hull was laminated. The P 28 was the bestseller at that time. Because many buyers were suspicious of GRP hulls, both GRP and wooden hulls were built side by side for several years. The customer could choose. The superstructure, however, was always high gloss varnished mahogany.

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With a very fast time of 3 days, 13 hours, and 30 minutes for the mile run from Norfolk, Virginia to St. On the beat to the finish past North East Breakers and Kitchen Shoals in the last 30 miles, Solstice was able to carry more sail and point higher than the fleet of very respectable competition.

Her helm balanced with ease in knot SW winds with large surfing seas that moved us all quickly toward Bermuda. She maintained 9 to 10 knots for over 26 hours on a close reach, and showed her clean transom to the rest of the fleet. Bernie and Kate says: "While we have owned numerous high-quality sailing vessels for 30 years, none were finer than our HR We lived comfortably under sail and at anchor, never once doubting her abilities.

All systems aboard worked perfectly. Oh, with one exception; the anchor light bulb burned out. Once over the finish line, we happily entertained 36 sailors of the remaining fleet of 11 yachts that were entered in the Rally, very comfortably aboard Solstice while swaying at anchor in front of the St. Georges Dinghy and Sports Club.

Everyone who came aboard Solstice was in awe of her beauty, strength, and craftsmanship. For us, there is no finer or even comparable sailing yacht under 60 feet available on today's market. We are very happy and proud to own Solstice HR53 59 and are preparing her for her next adventure.

The fishing boat was confused in the bad visibility and tried to enter the wrong harbour.

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The harbour meant to head for is located just around the corner and there is a factory for taking care of fish. There is no underwater rock where the fisher went aground, but the water depth is 5 metres and the draught of the fishing vessel 6 metres. It was not damaged but hat to be towed away by two strong rescue ships. The Prize is chosen by a jury consisting of several yachting journalists. Last year the HR 40 won. The latest four Hallberg-Rassy models before the 37; the 40, 43, 62 and 46 have all been both nominated and elected winners of at least one Yacht of the Year Award each.

These are the 7th and the 8th honourable awards in less than two years for Hallberg-Rassy. The HR 40 beat out 31 other nominees. Judges called the Hallberg-Rassy 40 "A true sailor's boat". The jury also said: "The Hallberg-Rassy has maintained a lot of traditional types of quality while updating the underbody to produce a boat that sails and handles well. It met my desire for balance, comfort and safety with class.

I would be proud to row away from this yacht. The 31 nominated boats were judged by two independent panels, which evaluated and tested the boats. This means that the Hallberg-Rassy 40 has won honourable awards all over the globe: Sailboat of the Show in Stockholm, European Boat of the Year, and in the United States Best liveaboard cruiser and Best overall cruising boat of the year. Other boats are famous racing boats and this win is another proof of the excellent sailing capabilities of the Hallberg-Rassy Out of employees there are no less than 25 who have worked for more than 30 years at the yard and 51 who have worked more than 25 years at HR.

The longest serving employee is Mr Mats Olsson, who has worked 47 years and 8 months. At the same time we can observe that the younger generation is becoming established as a valuable asset to the yard. I januari flyttade Pollen Maritime in i helt nybyggda lokaler i Leangbukta norr om Oslo. For the third time in less than a year, a Hallberg-Rassy now wins another Boat of the Year award. The Boat of the Year jury consists of professional yachting journalists who have sailed the 30 nominee boats for ten days. This prize was chosen by a jury consisting of professional yachting journalists.

The sailors at Hallberg-Rassy are joking about extending the office with another wall, to create space for all the framed awards. Hallberg-Rassy 43 vann just amerikanska kategorin Best Midsize Cruiser. Die Argumentation der Jury lautet folgend:. This is Hallberg-Rassy's fifth award in just 12 months. The HR 40 received the prestigious award in the largest class, Yachts up to 15 meters.

HR 40 has also won the award "Sailboat of the Show" in Stockholm, voted for by journalists. Selected by the readers of the largest sailing magazine in Europe, "Yacht" from Germany. Hallberg-Rassy has won five awards in just 12 months! This must be some kind of record. The prizewinner is chosen by several yachting journalists. The jury says:. This has in the Hallberg-Rassy 40 been further developed to a discrete elegance. Without looking at trends, this is a modern yacht built to highest standards in respect of equipment and comfort.

Juryns motivering lyder:. The new Hallberg-Rassy 43 has recently won the prestigious Yacht of the Year award in the biggest category in the respected German magazine Yacht. Readers were asked to choose their favorite yacht for the title and the HR 43 received most votes. This is the third time a Hallberg-Rassy has won. Ever since the award was introduced in every new Hallberg-Rassy model has won.

In eight full days of testing, Sail's judges test-sailed, critiqued, analyzed, and debated the pros and cons of 37 new boats. Hull and deck construction meet the high standards we have come to expect from Hallberg-Rassy, as does the excellent mahogany joinery down below. The interior accommodation includes many features we like to find on long-distance cruising boats: a well-positioned wet locker, lots of solid handholds, lots of general stowage space though it is somewhat limited in the galley , and generous fuel and water capacity.

We liked the commodious staterooms fore and aft and were agog at the large heads.

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We found the systems to be above average and were particularly impressed by the DC high-current panel and clean AC installation. There were some anomalies, such as untinned wire and less-than-optimal battery clamps and cables, that are commonly found on European boats. We were unable to press the boat in the light conditions on Narragansett Bay, but we have no reason to believe this Hallberg-Rassy will not be up to more rigorous conditions. Buyers can safely expect to do some very serious sailing in a vessel of this ilk, and our judges agreed that, at the relatively modest asking price, the 43 is a lot of bluewater boat for the money.

There is a lot of interesting reading and wonderful photos and drawings of Frers extensive range of designs. You will find out about extreme racing machines and off course many pages are also dedicated about his designs for Hallberg-Rassy. For sample pages, prices and order info, please visit www. The colour photographs are benchmarks in nautical publishing. Off course there is a special chapter about Hallberg-Rassy included. This is a must-have for every yachting enthusiast and for Hallberg-Rassy fans especially.

You may order your copy at www. Hallberg-Rassy is now also represented in Australia. Windcraft Australia sells HR in the land down under. Contact person is Peter Hrones. There are already quite a number of Hallberg-Rassys in Australia, most of which have been sailed there. Swedish Hallberg-Rassy presented their new model, the Hallberg-Rassy Her Royal Highness Pricess Royal showed a great interest and had high knowledge about yachts of this calibre. Hallberg-Rassy jetzt in Neustadt. Hallberg-Rassy hat ab Neustadt ist eine nette Ortschaft. Sicher haben Sie schon mal unsere Yachten auf einer Ausstellung beachtet.

Die segelbare Saison haben wir viele Modelle im Wasser bereit. Schreiben Sie uns, rufen Sie an oder, am besten, besuchen Sie uns! Neustadt ist der richtige Platz um wirklich weiter zu kommen! Deutsch Svenska Eight thousand Hallberg-Rassys have now been delivered. Summer the happy customer, Mr Hideaki Ogawa from Tokyo, Japan, with family, happened to be the boat owner to receive his HR 36 No as Hallberg-Rassy celebrated another record breaking number of boats delivered.

The delivery was the start of a 10 year long journey around the world for Mr Ogawa who has only brief experience of sailing boats of this size. His experience comes mostly from light catamarans which he has sailed for a few years. The trip has been planned for a long time. Mr Ogawa is retired after having been employed by the well known computer company IBM. When asked how he came to know of Hallberg-Rassy he says he was told by a sailor friend that the HR would be the right boat for his trip around the world.

He thereafter saw the boat at a boat show in Japan, read about it in Kazi, the well known Japanese sailing magazine, and also saw the boat at the London Boat Show before ordering it. He feels that Swedish products in general have an "air of quality and safety" around them and Hallberg-Rassy in specific. Before deciding, he compared the HR with many similar size boats but found the HR perfect for his purpose.

On delivery day the whole family was represented but on the first part of the journey only Mr Ogawa and his wife Misako and their son, Hideyuki, will be on board. Their daughter Ayako will go back home to start a new job. In the wintertime the crew will return to Japan to be ready to cruise Mediterranean waters the summer of Another winter brake will take place when back in Gibraltar. The year after, the Atlantic will be crossed in order to get to the Caribbean islands for the summer. After two years there the journey will continue on to the Indian Ocean where the Ogawa's will stay for three years.

Thereafter the plan is not continued, but Mr Ogawa has his mind set to continue the cruise for another three years. We wish them all luck on their around the world trip! The HR Cup has been successfully held. Second was Mr Persiehl with an HR Having sold his business, Chernikeeff Networks, for million GBP, he decided to invest a considerable amount of his time and personal finance to create GBR Challenge. Another identical boat is being built. Peter has always made clear that the GBR Challenge is being set up with future campaigns in mind.

For further details, please visit www. She sailed from the Canary Islands to St Lucia in the Caribbean in 16 days, 6 hours an 40 minutes, averaging almost 7 knots. The second fastest boat in the class, a Swan 43, arrived 10 hours later. All are 25 years old and from Norway. A fast and reliable yacht resulted in victory. Out of these 16 are Hallberg-Rassys and the most prolific individual boat type in the rally is the Hallberg-Rassy 42 with 5 boats this year.

ARC is sailed annually and the trip is nautical miles and normally takes 12 to 24 days.

Hallberg-Rassy News

The support includes a check and adjustments of the rig and other important systems. Spare parts have also been arranged freight free if ordered in time. Supporten omfattar kontroll och justering av rigg och andra viktiga system. Sie segelte von den Kanarischen Inseln nach St. Lucia in der Karibik in 16 Tagen, 6 Stunden und 40 Minuten. Dabei erreichte sie eine Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit von fast 7 Knoten. Author's Bio McGraw-Hill authors represent the leading experts in their fields and are dedicated to improving the lives, careers, and interests of readers worldwide Dan Spurr was for 12 years the editor of Practical Sailor newsletter, the Consumer Reports of sailing and one of the most respected boating publications, noted among other things for its new and used boat reviews, which have been published in book form as Practical Boat Buying.

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