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My Monday girl, she works twenty-two off Main But my Tuesday brownskin brings me pocket change My Wednesday girl love whiskey, sometime she do drink beer But my Thursday woman give me the devil if she catch me here My Friday good girl, she reads me the daily news But my Saturday highbrown buys my socks and shoes My Sunday woman, she lays on my right arm and sleep You can know from that, I got a woman for every day in the week I got a gal in Georgia, one in Lou'siana Four in Chattanooga, six in Alabama Four, five women right here in Memphis, Tennessee If you don't like my peaches, let my orchard be I wish I was a jaybird in the air I'd build my nest in some of you highbrowns' hair I'm just from the country, you know I'm easy to rule You can hitch me to your cart, girl, and drive me for your mule.

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Jim laughed. Relieved, Anne continued through to the scullery, but returned in a few seconds to try to comfort the still-weeping girl. And just look at the state of your knees! She scrubbed her grimy face, hands and knees — only the parts that could be seen — before she sat down on the lavatory seat to read. For a long time afterwards, she was to regret these angry words, because they were the last she ever spoke to him. She was shaken awake the next morning by her mother, white-faced and trembling. Dressing herself hastily, the girl ran straight downstairs to the living room. Mr Fraser and his wife were already standing there beside the two constables.

Not understanding that this was only a ruse to keep her busy during the suspenseful waiting, Renee dusted everything thoroughly, then sat down at the table to shell the large mound of peas Maggie set out for her. Time dragged interminably for the woman, but the girl was quite unaware that it was almost two hours before her mother and Mr Fraser came back from the hospital. Anne walked in slowly, her steps mechanical, her face ashen.

Anne refused the proffered chair, and held on to the bedpost, while Maggie stood anxiously waiting, afraid to say anything in case she upset the young woman even more. Toggle navigation Vampire Novels. Advertising Download Read Online. I was never homesick. I loved it, and Daddy, can I go back next year? But it is still a negative review of the book and I wouldn't want to prevent someone from reading it and perhaps enjoy it more than me.

This book did not deliver for me. From the prologue we are promissed a toxic heroine, who pollutes everyone and everything she touches, with warnings to keep away, but the girl that appears in the book is more neutral than neutroge I would strongly recommend to anyone who intents on reading the book, to not read the following review. From the prologue we are promissed a toxic heroine, who pollutes everyone and everything she touches, with warnings to keep away, but the girl that appears in the book is more neutral than neutrogena.

Not only she can't defend herself, not only she falls head-over-heels with the one person she hated for the past 10 years and who has proved again and again will only step on her heart, but after everything crash and burns, she turns selfdestructive with a vengeance. Don't get me wrong. I could sympathize with her and I have in the past with other heroines in her shoes, but the premise of the book and her insistent monologue of mumbo-jumbo philosophies just didn't follow her actions.

And what about protection or birth control? I would expect such repetitive negligence from a sixteen y. I stay in the sunshine, baby. Starved of affection from her mother, her only parent and only seen as a meal ticket, Kat has deep rooted issues all at the hands of a mother I wanted murder. Kat has low self-esteem, feels unlovable, unwanted and just a general waste of oxygen, but this girl has a huge heart and a huge personality if you can just get past her brash, offensive exterior which is her defence mechanism.

You get this duet. I loved the angst, I loved the film set location, I loved the too and fro. I loved the bristling undercurrents of flirtation, fascination, I loved Kat, I loved the supporting characters, I loved the dialogue, the banter. A woman whose knight in shining in armour is still hiding behind his suit. A raw, honest, emotional account of a woman who is indescribably lost until she is found, but should she have stayed hidden?

I highlighted a tonne in this book, underneath the light-hearted dialogue, at times, Julie Johnson delivered the deep and meaningfuls which gave rise to some stunning quotes. I need more, I need to know what happens, I have questions I want answered…I want February 1st to come post haste!! I am not the lodestar around which he orbits. I am not the trade wind by which he sets the course of his sails. I am not essential or exceptional…I was his Monday girl.

Shitty, really, since he was my whole damn week. View all 4 comments. Not just for the story or the characters, but for how good the writing is. Julie Johnson has this way of lacing each word, each sentence with such emotion that her stories vibrate with life, and The Monday Girl is the perfect example of her talent. From page one, I was gripped. Part of what makes this story so amazing is the characters. Wyatt, Grayson, and Kat are all so complex and real. Wyatt is the older man, the protector, the person that makes Kat feel safe and secure among the Hollywood elite, and the reader falls in love with this man who believes in love and who whole-heartedly that you can love one woman for an entire lifetime.

He is completely everything a woman wants in a man to love. Then there is Grayson, who is completely opposite of Wyatt. He is the epitome of a hot Hollywood starlet. He parties and sleeps around, basically looking to just have a good time. He doesn't believe in loving one person for a lifetime or in monogamy it seems. Even though he is everything a woman should avoid, he has this energy, this draw that is unavoidable.

Even more than that, there is something that seems to lurk beneath his surface, like maybe he wants more, that he wants love, but like Kat is jaded by the world within which he is immersed. As a result, readers can't help but love him, even though they know he is the wrong guy, the wrong choice, and sure to lead to heartbreak. Finally there is the heroine, Kat. She is one of my favorite heroines ever, mainly because she is jaded, complex, insecure, but also brave. There is so much depth to her character that she becomes completely relatable.

Her insecurities have been mine, her search for love and jaded personality as a result is understandable, her choices to become involved with someone you know will hurt you resonates. I often found myself nodding and agreeing with the ideas she spouted, and I adore her bite and sarcasm. I felt for her and with her, often feeling my heart ache within my chest when her would came crashing down multiple times. Each one of these characters embeds themselves in your heart for different reasons, but they are are equally likable, complex, and authentic.

The plot of this story will put you through the emotional wringer. Your heart will quicken in anticipation at the inevitable coupling, break with the inevitable end, but also leap out of your chest with the cliff hanger. More than just an engaging story, I found that I love the overall messages about love. The reflection on what dating services and apps have done to the world of relationships, the discussion of whether true monogamy is possible, and the examination of self-destruction from insecurities all lend itself to making The Monday Girl more than your average romance.

At the end of the day, Julie Johnson takes the reader on a journey to examine love, love for the person you should be with versus the person you want, and what happens when they are just as lost as you are. Julie Johnson's The Monday Girl is pure perfection. This story gives readers angst, humor, romance, lust, but more than that, there are real insights into love and relationships today. There is truth underneath this fictitious story, and I cannot wait to see how this story plays out. Will she be with the one she loves or the one she should love?

You'll have to wait to find out in The Someday Girl. I know that I, personally, will be counting down the days. For more reviews and other book news, check out Musings of the Modern Belle at www. This book definitely was something completely new by the author. A little raw, a little bitter, a little tense, a little insecure, a little nerve-wrecking, a little humorous but mostly something entirely different. She lives in a little run-down apartment in LA, she drives a car that should belong to a junkyard, she wo 4.

She lives in a little run-down apartment in LA, she drives a car that should belong to a junkyard, she works in a bar, while like so many others she also tries to fulfill the dreams of Hollywood. Her life changes instantly when by chance she gets a role in a movie of every actress dream. Suddenly, she finds herself on one of the beautiful islands of Hawaii, in one of the most famous directors movie, as the co-star of the famous, hottie movie star Grayson Dunn.

She knows his type… But the temptation is pretty big… There are those kind of books that are like TV series: they get on your nerves, they are full with tension, drama and broken hearts, but you still love them and once you start them you are hooked forever. The Monday Girl is one of these kind of books and I was hooked from the very first page. I loved it so much! The characters were amazing! And I even loved the arrogant, but funny and often incredibly cute Grayson, who however for me left a lot of question marks behind.

He was a true enigma. There was so much truth, and bitterness in this book and I think a lot of people will see themselves in this story, but I still hope that in the next book Kat somehow will be able to find the bright side. The celebrity world originally has a kind of side that was able to give an amazing edge to the story. This book was different from any other books by the author.

There was no action-movie-kind-of-plot, no Connor : , maybe there was a little less humorous moments although the banters were amazing! The cliffhanger at the end was truly evil. Thanks Julie :D. So I have only one question left: is it February yet? This was sort of a love-triangle so you know this book was not an easy read. I've been in the heroine's shoes before. But even with my experience, I still wavered on what I wanted the heroine to do. It's crazy how destructive falling in love can be--it can be just as beautiful and painful at the same time.

I've picked my guy. So I'm dying to know what will happen in the next book. What an addictive, well written story. I really loved it! This story does end with a cliffhanger. The next book, The Someday Girl, comes out Feb. I've already preordered that bad boy! Julie knows how to put Pen-to-Paper flawlessly, lure you into her world of storytelling and you're hooked from the first page,.

I don't l 5 "Nice Solar System Socks" Stars 1: Love the Cover 2: Formatting -Brilliant ; Each individual Chapter had these beginning "Witty"quotes which alone made the book standout "I'm, like totally cool with the casual thing" - A girl who's been planning her wedding day since she was six years old. I don't like to reiterate the blurb but in a nut-shell you have this Girl wanting to make something of herself, but obstacles test her own strength of conquering her insecurities and weaknesses a.

And then to top it off, there's this Man Wyatt Hastings that changes her life in mere moments. At the very beginning you are without a doubt on Firestone's team. These first lines pack a real punch and have you intrigued to know her past, present and future. But you are left with figuring out this mysterious fella.

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He's confident but at the same time has a slue of insecurities that are just lying dormant within. Like I'll somehow poison his light with my darkness" The ending stops you in your tracks and there's so many unanswered questions. Until February.. I leave you with this: "We are a tangle of emotional wreckage, two broken messes thrown together, trying to navigate something we can barely comprehend" "He has given me sunshine, but I have buried him in shadow.

While he has brought me joy, I have given him only misery" Must read!!

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Liked this story and the characters. At times the authors writing is captivating and beautiful then others it seems choppy. I think I know where this is going , jumping into book two. This was a strange one; while I loved the writing style, I was aggravated all the way through by Kat's shitty decisions. I wasn't feeling her boy crush at all, I was more interested in the other guy.

I'm sure that was deliberate, but it kind of left me feeling like I was not quite fully engaged. Ends on a cliffie, but part two of the duet is out and available on ku so I'm reading on to see if she finally gets the man I want for her.

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It held all the passion, drama, and witty humor we have come to love, but this novel… WOW… this novel was all of that times ten. Julie Johnson held nothing back as she ignited the tip and dropped the match. The characters are kind, flawed, selfish, hilarous, and self-destructing. I truely believe for the way this story is being told the cliffhanger was the only way to go. LOL but serisouly, Febuary 1st is tomorrow right? Just realized it's a duet so I'm waiting for book 2! May 01, J. If you don't like cliffhangers Oh who cares. You've got to read this book.

It's so different than you'd imagine. You feel angry at the heroine half the time and the other half you feel sorry for her. The ending is killer. Every character in this book has their own issues, some bigger than others, but in a way, they all are some unconventional characters that have a shared common ground.

The Monday Girl

It's amazing and like most of Julie Johnson's books, you'll love it. Dec 05, J. Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict www. A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. You might manage to survive for a little while, but eventually that hurricane is bound to roll over you… and when it does, the wreckage can be catastrophic. I am sitting here digesting that ending and thinking of how far reaching the consequences of the mess Kat finds herself in and man!

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This first half was definitely messy and complicated but I feel like things are going to be a whole lot worse, at least for a while, in the conclusion. I loved the story that Julie Johnson has woven here and all of the flawed, broken, realistic characters. But I trust Julie to bring us through it and patch us up by the end! I watch his lips curl into a grin. Barely getting by on her tips as a bartender, Kat is the very definition of starving artist. However, when, by a stroke of luck, she lands the role of a lifetime she thinks things might be finally turning up for her.

As things heat up between their on-screen characters in their tropical paradise, things get even more heated between them off screen. But as their inevitable return to reality looms closer, will whatever has started between them continue in the real world or will Kat experience the heartbreak that she always knew would come? Regardless of your age, though, I think everyone will be able to relate on some level with Kat.

I love that Julie Johnson was able to give us a character that, despite her flaws and tendency to self-destruct, we could still root for and empathize with. I felt all the ups and downs along with her, the rage, the elation, the swoon, the heartbreak, the despair, it was all there. I was his Monday girl. Julie Johnson is one of my favorite authors, and I knew when I picked this up I would likely love it. Her writing flows effortlessly, and is a wonderful mixture of realistic and poetic.

It was witty, relatable and was epically heartbreaking. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone looking for a unique and emotional story. She has a stalled acting career, a nonexistent love life, maxed out credit cards and car that might explode. As a last ditch effort to please her mother she attends one last action audition where she meets Wyatt Hastings - a sexy and sweet executive producer.

Grayson Dunn aka the sexiest man alive stars as her co-star and the two have an undeniable chemistry. Kat knows that she should guard her heart and stay far, far away from Grayson. She knows that he will not only break her heart but shatter her into a million pieces. Flickers of a man I would offer all of my devotion, if he could just love me back. I found her completely relatable, and I have become so invested in her story. I could feel her indecision, her passion, her pain. I know how that feels. An afterthought to an otherwise exciting weekend. Something to simply trudge through on your way to better things ahead.

He is easy to love and I understand how Kat fell under his spell. Tragically, he turned out to be a selfish man-child. Undoubtedly, Wyatt was a highlight of this book. He was kind, wise and so, so sweet. He was seriously such a breathe of fresh air. He was always there for Kat when no one else was. I was seriously swooning so hard over him…. Choose sunshine, baby. Always choose sunshine. You look so much prettier with light in your eyes. It shows the tragedy of falling for the wrong guy.

This funny, sexy and heartbreaking story hit me straight in the heart. I was provided a ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. If there were enough brilliant words to concur up to explain the utter brilliance of this story I'd say it, a million times over, I'd scream it. Julie Johnson has created a poignant, unbelievably heart-rendering love story.

There are so many layers. Layers to the characters, layers to the love, layers to the friendships, layers the heart break. The best part to all of the layers is seeing it all through these characters eyes. Feeling every laugh, every sob, and every scream. While he has brought me joy, I have given him only misery.

For me the main character Kat is undeniable relatable her attitude, her pessimistic expectations of life and relationships stole my heart. It was spot on. Kat is actress her whole life she's been her mothers puppet. She goes for an audition that little does she know will forever change her life. She meets two individuals that will shape her heart and change her life.

I can't speak on the two that irrevocably will change her life. You will need to see for yourself. But just know they are unforgettable. There is such a poignant meaning and message to this story. I hope this story affect's you the way it has seeped into me.