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Young men emerging into adulthood need knowledgeable service providers in their corner to help them navigate the obstacles facing them. MIH Advocacy consists of, but is not limited to:. Make It Happen produces research and toolkits, and presents lessons learned through the program at conferences in order to share knowledge and transform the field of victim services.

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Through a range of multimedia strategies, MIH staff give program participants the chance to share their stories with a wide-ranging audience. MIH collect quantitative research data on trauma experiences of young men of color in central Brooklyn, so as to further the movements for racial justice and healing equity.

Staff communicate with traditional victim service providers to encourage and challenge them to think about their capacity to provide appropriate services to young men of color. These efforts seek to make victim services compensation available to young men of color who have been victims of crime. Vicarious Trauma Toolkit from the National Center for Victims of Crime for violence interrupter programs and traditional victim service agencies.

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You can unsubscribe at any time. Make It Happen kkirby neighborsinaction. Apply to Make It Happen Therapeutic Services Individual Counseling: Participants for whom individual therapeutic work is indicated complete a biopsychosocial assessment with a licensed mental health clinician to evaluate needs.

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Group Counseling: Masculinity and Trauma Group Participants will participate in a 10 week group on topics such as healthy masculinity and trauma history. Group Participants may participate in a continuation of their healing in our S. Individual Mentorship Staff can provide one-to-one intergenerational mentorship with men who have survived interpersonal and community violence, and are thriving with healthy definitions of masculinity. Advocacy The road to healing and recovery is a long process; at times, young men may need additional support outside of the group setting.

Tell your friends and family about the Pristine Movement. A great way to make an effortless impact is to become yourself an active advocate.

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