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Bees make their own AC! How cool is that?

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Flower fidelity is the habit of concentrating on one specific species of flower when gathering and transferring pollen even though the insect is attracted to a large variety of flowers. Did you know that bees are officially an endangered species?

The U. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the first bees as endangered specifically seven bee species from Hawaii in Recently the first bumble bee the rusty-patched bumble bee was added to the list. Buzzzzy , busy bees!


Join in on the fun. The webinar was presented live on the internet by Pierre Lau and Dr.

The Role of The Queen Honey Bee, Drone Bees, and Worker Bees in The Hive

Juliana Rangel on Wednesday, 19 September from a. Thanks and enjoy! I am always incredibly proud of all members of the lab. Other News.

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The rusty patched bumble bee Bombus affinis is the first bumble bee to be placed in the Endangered Species Act in the United States. The U. This news comes only a few months after the first ever bees were placed on the endangered species list in the U. In September , seven species of the solitary yellow-faced bees in the genus Hylaeus received protection in their native land of Hawaii under the Endangered Species Act.

The Fascinating World of Bees

Where: J. Description: This is a daylong seminar offering 6 different educational presentations running concurrently in each time slot throughout the day. This will provide many beginning and advanced subjects to choose from. A separate beginner track has been formatted covering a variety of startup topics for soon to be or very new beekeepers. Payment includes lunch, binder with notes, and queen rearing goodies!!

Instructions for registration: 1. Once you receive a confirmation e-mail, send this registration form and payment to secure spot 3. Send payment and this registration form to secure your spot by 22 April 4. Late registration, or registration by those that were not confirmed via email might not be able to attend and their checks will be returned.

The Fascinating World of Bees

Join me on a quest to learn more about these enchanting creatures. Although all bees are important, the honey bee occupies a special place in the hearts and lives of mankind. But in our complex world beset with ever-changing problems, beekeeping has become difficult.

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Beekeepers can ground themselves by learning basic bee biology, understanding nectar flows, and becoming aware of the many environmental conditions that affect our bees.