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Works a lot better than deer or bear, and you can bet Gordon crafted this. And BTW, don't get bent-out-of-shape that there's a mounted moose head on the wall, it's to further emphasize what a prick his future father-in-law is. Please keep interesting dialogue alive.

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It's amazing to me how in real life, that many people don't get a basic concept that discussion with them at a minimum should be interesting. Vomiting their first thought or emotion isn't really a good plan. Taking 20 minutes to tell a story and meandering off the rails He or she who can come to a discussion with an interesting thought or two in their head and craft their wording in a skillful way will win over those who are listening.

It seems to me that the most interesting tv shows, movies, etc, have very well crafted and interesting dialogue Ken, you're a master at it. George Burns loved to tell the story of what Jack Benny told him got the biggest laugh ever on his radio show, and it wasn't the one you think. The line consisted of three words: "Oh, shut up! Except, Benny said--and this goes to your point--the best jokes take five years to set up. For years, Mary Livingstone, his wife in real life and girlfriend on the show--would deflate him, often very sarcastically.

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And besides being cheap and all that, the show had established that Benny just had to be involved in whatever was going on around him. Old-school comedies such as "His Girl Friday" or "Libeled Lady" the latter ignored for decades until Robert Osborne -- who loved that film -- and Turner Classic Movies aired it frequently and brought it to public attention. The wordy part is kind of your homework, and you get the payoff with the simple line.

And of course established characters are key in this. My favorite example was a last season FRASIER episode where Niles, referring to his future son said "who else will teach him how to catch a football ball" and I literally woke up laughing. It amazes me how few people are even aware of Steve Gordon's "The One and Only" - his "other" movie, released only a few years before "Arthur.

John E. Williams: Completely agree. One of the many brilliant things about the early years of CHEERS was the way they handled the transitions between seasons. Far from being contrived cliffhangers, there were story arcs that kept the show going and evolving. The introduction of Frasier in season 3 is a great example, and probably did a lot to keep the show afloat in a rather chaotic period.

There's something I can't quite fully explain, but there's something about what passes for witty dialogue on some of today's sitcoms that falls flat because the way the lines are written and spoken seems to come across as the people involved being too in love with their own cleverness. The lines don't flow the way the best of comedy lines that are set up properly do.

Instead the dialogue by Character A is too unnatural, but gets a response from Character B as if real-world people always talk that way. It's almost a bit of a throwback to some of the comedy shows of the single-camera sitcom 60s, where people weren't supposed to care if the characters acted unrealistically, because the comedies themselves were in many cases based on totally unrealistic premises or, I suppose, a Saturday Night Live skit, where oddball behavior was OK because we're only going to be with the characters for minutes, not for 22 weeks per year.

Their shows aren't perfect you'll find some dumb plots, soap-opera romances, and a general tendency toward strong female characters and lunky or awful male characters. But if you want fast-paced, funny dialogue between intelligent people who really know how to talk, these shows will provide it.

When it comes to humorous, sparkling dialogue, I think that many dramas do it better than sitcoms. I had more laugh out loud moments from those dark shows than from numerous so-called sitcoms. Examples: 1 Law and Order: virtually any opening segment involving Lenny Briscoe.

Your hair was in the toilet water. David E.

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Kelley has his quirks, but can always reliably generate crackling dialogue between antagonists given the right setting. And of course, David Milch goes without saying. Here's hoping the movie continues that streak. KOJAK was pretty hard-boiled but had great dialog. Can't imagine Telly saying "Could you BE anymore uncooperative?? That should get her down in a hurry.

Hope you can access this Ken. I was reminded of this Nicole Silverberg video from just a few days ago. I think she nailed it. Glad to see the Stanley clip.

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I've got Davy Crockett in a tin box, like Prince Albert in a can, so I ought to let him out again soon. Whatever happened to that Marilyn Monroe gal? He was a pretty good actor despite his boost to fame. I'll put in a good word for the dialog in the Marvel Comics Universe movies. I was watching a few, ramping up for Endgame, and I couldn't help notice that good comic book dialog, as in those movies, is a lot like the great dialog common in movies back in the s. Good dialog isn't natural.

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Most people don't have snappy come backs. The French acknowledge this with the phrase l'esprit d'escalier, the wit of the stairway, which is where one comes up with the bon mot or mot juste, on one's way out.

THE TRUTH about GOD: God​ CAN speak AND in 1995 God spoke to Neale Donald Walsch ​(Part ​1)

No one expects anything natural in Marvel comics, least of all dialog. I enjoyed Arthur, but it made me uncomfortable. Pivotal moments occur almost in an unplanned way but formed a cohesive picture through time. Dougherty shares his thoughts and experiences about being married to the love of his life for 50 years.

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At the beginning of the book, he states that even after. He gives advice on how to keep her happy, like going to a chick flick even though he do not want to but because she wants to, doing special things like not criticizing her, and when she worries, assuring her that everything will be okay. Love and understanding are difficult things to hang on to, but these pages hopefully will show you that love and commitment will result to All Children's Books.

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